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  1. Lou

    I want.

  2. Johanna GGG

    And there I was thinking maybe this is a chilli chocolate I could try because it is mild!!! I see the loving earth chocolate about but I think I should buy it – I do love their other products – love the look of the rosemary chocolate but would you think me odd if I say I have baked with rosemary and chocolate but still not sure if I like it

  3. Cadry

    I’ve never had rosemary with chocolate, but now I can’t think of anything else. I bet they are wonderful together! Do you want to pass on my address to your brother or shall I? 😉

  4. CCU

    Hot chocolate takes on a whole new meaning 😀


  5. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    My friend was telling me about this type of chilli chocolate that was really spicy! I can’t wait to try it because it’s usually just a hint of spice.

  6. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    IT’S LIKE THIS IS A WHOLE POST OF CHOCOLATE DESIGNED JUST FOR ME. And I just discovered I can buy that Seatonfire one online! Oh, the excitement.

  7. Margaret

    I love the sound of both of these bars.
    On my recent trip to wonderful Melbourne I bought two Dagoba bars:
    Xocolatl with chillies and nibs, as well as the Chai variety.
    I adore that brand of chocolate. I haven’t looked through your delicious archives but have you tried that range?

  8. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Cool, I had the impression you weren’t much of a fan of Loving Earth, nice to know this one hit the spot! Also, the Seatonfire one looks great with the rosemary and all.

  9. Allysia

    I like all of those chocolates (well I’m just assuming I like Australian chocolate, but everything else is confirmed). Though I don’t think I’ve ever had a chocolate that spicy! As always, loved reading your chocolate reviews! Even if you are irrational about the chocolate/orange thing, ha ha.

  10. janet @ the taste space

    Yum! This sounds absolutely wonderful, Hannah. Rob and I have picked up some Hannah tendencies during this trip. Local vegan chocolate in Cincinnati: vegan manly mustache chocolate. Dark chocolate with vegan bacon and caramelized peanuts. Ingredients include oregano, sage and rosemary. I think you’d love it if you found it. We, mostly me, inhaled it withouy any photographic evidence. 🙂 Chocolate Latour, FYI

  11. Hotly Spiced

    Shall I send you my address so that when people send you the devil’s chocolate you can just forward it on to me? That’s some unusual flavour combinations of things I wouldn’t normally have with my chocolate (I save my rosemary for my lamb) but I’d be willing to give it a try xx

  12. Shenandoah Vegan

    Dang! Rosemary???? What will they think of next?!

  13. msihua

    Gotta love the packaging that it comes in as well! So glam

  14. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    I adore spicy chocolate although I go for more of the subtle variety. I think you are way badass for enjoying that spicy treat 😉

  15. Nat @ Appetite Affliction

    I love Loving Earth! Their mint and coconut chocolates are my favourite!!

    I’m going to get my hands on some Seatonfire. Thanks for including the link to buy it online – I freakin’ love rosemary. We have a bush near the kitchen that’s also threatening to take over 😉

    1. Nat @ Appetite Affliction

      Wehh. There’s no ingredients listed on the website. Is it vegan..?

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