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  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Excellent summary! Better than mine, I think 😉
    See, I thought we preferred the natural over the pulped at Parisi…I suppose this means they were both pretty great.
    Come on now, you already knew what I looked like as a nun. 😉

  2. Kansas City Caffeine Crawl, day 1 « Almost Vegan

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  3. Fiona

    *bounce* oooh dear, day three would have been… sleep deprived

  4. Kath Lockett

    It all looks utterly delicious and to finish with chocolate at the end …. perfection. How did you SLEEP later on that night??

  5. Rach

    So much caffeine! Looks like fun, though! 🙂

  6. Sophie

    A coffee crawl sounds like the best fun!!! It wouldn’t work so well in Melbourne though – I guess that’s both good and bad :p

  7. Margaret

    You keep forgetting to talk about the coffee! Ha ha
    I actually love it when you go off on a tangent with your stories.
    It’s nice to see a bit of blue sky in a photo – it’s ridiculously cold and wet here. There has been heavy snow near Goulburn!

  8. Lou

    Oh yes yes yes. Coffeecoffeecoffee. I am being so restrained at the moment, and allowing myself just the 1 cup of Joe per day – good thing in Christchurch there is an AWESOME coffee scene, and SO MUCH good coffee around. Seriously, it’s on par with Melbourne I reckon.

    Chocolate popcorn = YES.

  9. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    On reading your reply to Lou above, I have had to completely re-think my mental image of you and caffeine. In my mind, you were a several cups a day girl. In reality, it seems you are what I was a year ago when I coped with just one hit of caffeine a day and only in the morning. Now (and by now I mean pre-holiday ‘cos the last month has almost needed no caffeine at all :)) I generally need a morning and a mid-afternoon cup. I feel a bit worse for realising that I’m alone in this.

    On other matters, not relating to my possibly growing caffeine addiction, this day sounds super fun 🙂

  10. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I think every outing should end in chocolate. No?

  11. whisperinggums

    Any special tricks for the French Press/Plunger that we should know? Love that you learnt about a variety of ways to make coffee, not just espresso. (And I too am impressed that you could find good coffee! Aussie coffee snobs that we are!)

  12. Emma

    I’d love to buy a Chemex, but only because they look wicked cool. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love the paraphernalia surrounding it!

    How sweet of you to nunnify Amber and protect her pale skin. Do you think you two get along so well in part because she is your long lost Whitey McWhiteness Paleface Von Alabaster Twin, or whatever it was you referred to yourself as way back when? 🙂

    1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

      Bahaha! That may indeed be yet another reason we were meant for each other. 😛

  13. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    I love the sound of doing a coffee crawl! I must admit, working where I do, I miss good coffee, I need to find some in this city!! I am now going to go exploring, using you and Amber as my inspiration 🙂

  14. Libby

    Ooooh this looks like heaps of fun!

    I don’t think I would be able to stomach all that caffeine though, as one cup of coffee is usually enough to make me jittery (yeah, I know, weak) 🙁

  15. Hotly Spiced

    I’ve heard there’s good coffee in the US as long as you know where to find it – and that’s not at Starbucks! Since growing up watching US family TV shows where all the kids get on the yellow school bus, I’ve always wanted to ride on one – but not one with bodily fluids! I don’t think Amber looks like she’d fit in well at a nunnery – something about the vow of silence has me worried xx

  16. petit4chocolatier

    Caffeine, chocolate truffles, and chocolate covered popcorn! Triple yummy!!!

  17. Heather @ Sweetly Raw

    So much to catch up on! Woweee…. all I saw was a sea of chocolate and fun times as scrolling down your page. Those choccie truffles are so shiny and pretty!!! I want some!

  18. Louise

    I rather loathe coffee as I’m sure you remember. So the tour doesn’t appeal in the slightest to me. That is a gorgeous photo of you two ladies at the end though. Lovely.