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  1. FoodFeud

    The darkness is going to get light and less snowy soon, for you, I hope. Til then, eat more chocolate. I LOVE this flavor. I really appreciate that Ritter is pretty easy to find and they make a good selection of vegan flavors.

  2. Em

    Oooooohhhhhh, you have made me tear up. Big warm hugs Hannah.

  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    The solution to most woes: chocolate! 😀 I hope you’re feeling better! xxx

  4. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Oh friend, I hurt for you. I would have cried too! It’s cold and windy here. We had flurries this morning… can’t imagine being that far north, as I am struggling here.

    Chocolate is most certainly the answer.

  5. Louise

    The Canadian winter is certainly long and harsh. You will come to understand in your marrow why their department store windows are full of swimmers, even though it’s still snowing outside- they are all plotting winter getaways- to the Caribbean if on the east side, and to Hawaii or Mexico more commonly on the West. It does end. It will end. Usually long after you want it to, and often after you think it already has. The Canadian spring is glorious and worth the wait. In one day your eyes will be assaulted by the most verdant green your poor Australian eyes have ever seen. The memory of snow, brown and bleak will go just as quickly.

    In the meanwhile there is chocolate it’s true. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried this one and it wasn’t for me. Doing my London research today I’ve come across Prestat- favoured by Roald Dahl and the Queen Mother- that’s good enough for me. I just checked and you sampled their 71% back in 2011. I’ll be sampling their violet cream in 2013.

  6. CheezyK

    Oh you poor thing, here’s hoping the Spring and Summer to come are full of delight and sunshine!

  7. Sig @ Melbourne Maharani

    Awww a million hugs to keep you warm. That chocolate looks like it would do a fine job too, but in case, here’s a million more.

    Here’s to end of winter. Soon.

  8. Erin@TheFoodMentalist

    Give me marzipan any which way. I am absolutely obsessed with the stuff.

  9. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I adore that chocolate block. Although I do always find myself being amused by the combination of ‘sport’ and chocolate. I like the combination, but I do wonder what the marketing strategy was.

    On a more serious note, and said by someone who knows all about weather-related melancholy, I think you need to book yourself a trip somewhere warm, or sit in a sauna, or create a count down calendar to summer (and from what I’ve heard, summer in Toronto is as hot as the winter is cold!), or schedule at least two chocolate-and-tea-in-front-of-heater-with-book sessions per day. Hugs xo

  10. Adrian (Food Rehab)

    aaah no ST! Thank gaaawd you have chocolates. Even 3 weeks in freezing Europe broke me too. I jumped for joy when I came back to Melbourne’s 35 degree days. Everyone was complaining how hot it was whilst I couldn’t take the smile off maaa face!
    I trust that you always have chocolate on you so have no doubt you can weather this icy reign!

  11. Lou

    Oh wow, you poor thing – I seriously can’t handle Winter these days – if it get below 18 degrees I start crying! HUGS to you, sweet gal (and save some of that chocolate almond vegan goodness for ME!) x

  12. Camille

    But, snow! (Sorry, I’ve never lived anywhere where snow is a constant fixture in the winter, so I still think it’s magical.) Warm hugs and hopes for a lovely warm spring to break through very soon!

  13. Agnes

    I hate winter even more than I normally do because it made you cry. >:(

    I will kill it, and kill it dead. >:(

  14. Johanna GGG

    sometimes life feels grim even when there is still chocolate to be eaten and wonderful people in your life! hope the feeling passes quickly and then sun shines soon – I feel I have had those ritters bars and yet am not sure – it certainly looks like something I would enjoy on a cold winter’s day!

  15. janet @ the taste space

    Boo to winter, I agree. I want to ride my bicycle! 🙂

  16. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    Awww hope weather will warm up for you soon 🙂

    I’m a weird one hehe I much prefer the cold rather than hot, and it’s so funny that so many people in Melbourne are in denial that summer is over.

    I had no idea that Ritter chocolate was Vegan!

  17. Kath Lockett

    One of my ‘go to’ favourites. I love their shape, size and affordability and the variety of flavours to be found is incredible.

  18. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I am sending warm spring thoughts your way! What that will actually do, I don’t know. But I hurt for you, I hate the biting cold almost as much as I hate the suffocating doom heat that pierces down from an angry sun in the South in summer.

    I must confess that whenever I find myself craving a chocolate bar, which isn’t very often, I always reach for a Ritter Sport. I love the one with the biscuit in the center, followed closely by the hazelnut bar with it’s huge whole hazelnuts. I also love the totally fake-tasting strawberry chocolate one. Hope your marzipan bar had hints of springtime in it.

  19. Hannah

    Oh dear, my heart aches for you, because you know they’re really one and the same. You are so incredibly strong for making it through this winter, even if you feel it’s “broken” you. Nothing ever could, because you’re still standing, right? It might beat and bruise you, but you will ultimately win. Spring is coming, any day now, I promise. <3

  20. msihua

    Awww I give you a big SQUIRTY ANGLE RAKE SWAY HUG!! That should break you more 😛

  21. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    Chocolate fixes everything! Especially the winter blues 🙂

  22. Sarah

    Aww sweetie!! I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling so well! Don’t worry, Spring will be there soon, and if anyone is sunny enough to bring Spring early through sheer determination and wishing, it surely is you! 🙂

    PS Ritter Sport is awesome. I like the biscuit one the best.

  23. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    Oh my dear, my heart just broke a little reading this. BUT did you see the weather yesterday? I actually wore my spring jacket! I was a little chilly but it was totally worth it! I think we’re finally emerging from the cold dark winter into the light 🙂

  24. Emma

    I’m not sure how to feel about the weather. I think I would choose winter as my priority season as far as outside work goes. In summer the flies get so bad that getting work done outdoors is a frightening and terrible chore – thankfully, you will not have to deal with black flies in the city! And now that it’s turning toward spring, cold rain is just about the worst thing I can think of (aside from the flies and mosquitoes). Cold cold rain, seeping into my bones all day long.

    But hey, if it means pretty flowers and veggies in my garden, then I’m pleased:)

  25. Catherine

    Oh Hannah. I think that it is good that you are writing this. When I was terribly young I ran away to Paris as I probably told you, and arrived in the middle of the coldest winter EVER dressed like a Sydney girl. It was hard, it was lonely. And French too! It took a long long time, but I grew up in a good way, I think, well who knows. But I kept way too much inside – all those grey thoughts on the metro, in parks – I’m talking pre-pre-Internet here – so what I’m saying is Let It All Hang Out. We are here.

    Today I made your peanut butter chocolate brownies for my kids and ate four of them. Tomorrow I am going to hunt down your Ritter bar for my weepy moments. Hugs, catxxx

  26. Kris kellens

    Ah, Ritter Sport, ye strange little devil chocolate… I never really got it. It’s not that special… yet every time I see a bar of it filled with whole hazzlenuts, I NEED to have it! And the entire package is gone before I can say… well, I never really speak when I have this near me. lol.

  27. Silvia

    This year, winter will just not go away (ok, to be fair, we had the first day of 10°C today).

    And I have memories for that bar…. we used to ate it in high school a lot. It was one of the few bars that the vending machine was selling in school.