Does Eating Chocolate Make You Smarter?

There is never a need to look for an excuse to have your load of chocolate. But what if there was a solid one? Yes! You read that right, eating chocolate is good for your brain! Eating chocolate or even drinking a warm glass at the end of a tiresome day has irrefutable benefits for your cognitive function.

According to a study that took 40 years to complete, frequent intake of chocolate makes you smarter than those who don’t savor the tasty delight. This study is further backed by psychological research that argues that chocolate intake positively impacts several cognitive domains.

How Exactly does chocolate make you Smarter?

Although measuring cognitive function has been considered quite hard over the years due to the availability of numerous variables, researchers could carry out a test linking compounds found in cocoa beans with increased brain function.

This research involved feeding participants with 48 grams of 70% cocoa. The results revealed a positive relationship between the amount of cocoa fed to the participants and their general brain activity.

Blood Flow Boost to the Brain

The one consistent way of increasing brain activity is by increasing blood flow to the brain. This aspect is one of the major issues people get advised to exercise more. With chocolate, you can get all that blood flowing to your mind with little to no effort and more chocolate deliciousness.

The compound flavonoid mainly does blood flow to the brain where chocolate is involved. These compounds are present in the cocoa beans and subsequent chocolate products. Studies done by Harvard researchers prove that 2 cups of hot Choco will give your brain a consistent blood flow boost lasting 2-3 hours. Increased blood flow to the brain improves; memory, attention, reaction time, and problem-solving skills.


Chocolate and the Elderly

Among the elderly, chocolate’s benefits are more evident by looking at how flavonoid has been linked with improving people’s general health who frequently take in the product. Chocolate improves stress, blood sugar, and blood pressure. These are all ailments that are commonly rampant amongst the elderly.

Also, research showed that after a group of elderly individuals took dark chocolate, their mild cognitive issues improved significantly. They could perform better at the memory and cognitive tests after taking flavonoid-filled cocoa drinks for eight weeks.

More Dark Chocolate Happier Mood

No one likes studying when they are sad and generally low in moods, the chances of learning better increase when they are in a happy mood. Eating chocolate has been revealed to improve moods significantly. How this works is that dark chocolate, especially, enhances the production of endorphins.

Endorphins are commonly known as ‘feel-good’ chemicals that make your brain more euphoric. Thus, making your general mood happier and more likely to study better. Apart from improving the general mood, chocolate, as stated before, reduces stress and anxieties.

Lifetime Protection for your Brain

Chocolate is all about making your brain better at daily cognitive functions. There have been mentions of fundamental breakthroughs in the treatment of mental diseases such as dementia and stroke. At the heart of these breakthroughs, chocolate contributes certain qualities that aid in preventing and managing the same.

The components in chocolate that make this possible are certain anti-oxidants that are potent at decreasing the likelihood of dementia and Alzheimer’s affecting a person. Therefore, it is advisable for people, in general, to take chocolate frequently and, most importantly, for the elderly to avoid such mental issues.

Do Not Overdo it

Like everything else that is good, chocolate does have side effects if incredibly overdone. Due to its potent ability to improve brain function, it is advisable to take in small amounts frequently rather than vast quantities in a single sitting. Some researchers argue against the same health benefits, citing an increase in weight and fluctuating blood sugar as negative impacts resulting from too much chocolate.

Therefore, it is advisable to make chocolate in small amounts but frequently over a given period. You could take it twice or thrice a week and incorporate a healthy exercise routine to ensure that you balance it all out.


Dark chocolate has substantial benefits for your health. This is a fact that got proven after years of research ad studies on brain activity and general health. Indulge yourself in that weekly delight of sweet, rich dark chocolate and witness the significant improvements in memory, thinking, and general cognitive function.

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