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  1. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    A meal just doesn’t feel complete without the accompanied burning in my mouth from the hot sauce I’ve added. I bet I would love that wasabi bar! And I am in love with camino chocolate! Sad day about the Snicker’s bar although can’t say I’m surprised.

  2. Emma

    WASABI BAR!??? Lindt, you’ve finally found a way to entice me! It only took forever! Now just make sure you send these to my poorly-stocked local grocery store. Thank you.

  3. Lisa

    wasabi chocolate??? oh my – how wonderful!

  4. Lou

    Lindt dipped into PB = WINNING every time.

  5. Jordan

    That’s a surprise—my first guess was that you were going to hate the Lindt wasabi. I tried it some time last year, and the pungency of wasabi combined with the sweet richness of the chocolate left me feeling a tad untoward!

    (Vegan dark chocolate with almonds, on the other hand, I could eat all day…)

  6. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    I should thank you for curingy PB snickers curiousity. However, I now must hunt down as buy wasabit chocolate. Or make Krostina’s truffles. Did you see those a few months ago?! Still dreaming of them.

  7. Margaret

    Dipping Lindt into peanut butter! Why haven’t I ever thought of that.
    Actually Big W and Woolworths have just announced they are now stocking Whittakers blocks with peanut butter. I bought 2 on the weekend and thought of you. 🙂 I haven’t tried them yet but I do like Whittakers chocolate.

    I really wish we had the wasabi Lindt flavour here. My favourites are the sea salt, chilli, coconut and 85% varieties. The fruit ones are just too sweet.

    Please excuse the silly question – is Canadian spelling like American or Australian spelling?

  8. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    Always like seeing your chocolate reviews 🙂 I haven’t come across the Wasabi lindt before but it sounds interesting and even though others may cringe, I’d actually like to try because it’ll be like eating Chilli chocolte hehe ~

  9. Catherine

    Half a block in one sitting! Girl! I’m impressed. And wasabi. Mm-mmm. All I made was a deep rich mud cake this weekend. Just think, you might have eaten half of it!

  10. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Ah, the Lindt wasabi. I made the mistake of having my (UK bought) block after I made chocolate coated wasabi peas, and in comparison, it was all sugar and no heat. I’d still take another block now though, should Australia start stocking it.

    And on the topic of sickly, really very bad and sad chocolate experiences? Lindt Lindor caramel balls (new here). I knew I shouldn’t give in to their ‘newness’, and I was doing so well, and then they were on special, and then the inevitable happened. Ugh. I’m still recovering. I should have followed your creme egg lead and put them in the freezer before peanut butter dipping.

  11. Hannah

    Hahahah! How disappointing about the Snickers… original Snickers all the way! Lindt dipped into PB sounds pretty freaking amazing.

  12. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I thought exactly the same thing about the Snickers bar! It was such a disappointment although what was I thinking? 😛

  13. Hotly Spiced

    I think once you develop a taste for wonderful dark, rich and smooth chocolate, commercial bars like a snickers are always going to be a disappointment. I ate a Crunchie on our road trip home from Coffs Harbour – only because I was desperate and at a petrol station where choices were limited, but as I sat there in the car eating it I couldn’t believe how much I used to love crunchies – Why, why, why??? xx

  14. Kath Lockett

    Wasabi….? Do you know what I find FRUSTRATING ABOUT LIVING IN SWITZERLAND, THE *HOME* OF LINDT….? It’s that they only sell the more standard blocks of Lindt, so earth shattering stuff like Wasabi is unheard of here. Gah!

  15. Kath Lockett

    …. not to mention all the other groovy flavours available in the UK, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand.

    Here in sensible, on-time, rigid, neutral Switzerland it seems that if it doesn’t contain milk chocolate and the ever-present *&^%%ing hazelnut, it’s not worth putting out! ARGGHHHHH!

  16. Kath Lockett

    Sorry, Hannah. Just a bit of pent up frustration unleashed there. I’ll go make myself a nice hot cup of tea now…..

  17. Johanna GGG

    I am sad about the snickers experience because once upon a time I loved snickers and took great pleasure in trying one in each country I visited so they remind me of adventure and new experiences.

    But the camino bar sounds far more pleasing – though I did a double take on the photo with them providing a speech bubble. As for wasabi – that is just wrong!

  18. Camille

    Just seeing the word Snickers literally sent me to the kitchen for a handful of peanuts. Come to think of it, I also have a tub of dulce de leche and some chocolate…

    Ok, *crunch* I’m back now. *chew* Nom nom nom.

  19. Kris Kellens

    Darn you Hannah, I’m barely coping with regular dark chocolates, now you must trick me into these novelty ingredient chocolates? You’re evil woman… in a good way! Lol.

    I often wonder how different Lindt is in Europe compared to the American version…

  20. Hannah

    Wasabi chocolate sounds like it was made for me! I must find this, asap, especially if you endorse it! I was afraid that the flavor would be too timid, dumbed down for mainstream markets, but I’m excited to hear that it still has a good bite to it.

  21. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    “My heart is the colour of sad” might just be my new favourite phrase. Hee!

  22. msihua

    Oooo peanut butter bar.. Mmmm.. just don’t throw it at my head

  23. Adrian (Food Rehab)

    WOOOP! I love Chocolatepalooza time! Everytime I come here, two things happen: I find out about totally rad chocolate brands and varieties I’ve never heard of and 2. I end up walking to the pantry for you know what. LOL.

  24. Ashley

    Oooh! I want me wasabi chocolate, yes I doooo!

  25. Agnes

    Dear Lindt, please send your exciting flavours to Australia. I *need* wasabi chocolate.

  26. Heathy

    Mmmm so much chocolate goodness here!!!! I had a dream about you last night! We were first at my house, then all of a sudden we were in Australia getting on a subway to go somewhere! lolol. Miss you!