Exciting New Chocolate Trends to Experience in 2021

Meet the ever-changing world f chocolate. Since its inception in Mexico, everyday chocolate graces people’s occasions, traditional celebrations, national commemorations, weddings valentine’s days, and wedding anniversaries, just like cakes.

Those are the simple ones you have within your home or neighborhoods if you know the love of chocolate globally.

Chocolate is evolving for the better. The high number of chocolate sales in the global market is clear proof of chocolate’s love in the modern world. Chocolate entrepreneurs are foreseeing a surge in the market they are working on to meet the ever-demanding supply of chocolate.

That explains why cocoa farming is becoming a lucrative business in the recent past. Have a look at these chocolate trends in 2021 that will leave you tongue-tied.

Chocolate desserts

After your sumptuous meal, you don’t want to spoil the taste with a plain beverage. Beverage mixers are trying to find new and exciting ways to add flavors to their desserts. A drop of chocolate chips on the desserts is a sure way of giving your customers a difference in the end-meal desserts.

Salty and spicy chocolate snacks

Salty and spiced twists are common snacking options if you want to go away from the confectionery. A bar of dark chocolate in seasoned caramel is a perfect trend for chocolate consumers. They want to blend traditional snacks with modern chocolate treats.

Consumers get to enjoy a difference in taste and flavor of the chocolate bars.

Chocolate roots

The Z generation pursues healthy lifestyles in their snack choices; that is the call to action. They want to include what the modern generation offers but still appreciate the old roots to benefit physical health. To incorporate the two in chocolate trends, you get the traditional root tuber foods marinated in dark chocolate.

Alternatively, they reduce processed chocolate chemicals and still consume chocolate in raw format in a root shape.

What a good way of passing culture to the millennial and centennial generation?

Chocolate treats

Lovers understand the power of chocolate as part of a gift idea. It has defined love on a different level. Look at the high sales in February before Valentine’s Day. In the global chocolate, everyone wants to make someone feel loved and special by dropping a chocolate bar in the park of wine, flowers, and gifts. 

Chocolate is not the usual snack; the 2021 trend proves that it’s a unique way of expressing love and care for that special person.

Chocolate in wholesome

Health experts preach to the current generation on the need to stick to healthy meals for various health reasons. That hasn’t put the chocolate business off the market. Chocolate lovers have embraced this call by making high quality and wholesome chocolate treats. 

They also want to be part of the movement for healthy living among the urbanites. That is why we have nuts in chocolate or chocolate in nuts or chocolate in confectionery. In short, you consume chocolate alongside a healthy snack to boost your health. That is how they have managed to stay afloat in this shaky yet lucrative business.

What is the future of chocolate?

As much as the future of chocolate looks bright, they need to go back to the drawing board and reinvent better chocolate treats that promote

  • Healthy living
  • Good nutrition
  • Healthy lifestyles

If things are left as they are, it is a threat to this business. People are more informed about healthy meals.

The internet is all over with content on the foods to aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Chocolate tops the list. People are shunning away from sugary snacks and processed foods, which have formed part of the debate on weight gain.

Many people are going green by being pure vegans- the majority are chocolate consumers. Therefore a lot of interventions are in the pipeline to adhere to these new normal. Here are some of them


  • Introduction of chocolate alternatives like rice milk and oat milk
  • Awareness creation on new chocolate trends that promote healthy living
  • New chocolate products for a specific population like vegans- vegan chocolate
  • Promotion on the benefits of moderate consumption of chocolate
  • Nutritive value addition to traditional chocolate brands
  • New cocoa species with specific nutritional benefits
  • Chocolate production from healthy raw materials

The list is endless. That’s an indicator of a new market that chocolate manufacturers have to tap before a new entrant comes in the market to sweep away the brand loyalty. The chocolate wave cuts across generations. Every generation has its needs that the manufacturers have to accommodate in their brand. 

That is the reason we have an unlimited option of chocolate brands, even in hospitality facilities.

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