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  1. Gary

    When will Cadbury Dairy Milk Salty Caramelised Peanut be available in Australia I wonder.

  2. Lou

    The names of these bars sound AWESOME but I know Cadbury’s is also WAY too sweet for me….. and not enough cocoa. Put these flavours in an unsweetened 90% cocoa bar and I would be a happy gal 😉


  3. Johanna GGG

    it seems that your memory is now full – things you did 15 years ago fitted well but there is no room for your postcode in your memory (well that is my excuse for sylvia remembering trivia that I couldn’t possibly remember)

    I think I would quite enjoy the coconut and cashew chocolate – I was a big fan of golden roughs

  4. Camille

    Huh, I always prefer “arachides” to the other French word for peanuts, “cacahuètes”. Because caca. Now, speaking of poems/prophecies from children’s books, if prompted I could probably recite for you the one from Redwall (it was on a tapestry maybe, or painted in a hidden room of the abbey or something?) which I assume you’ve read, and if you haven’t, you MUST.

  5. whisperinggums

    Too sweet for me too … but I’m sure there are those who’ll love these. (Meanwhile, Lindt 90% is too the other way for me.) Choices, choices.

  6. Lorraine Not Quite Nigella

    You haven’t had much luck with Cadbury have you? Although I would be surprised if you liked it.

  7. Kath Lockett

    Never really been a shredded coconut-in-chocolate fan as the brown stuff melts and all you’re left with is annoyingly chewy stuff.

    My sweetness resilience is far higher than yours – and seems to be on the increase here in the land of mostly milk chocolate – so I’ll gladly take several blocks of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Salty Caramelised Peanut please.

  8. kum

    I used to love Cadbury’s when I was growing up in India.

    Once I became a vegan, I have discovered so many great dark chocolates in North America!

    Thank you for posting so many vegan recipes – good for welfare of our great planet.

  9. Choc Chip Uru

    Despite my insane sweet tooth, there is definitely such a thing as overdone 😛

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Emma


    Why are we so similar sometimes? I almost always usually remember my postal code, though.

  11. Lisa

    am now craving chocolate 🙂

  12. Simply Life

    Yum! I love it when a candy can bring back childhood memories and this looks like the perfect way to do that!

  13. Sarah

    I’d totally eat that arachides chocolate! Even if it were too sweet and insufficiently salty! I’d probably smash a whole bar, honestly!!

    PS I read Rowan of Rin at school! Memories!

  14. Catherine

    Nahh I’m totally biased here. After being raised on JUST TWO PIECES of Cadbury’s Caramello bar after dinner I’m quite off that brand. Yucky purple. What a way to ruin peanut butter.

    I hope you enjoyed the Lindt palate cleanse.

  15. Libby

    I’m reading your post and am thinking, ‘Man, the Australian packaging looks soooo much better…’

  16. Julie

    Salty Caramelised Peanut looks so amazing! I like how it’s light in sweetness but shame about the lack of salt 🙂 need to get my hands on a bar!

  17. msihua

    Just when I thought you couldn’t go any lower 😛