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  1. Louise

    I’ve had the dark chocolate coconut one and was grossly disappointed too. Sorry to hear that the white version is the same. I had a lovely new Lindt bar on the weekend, caramel of some sort- I only had one piece due to Parisian training, but it was delicious. In fact I’m sure I need some now….

  2. Emma

    Heehee, when I wrote Bloor + Yonge in that comment yesterday, I almost wrote about DUNDAS. Dund-ASS. Because the name makes me giggle. So similarsies!

    OOOH OOH OOH have you found my most favoritest of Toronto street signs yet? I don’t remember if I’ve asked you about it already? …”Look Point?” Familiar?

  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh no! What a shame about the faux coconut flavouring! They should have just left it at the coconut 🙁

  4. Lou

    Boo I hate fake flavouring – ew ew ew. Almond/cherry/banana/coconut ESPECIALLY. Vomit.

    Oh and YES a table cloth IS that powerful. Especially if it is retro and so hideously patterned so it makes you feel slightly seasick to look at it.

  5. CCU

    Fake coconut? Why Lindt why? Take a leaf out of bounty please?
    The dark looks so rich!


  6. Catherine

    Finally some chocolate I can say I’ve eaten and loved! The dark one, yes. But coconut, nah. I don’t think I would go there. Too much like eating suntan cream! Xcat

  7. msihua

    Just eat sunscreen.. at least you know what you’re paying for 😛

  8. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Ah, that 90% chocolate. I still love it too, but from a distance at present!

    White chocolate and I don’t have a great relationship, so it’s good to see this is one bar I can happily skip trying. Usually I want to try new flavours just because they’re new (exciting! novel! new!), even if they have ingredients I don’t love, or the flavours don’t appeal. You’ve saved me the price of this block if/when it arrives here 🙂

  9. janet @ the taste space

    Haha, I will forever think of you at Dundas Square walking like a dog. 🙂

  10. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Sunscreen, that’s it! Now I know why I just can’t get down with white chocolate for the most part. Any time I eat white chocolate these days it’s always melted down and mixed with another flavor, like matcha or strawberries.

  11. Whispering Gums

    I still love Lindt chilli chocolate. I know it’s probably a little sweet for dark chocolate but it’s yum.

  12. Kath Lockett

    90% is too strong for me and having the coconut essence is not good either, so I’m happy to stick with 30-60% Lindt Swiss and leave these two for someone else.

  13. Camille

    I admire your optimism re: the coconut flavoring, but what’s that story about the leopard and its spots? 😉

  14. Hotly Spiced

    Shame they’ve again added the coconut essence. I know that 90% cacao chocolate is good because it’s a sure favourite with my dogs – the darker the better xx

  15. Hotly Spiced

    Yes, Hannah, it does. It’s super-bad for them. But my girls are a bit naughty and some people in my family are not too good at cleaning up after themselves and leave things like chocolates lying around. And my girls have springs in their legs and can leap up to a bowl of chocolates sitting on a bench and they always go for the darkest ones first – not so keen on a milky strawberry fondant! xx

  16. Johanna GGG

    I think cooking a delicious dish is a moment when disaparate elements sometimes make sense together – but I would like to see everyone walking across the street like a dog – in fact I think it is exactly the sort of crossing that Ministry of Silly Walks would install. And shame about the coconut white chocolate – I was quite excited at first at the idea of a white chocolate made out of coconut milk but alas I was too hopeful

  17. Theresa

    When I’m walking with Tika and we wait at the lights, she hears the dinging noise they make when the green man appears and runs into the crossing, and then slows down to a nice trot. That’s how I would cross if a voice told me to walk like a dog in the crossing.

  18. Allysia

    Walk like a dog for your crossing, ba ha ha ha! And I really like that dark chocolate too, despite it not being anything super fancy – I mean, you can buy Lindt chocolate at any ol’ supermarket, and it’s not too pricey, but it’s still great.