Why Chocolate is a Delicacy On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for expressing love to your loved ones. Couples and people in love use the chance to shower their partners with flowers, wines, and of course, chocolate.

Chocolate manufacturers make booming business during this time like the flower businesses. Why the fuss on chocolate on this Day? Since time immemorial, chocolate has a direct connection with love.

It’s an aphrodisiac that stimulates the desire for love. Although business analysts have a contrary opinion, since Cadbury was a monopoly in the nineties, they used that as a marketing strategy to leverage the chocolate market. Here are some reasons for the love of chocolate on this special day.

The Taste

Does chocolate makes you smarter? Can you eat chocolate every day? Of course, no, despite the numerous health benefits, it’s not good and healthy.

On any special day, you need to deviate from your normal delicacy. The sweetness of the chocolate corresponds to the sweetness of two people in love.

The balance of sugar in chocolate creates a floral taste, which makes it spicy. Are all chocolates sweet?

The many chocolate types with different flavors and additives dictate the flavor and taste. The ingredients you use in the chocolates portray the different tastes. The following are the types of chocolates


  • White chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Ruby chocolate

Love is a beautiful thing that should be portrayed with sweet things. It’s a delicacy that goes beyond reasonable doubt that it works for emotional and intimate connection.

Milk chocolate is a combination of pure cocoa and milk in either liquid or powdered form. Since milk has a sweet taste, it balances the not-so-sweet taste of cocoa for that perfect taste of a chocolate bar.

On the other hand, white chocolate has no cocoa components but is a combination of a high amount of milk and sugar. The additional flavor dictates the different tastes of white chocolates. They include strawberry, vanilla extracts, among others.

Ruby chocolate is a specific kind of chocolate made from the ruby cocoa bean- a special variety of cocoa.

It has a sour taste, and its unique feature is the natural pick color. The processing and production method is a top business secret.

Dark chocolate contains more cocoa seeds and a small percentage of sugar and other flavors, giving it a unique sweet taste. It’s desired when you want to have a natural taste of chocolate/cocoa.

The diversity of the types of chocolates defines different kind of love that exists in the world. Chocolate lovers understand the type of chocolate to give at whatever time of their love.

A Choice for Celebration

Your anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other memorable events can’t go well without a cake. That’s how Valentine’s Day and chocolate are compatible. Since time immemorial, chocolate is renowned for power, spiritual wisdom, and energy due to its contents. That has remained relevant to the modern world.

When going out for holidays, a bar of chocolate can’t miss on your menu. It’s the few times that watching what you eat doesn’t count. 

It ignites feel-good hormones responsible for boosting your mood. Did you know that even the worst planned celebration but with lots of chocolates available people focus on the good things?

Thanks for the happiness hormones in the chocolates. A cake with chocolate topping s on valentine’s Day is a plus for that celebration.

An Aphrodisiac

Foods that enhance your sexual instinct are aphrodisiac. In that list, chocolate can’t miss. Since it’s a day of love, intimacy is a virtue to uphold; serotonin and phenylethylamine – a sexual stimulant chemical in chocolates are responsible for boosting one’s performance. The content is high in dark chocolate, for they contain a high level of cocoa solids. That comes in handy to increase sexual pleasure.

Promotes Brain Functioning

The brain is the engine of the body. All your plans and emotional connection begins from the brain.

Dark chocolates increase blood flow to the brain, making it work at optimum levels. With the high content for aphrodisiac chemicals, you have a chance to mentally think of what to do and say to your loved one at the right time.

The high caffeine content is also a plus, for it directly works on the central nervous system responsible for mental alertness at short notice.

Caffeine is also responsible for keeping sleep away, giving you the much-needed time and attention for the two of you. Those are moments to cherish in one’s love life. The reduced blood pressure is a plus for chocolate consumers. Don’t you need your loved one in good health?

Have you thought of staying without running water in your faucet? Chocolate on such a day has the same feeling, like water coming out of the faucet.

It’s Nutritious with High Energy

Why not treat your loved one with nutritious chocolate to benefit from the mineral and nutritional content? It contains

  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Zinc

All these have a specific function in the body, including treatment of deficiency syndromes. Unsaturated fat plays a significant role in maintaining the optimum level of cholesterol.

High energy is the sole reason for increased sexual performance when consuming chocolate. As you commemorate the Day, it’s the peak of the Day for couples. It’s time you can’t afford to disappoint.

Enhances the Bond Between Lovers

As you go on a picnic with your lover in a nature park, a bar of chocolate shared ignites the emotional bond. It’s easy to carry, and also sweetness defines the high-gear of your love. Imagine a special gift with a chocolate bar in it. It creates a strong bond of love and thought of affection from your partner.

Valentine’s day is a day of love. Everyone looks forward to those moments. The chocolate manufacturers also register booming businesses which they capture through offers, discounts, and new recipes to suit the market.

Can you afford to be left out? It’s the only Day everyone forgets about sugars and consumes them because they know that the next time they do this is excess after a year. Its compared to drinking water that will address your needs.

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