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  1. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    I cannot explain ranch to you… other than it’s good.

    That said, I’d prefer the kettle corn too.

  2. Louise

    Ranch is a salad dressing, not manure (thankfully). I can’t believe that they made oreos more disgusting. But they did. Wow. I do so enjoy your Canadian snack posts. And glad you got one taste of warmth. Even if you did race out in long johns.

  3. Emma

    I grew up being disgusted with ranch flavor, and I would use the word ranch in place of gross when I was in high school. But now I’m starting to come around to it…. I don’t even know who I am any more.

    I don’t walk around in my long underwear much these days, but I did buy a pair leggings since everyone and their uncle sells them these days, and boy oh boy does it feel freeing to go about town wearing them.

    Eli won’t let me buy the birthday cake Oreos! I just want to try them. Just one (package).

  4. Keren

    Although I do not know what six months of snow feels like, my first few years in Melbourne had a similar effect on me each Winter so I can understand the excitement of a sunny, comparatively warm day … can’t say I’ve ever run outside in my long johns though 🙂

  5. Whispering Gums

    I see Louise got to me first about Ranch … Of course that doesn’t mean I know what flavour it is because of all my times in America ranch dressing was never one I chose when offered all those choices in restaurants.

    But, Hannah, where’s the photo … Couldn’t you have taken a long johns selfie for us?

  6. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Ranch is the only flavor that has ever made me hurk. I have choked down some weird and unpleasant foods that I never want to have again, but ranch flavored mashed potatoes are the only food that has ever sent me over the edge from flavor alone.

    I also have a completely unreasonable hatred for this whole “birthday cake” flavor nonsense that is popping up everywhere. It’s the flavor of those sugar bomb birthday cakes you get from the grocery store that are made with all artificial ingredients and are topped with enormous frosting roses in garish primary colors. I didn’t even like those cakes when I was a kid, and I have ALWAYS loved sugar. Someone please punch every member of Oreo’s marketing team in the face for me. Thanks.

  7. Heathy

    OMG I cant believe they’re making birthday cake flavored oreos! What is next?! Yay for +18! It was lovely here today – by that I mean it got up to 3 and sunny lol but it felt super warm! xo

  8. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    Lol. What is birthday cake flavour indeed? I was going to hazard it tastes like hopes and dreams followed by eating regret and nausea. OMG they nailed it!

  9. theresa

    When I was in uni, everyone would be out in tee shirts and thongs (the footwear, not the underwear) when it warmed up to, ohh, about 34 degrees fahrenheit after a long, miserable winter. I so understand what you’re going through!

    Birthday cake oreos? I do not understand.

  10. Lou


  11. Choc Chip Uru

    Birthday cake Oreos? Ranch chips? What even?
    But kettle corn? Yes please. Now. Ok I’m on a plane 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Kath Lockett

    Is it wrong to admit – in week three of my six week ‘no sugar’ detox, that it’s the birthday cake Oreos that appeal most?

    As for ‘ranch’ flavours, I always thought the same about our predilection for ‘BBQ’ – hints of plastic cover before the more robust flavours of slightly rusty metal with a layer of lamb fat and charcoal droppings left to get dusty over winter and allow several generations of cockroaches to crawl across it emerge victoriously on your tongue….. Mmmm hmmmm!

  13. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Now, please, can you explain kettle corn to me? Is it just an American name for popcorn? Or is there some bonus component to it that makes it different, or even kettle like? I have always wondered, and your photo makes me think perhaps it’s just a name.

  14. Hotly Spiced

    18C! Summer must be on its way. I wouldn’t be at all excited about 18C though! I asked an American on a blog the other day, ‘What is ranch dressing?’ I’ve no idea what that means. And as for birthday cake flavour; well, don’t birthday cakes come in all different shapes and sizes and flavours? xx

  15. janet @ the taste space

    Gosh, we live in the same city but we obviously shop at different places because I have never seen any of these wacky things!! I thought Canadians were better but obviously I am in denial. 🙂

  16. janet @ the taste space

    Btw, I think of ranch as an herby Caesar but less decadent… never much of a Ranch fan, though.

  17. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hmmm birthday flavour tastes like candles? 😛 Oh and I love ranch flavour with its tangy creaminess although how it got that name I have no idea!

  18. Shenandoah Vegan

    Too many comments here to read. Hopefully someone explained ‘Ranch’ and ‘Birthday Cake’ flavor. Both are good and help explain the American obesity epidemic as well.

  19. Eaves

    At the ranch dudes like
    Steve’s dressing and want more.
    It goes viral.

    1. Emma

      I thought this was just a poor attempt at a haiku, but it’s spot on historically!

  20. Sarah

    Woah! Those oreos look very, um, challenging to eat! I like normal oreos, but find them a bit sweet, so I can’t imagine what those would be like!! I’d definitely try them once though!

    I always thought Ranch was like ranch dressing? I’ve only had ranch dressing out of a packet (or at Subway), but I reckon it would be really nice if you made it from scratch, with chives, mayo, creme fraiche…..

    xox Sarah

  21. Ashley

    Your birthday oreos didn’t come with a party hat? 🙁 False advertisinggg!

  22. Catherine

    I do love your descriptions of these foods.

    (I don’t know what birthday cake flavour is, but I’ve seen several American cookbooks which describe ‘birthday cake’ as if it is a specific kind of cake – possibly yellow – for which one might have a specific recipe…)

  23. Agnes

    Okay so you’ve had your 30 minutes of sunshine. You’re screwed until next year for summer, my dear.

  24. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    Do they not have ranch flavoured things in Australia? Because that used to be my FAVOURITE chip flavour. Too bad it always has dairy in it.

    Also: popcorn always wins 🙂

  25. Libby

    LAWL, birthday cake flavour. They remind me of those ice cream cakes that you used to get when you celebrate your birthday at McDonalds as a kid.

  26. Linda

    I’m still working on the part how you ate the whole bag of Oreos even if it required salty peanut butter to get them down. Was that an economical decision or do you enjoy food torture?? 🙂

  27. Johanna GGG

    Next time you find yourself outside in your long johns you might do better ducking into a shop to buy something that might cover up your long johns – like um silverbeet leaves 🙂 I am please to just look at the pretty filling of the oreos without having to eat them if they are so so sweet but I don’t find oreos usually too sweet – are these much sweeter than regular?

    Love slightly sweet slightly salty popcorn – would gobble a packet of this up!

  28. Nikki

    Those birthday cake Oreos look much like the 100s and 1000s Oreos I bought a few weeks ago…in Australia. They sound like they tasted the same too, sugar on steroids pretty much sums them up.

  29. Gmasydney

    Glad you had a nice warm day to enjoy – hope you had ‘fashion’ long johns on. I think you have written better poetry than that so I hope the winter hasn’t frozen your brain.

  30. Camille

    Ok, at it’s simplest, ranch dressing is defined by buttermilk (or other creamy dairy such as sour cream), something oniony-garlicky, and something herby (I think parsley is mandatory). At least this is what I have figured out over many attempts to recreate it in Paris. While I know in my rational brain that ranch chips have little if anything to do with the dressing, I can’t help but have a secret weakness for them.

    Birthday cake flavor? I’m as mystified as you, and reject completely the idea that one flavor of cake signifies “birthday”.

  31. Sig @ Melbourne Maharani

    When you find out what birthday cake flavour actually is, let me know. I have a feeling that Evs would enjoy these a little too much.