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  1. Lou

    Your veggie-tossing-combo sounds INCREDIBLE!! Don’t let Misty near the Puppy Chow!

  2. Emma

    So normally I would just be jealous of you and all your snacks, but today I am also jealous of you and your new sublet and the fact that there are trees and it is Canada…all in a good way of course, because naturally, when I become rich very soon, I will be able to come and visit 🙂

  3. Miss Piggy

    So…is Puppy Chow not for puppies???

  4. Hannah

    When it’s so good, why stop there? I’ve already got Puppy Chow, Part 3 figured out for you: Speculoos. You’re welcome. 😉

  5. Kath Lockett

    I’m baaaack and trying to get my migrainey head around this. It’s called puppy chow, but *I* want to eat it… Is that right?

  6. Christine

    Why are detoxes associated with shame? Not to me, to me they are associated with resetting and enabling me to eat more cookies. 🙂

    Can you teach me how to toss veggies with nutritional yeast, etc.? I have a huge container of nooch that I can’t figure out how to use. I steam broccoli and put nooch on top and it’s not awful but it could be tastier. Advice? Please? 🙂

  7. Dayna

    I never realized how ridiculous the name “puppy chow” sounded until I read everyone’s comments to this post! Haha! At least it’s better than some of the names I’ve heard for clusters of chocolate-covered nuts (“reindeer poop” to be exact. Ew!)

    You’re moving from a sublet next to an amusement park to a hippie neighborhood? Jealous! Both of those options look completely rad. Oh! And I remember you mentioning Bathurst Street in a previous post… next time you’re on Bathurst, track down the Cineforum and see a movie! While I’ve never gone there myself, an old friend of mine used to live there and he absolutely adores the place and Reg Hartt, it’s batty, old owner. Apparently, it is fantastically bizarre and Reg has some tales to tell.

  8. janet @ the taste space

    Good luck with your move. I bet by the end of the weekend, there won’t be any snow. 😉 (Which kind of sucks because I had snowshoeing plans for Sunday)

  9. Hotly Spiced

    What a great recipe. It would be so good to sit down to a movie with a whole bowl (large) of this in front of me. Good luck with your move! xx

  10. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike

    Kensington!! So many cheap fruit & vegetable stands and punks with dogs. Exciting. Hope your move goes well!

  11. jodye @ chocolate and chou fleur

    I haven’t eaten puppy chow in ages, but you just reminded me of how good it is! Also, your veggie/nutritional yeast/flax/olive tapenade combo is going to be on my dinner plate tonight! Way to be a genius!

  12. Emma

    I AM BACK. *sound the trumpets*

    And now I must catch up on something like 3,600 WayChoc posts! *sound the trumpets*

    I want you to make Kitty Chow for your part 3 installment *sound the kitties!*


  13. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    This chef mix coated in sweetness is very new to me, but I like the cut of your jib.
    Heidi xo
    p.s. mainly I’ve just always wanted to use that saying…

  14. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe well I’m glad that we have you to fly the no detox flag Hannah!!! 😀

  15. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I absolutely love the look of your new house / street / gorgeous trees and painted houses. Please take us on a photo tour when you are settled in?

    This recipe is also a refreshing change from detox and cleansing meals 😉

  16. JohannaGGG

    good luck with the move – seems like you might need some of this energy cereal to keep you going – I would love to taste some but I have never heard of chex and suspect it is not about in Australia (though I am not overly familiar with the cereal aisle) – guess it wouldn’t work with mini wheats! Your new ‘hood looks very funky – though I do love the top photo with all the little snowy yards

  17. Tammy

    Good luck Hannah. I think it sounds so exciting.

  18. whisperinggums

    Oh, I do love what you’ve moved too … that’s so pretty! Is your house actually in the picture or is this just the neighbourhood?

    1. whisperinggums

      Who put that extra ‘o’ on ‘to’?

      I’m guessing there are no lovely golden leaves at present!

  19. msihua (@msihua)

    Hannah banana.. what is chex cereal and what can I use to replace it with over here?