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  1. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Stop it, my little Sunshine! I am making almost the same thing for NYE!!! Except I’m using roasted grapes rather than persimmons. We’re doing a whole pairing dinner. You should come.

  2. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    LOL Here you are making salads in the snow and here I am baking pies and ham in 38C hot weather.

    People who say there’s nothing to memory food have never met us. 🙂

  3. Johanna GGG

    nothing like a recommendation from a trusted friend – I am yet to make a kale salad but always love seeing them on blogs as I am sure that every one I see brings me a little closer to making one myself – this looks lovely

  4. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    What a delicious salad! While I don’t like persimmons, so would have stuck with the original apples if I’d been making it myself, I would gladly settle into a big bowl of this salad as is if it was made by you and we were eating it together 🙂

  5. Hotly Spiced

    I can understand you wanting to recreate recipes that remind you of home. Maureen was a long way from home this Christmas and she did the same thing. And my sister who lives in Beijing would have too if only she could find the ingredients – she had to go to a restaurant! I love the look of this salad and I’d like to make it. Today I’ll be posting the recipe for the pomegranate salad I made on Christmas Eve – I think you were asking about it? xx

  6. Shenandoah Vegan

    I always enjoy a good salad.

  7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Food can transport like nothing else! 😀

  8. Caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy

    that salad looks wonderful. Nothing beats fresh greens!

  9. Whispering Gums

    Massaging the kale! Sounds fun! I like the sound of the dressing even though I’m not really a honey fan.

  10. FoodFeud

    Yayayay. This looks awesome. I saw persimmons a lot a month ago or so and haven’t in a while but I’ll check again. Trying to think of a good vegan tangyness to sub for the cheese. maybe just tofu.

  11. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    This is exactly, perfectly, what I’d like to be eating right now (minus the cheese 😉 ). I’m in the reverse situation to you – out of Perth withMr Bite’s family in a chaotic 6 adult, 3 children, 1 house kind of way, with far fewer green vegetables than I’d like 🙂 I’m appreciating it, but when I get home…this. And for you, dearest, remember sunshine is internal as well as external, and planned family visits, and Australia here waiting for you when you want it xo

  12. Sarah

    Oh how lovely! And a perfect light treat for the post-Christmas period! 🙂

  13. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    You probably didn’t, but I’d like to think you played a little Barry White while you were massaging massaging massaging that kale into a relaxed sigh… lol

  14. Yasmeen | Wandering Spice

    First, forgive me as I haven’t been here in a while (or on my own blog, sheesh! Finally remedying that).

    Second, I love this kale salad. I love persimmons. Sweet potatoes I can handle, too. So, given that I love all components uniquely, and you, I’d say this is a winner! How’s that for logic.

  15. Gena

    One of these days, I’ll finally try a persimmon.

  16. chillcat

    Looks gorgeous. There are so many things to miss each faraway Christmas, yet so many new things to grasp and sing about. Glad you are doing this. Maybe 2014 be a year splendid with sunbeams Hannah!

  17. Christine (Merf)

    I eat a lot of kale in the form of green smoothies. And occasionally I’ll get a kale salad at a restaurant or Whole Foods. But I’ve still not tried to make my own kale salad. I am so intimidated for some reason! This looks delicious and I’ll have to try it… as soon as I find out what a persimmon is. 🙂

  18. Joanne

    With all these fabulous mix-ins…I have faith that this kale salad is pretty super.

  19. msihua

    Beautiful and summery! You are still in Oz tempzone aren’t you? Have a very lovely 2014 and Happy New Year Angle Squishy Babe 🙂 When are you ever coming back?