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  1. Gary Lum (@Yummy_Lummy)

    Oh yes, Flute is fantastic. We have a plan at work to get through every cake on the list for birthday morning teas. So far we’ve loved each and every one of them. My mouth feels so happy when I have Flute Bakery cake in it 🙂

  2. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    Oh I’d be in the queue for this if I weren’t so darned far away. I think giving like this is always its own reward. If there’s pasty too, well, it’s just a side benefit. 🙂

  3. whisperinggums

    Cardamom in the pastry! What a lovely surprise that must have been. Too much cardamom can be overpowering but I do enjoy it’s presence in things cake-y. In fact, I must make my non-Flute-like-very-basic Cardamom Apple pie again soon. Funny how you make recipes for a while, then move onto something else and then remember an old one again. Must remember this when the cool weather returns.

  4. Harmony

    I love how enthusiastic you are about desserts, I once was too … like a real sense of euphoria I would feel and would be able to analyse it completely and would take lovely pictures of the handmade desserts! Reading this post has made me remember those days (it was only last year in the summer lol – a bakery/patisserie at least once a day when in France, and buying handmade sweet things from local market stalls), and maybe I will write about desserts on my blog 🙂

  5. Johanna GGG

    Nice! And I remember the days of visiting friends in Canberra when the suggestion of a trip to Fyshwick was a threat!

  6. Helen | Grab Your Fork

    I wish I could meet you here tomorrow. Love the pies and pastries from here!

  7. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Ooooooh yes… the opera-cake-esque fancypants lamington featured at my birthday also. Far out brussel sprout it was a delight for the senses. 🙂

  8. Hotly Spiced

    How lovely to have the excuse of eating all these treats with your dad. What a great range and everything looks amazing xx

  9. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    I love your dessert for the main dish, dessert for dessert way of living. You know whats up xox

  10. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    The sweets do look lovely! I will admit that the first thing that I thought of when I read Fyshwick was not a bakery! 😛

  11. Catherine

    Looks wonderful but I am really hopeless with desserts. If there’s not a bitter lemon flan, well, I’ll skip. Hopeless, I know.

  12. Erin

    I hadn’t heard of before I saw this post. Thank you for the link; that’s an amazing project.

  13. Fiona

    xoxox I haven’t been over to this blog for way too long. Miss your face xxx

  14. Sarah

    Hi Hannah- longtime reader and first time commenter. I miss the Flute bakery so much. I lived in Canberra for two years from 2010-2011 and I unashamedly admit, it was my favourite part of living there. A fellow baked goods-loving colleague of mine used to sneak out of the office with me to grab treats and race back to work in time to nab the last parking spot and gobble the pastries at our desk as a “late lunch”.

    That flute lamington looks delicious.

    I love your blog and had always meant to comment earlier 🙂

  15. Silvia

    I want that. All of it.
    (Preferrably now. Although, I’m not sure how that fits together with the tube of mousse au chocolate in my fridge…)

  16. Sarah

    Those pastries look gorgeous!! So sad they’re only open on weekdays – I’ll have to skip this next time I’m in Canberra for a weekend! 🙁

    Happy birthday to your Dad! 🙂