About Us

Wayfaring Chocolate is a food blog with a focus on desserts. We provide you with tips and tricks on how to bake your favorite chocolate-based desserts.

Founded more than five years ago, we’ve been teaching people how to prepare healthy desserts. We love everything about desserts and chocolates, hence decided to help people learn how to bake healthy treats.

Our passion for baking, love for treats, and vast knowledge and expertise in preparing dessert make us the right resource. We’ve been in the baking industry for many years and noticed a gap in the desserts niche.
Health and fitness magazines are filled with information on why sugar is bad and why you must cut dessert out of your diet to live a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, fitness experts promote “healthy” alternatives to popular dessert treats, claiming they taste just as good.

If you have a sweet tooth, life can’t be the same if you don’t enjoy eating tasty desserts such as cookies, cakes, or ice cream. However, the sweet, sugary baked confections you love have been tagged unhealthy and among things, you should avoid.

Don’t you worry though, because there’s hope? On the contrary to common belief, desserts are actually healthy and have lots of health benefits to offer.

We can help you create a balanced chocolate-based diet for dessert. If prepared properly, desserts can nourish your body with the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. You can add fruits and smoothies to your dessert diet to make it more nutritious and delicious.

What’s more, ice cream, cheesecakes, and parfaits contain calcium and protein in sufficient amounts. With a daily requirement of 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium, you’ll need half a cup of chocolate ice cream (which has about 72 milligrams of calcium) to nourish your body with the mineral.

Wayfaring Chocolate also provides tips and tricks to help you prepare desserts with the nutrients you need to boost your mood. According to a study carried out at Loma Linda University, a diet rich in chocolate helps lower stress levels while improving happiness levels.


The mission of Wayfaring Chocolate is to provide tips and tricks to help you prepare delicious and healthy desserts. We create healthy dessert recipes based on chocolates due to their immense health benefits.


Our aim is to promote healthy desserts and let people know that they can still enjoy their favorite desserts without adding excess weight. We promote our belief that desserts can be prepared tasty, healthy, and just as you like them without using “alternatives” marketed as healthier.
We hope to be a leading resource and the number one platform for everything about desserts and chocolates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wayfaring Chocolate?

We’re a food blog with a focus on desserts. We provide tips, tricks, guides, and information you need to prepare healthy treats. We believe that desserts can be prepared healthy and tasty.

What if I’m on a weight loss program? Can I still continue eating my favorite desserts?

Yes, you can still eat your favorite desserts and still lose weight. Find chocolate-based recipes designed primarily to support weight loss. You can complement your weight loss diet with desserts prepared with losing weight in mind.

Milk or dark chocolate – which one should I opt for?

Dark chocolates, unlike their milk counterparts, are rich in flavanols. They contain more flavanols than milk chocolate, hence the most ideal for preparing your desserts.

Is it true that desserts are unhealthy?

Most desserts are prepared with lots of sugar and other processed foods, explaining why they’re touted as unhealthy. Desserts aren’t necessarily unhealthy and shouldn’t be eliminated from your diet.

 You can use healthy ingredients to bake desserts that contain all the nutrients you need, including proteins and minerals.

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