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  1. Silvia

    Oh that food. That food looks great.
    Makes me long for summer.

  2. whisperinggums

    Love the colours on the food … but hearing about wonderful times with wonderful people, that’s the best.

  3. Allysia

    Ha, I’ve got a big box of vegan dark chocolate mint thins, it was a good Christmas score. 🙂 Everything at Belmonte Raw looks kick-ass, I’m excited to try ’em out when I move to TO next year!

  4. janet @ the taste space

    Definitely my fave resto in Toronto. Your meals look so vibrant and flavorful. Glad to hear it was enjoyed by all. 🙂

  5. Vien

    Raw meals are so colourful and fresh!! And I’m learning to love beetroot in my juice!! 😀

  6. K

    So jealous, I want to be there with both of you now, eating kale salad!

  7. Hotly Spiced

    I’m a closet crossworder. That raw food looks so yummy and colourful. And I do like the sound of waking up to a winter wonderland – that must be so pretty (but cold!) xx

  8. Johanna GGG

    aren’t bloggers lovely people – sounds like a great place to eat out at – and a generous place too – the raw nachos sound fascinating – one of these days I might get out and try some raw foods in Melbourne – hope you are enjoying the snow

  9. leaf (the indolent cook)

    I feel healthier just reading this post, all that fresh, wholesome goodness!

  10. Sarah

    Oh that looks like a lovely catchup! I’ve only recently discovered kale and I love it! (Roasted, I haven’t tried it raw yet). That salad looks so nourishing and wonderful! 🙂

  11. Catherine

    Beautiful! Colours and flavours and people. Makes me wonder why more people don’t swing to green and enjoy the good all-over vibes. Makes me want to set up a healthy joint in Italy. All the best Hannah xcat

  12. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    gah! I am so exciting for all the yummy raw vegan eats I will be having in california!!!
    Heidi xo