How to make brownies in microwave

Brownies are a perfect treat for any occasion. They are simple to make, and the ingredients are usually items you already have in your pantry. But sometimes it can be hard to bake them in an oven if you don’t have one or don’t want to turn on the stovetop. Luckily, there is another way! All you need is a microwave, brownie mix of choice (there are even gluten-free mixes!), eggs, vegetable oil, water, and chocolate chips or frosting toppings. Follow these easy steps below!

1. Take a microwave-safe bowl and add butter, sugar, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips

2. Stir until the mixture is well combined

3. Add eggs one at a time while stirring

4. Pour in vanilla extract and stir again

5. Add flour and salt to the mixture and mix thoroughly

6. Place your brownie batter into a preheated oven for three minutes on high power or five minutes on medium power