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  1. Gary Lum (@Yummy_Lummy)

    Wow, those dishes look so good. I’ve never been to Fox and Bow. I must get myself there. Great to see you blogging 🙂

  2. Whispering Gums

    Great to see you posting again … And about a place that makes the suburbs cool. So nice to be able to go eat without parking stress.

  3. Johanna GGG

    well hello – so nice to see your post pop up in my feeds! and that cafe looks like a great excuse to go to Canberra. My Sweet Little Pecan looks delicious but the popcorn pancakes is amazing! Will recommend you to Alex to name the dishes – though he seems to be doing very well!

  4. Sarah vs Carbs

    Everything looks awesome! And I LOVE the quirky names. The French toast with passionfruit gelato sounds insanely good. I heart passionfruit.

  5. Natalia

    I am a very recent addition to Australia, and though based in Melbourne, I suspect I’ll find myself in Canberra for a visit at some point. I will definitely be going to Fox and Bow! Everything looks (and sounds) bloody good.
    Ps I rarely commented in the past but I loved your writing and am happy you’re back! (Are you back for good?)

  6. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    YOU ARE BACK! Squeals of delight, fist bumps, happy dancing… Yay! 🙂 I’ve not been to Fox & Bow, but it looks pretty snaz. Will have to check it out.
    So good to see your face back in the blog world friend. Missed you muchly I have. 🙂

  7. Lou

    Squeak! You are back!

  8. Karen

    Your back!! What lovely surprise. Now I want to go to Farrer for breaky. It all looks lovely and a bit different to usual fare. Only problem is that I’m in Cooma, now plotting how to combine trip to Canberra with a visit to Fox and Bow.

  9. janet @ the taste space

    Welcome back. This must have been spectacular to bring to back to blogging. 🙂

  10. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Everything looks good. I want popcorn on my pancakes… blah, blah blah…


    My heart is happy.

  11. Hotly Spiced

    Welcome back, Hannah. And welcome home. Those two years you spent in Canada do seem to have gone by very quickly. Take it from me…don’t worry about not having a book deal at 27! I do think the dining scene in the ACT is on the rise and rise – I remember going to Canberra when I was younger than you and it was a wasteland. Good to see a glowing review of food that looks incredibly fresh, varied and interesting xx

  12. Julia @ Chic To Do

    Hey, you’re back! What a gorgeous food post. Those pancakes look delicious!

  13. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Welcome back to blogging, and welcome back to Australia, I didn’t know you’d returned! The brunch looks awesome. Looking forward to reading more about your life back home again. x

  14. Alayna Tucker

    Hark! A blog post! Egad!

    What a joy to read your effervescent ramblings again! This darling restaurant reminds me so much of Leon’s, which we visited together when you were lolling about in my hometown seemingly forever-ago. Everything is right in the world now that I know that popcorn on pancakes is a thing!

    I have fallen off the radar in the last year and some. I have felt overwhelmed and isolated and unlike I could converse with anyone anymore. But I no longer feel like that. Z is a pure distilled puddle of abject silliness and she makes the world so that there is nothing much to get too upset over.

    I miss you, I’m proud of the new work that you’re doing, and I hope that you are getting enough cheesecake to sustain you well enough.


  15. Helen | Grab Your Fork

    Oh hello. WELCOME BACK!
    ps. I really want those pancakes.

  16. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Why, hello! I’m glad to see Canberra is delivering food to entice you to stay 🙂 Gorgeous photos too – the dishes all look beautiful.

  17. Silvia

    Oh how nice to read from you again!

    And you are back where currently summer resides!

  18. Daz

    Son and I went and had the beef cheek burger, or I should say had half a burger each. It was terruble, greasy and full of fat. Haven’t been back since, which is unfortunate as we only live a dozen houses away. The burger had the potential to be great if it had of been shredded with all the yuck removec but it was the whole cheek. Will give F&B another go sometime, just won’t go near that burger!

  19. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    Oh goodness, I stop reading blogs for a while (on account of the stomach flu) and come back to find YOU here!? Best surprise ever!

    I am so glad you have discovered that home has wonderful food too 🙂 How I wish we could brunch together there!