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  1. Gary

    I feel like eating a hot dog now 🙂

  2. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    FELICITY AND KIRSTEN WERE THE TWO DOLLS I HAD! We are so meant to be! (My little sister Staci had Samantha and Molly, so together we had the original four. Addy was added just a little too late for us.) I still have them in storage somewhere. Archived?!? The NERVE!

  3. Hotly Spiced

    I’m not surprised you finally crashed and burned. It does catch up with you, especially in your old age! My mother would love that sign. She would never let us have too much tomato sauce as she said it would ruin our taste buds and we’d cease to be able to taste real food. xx

  4. Choc Chip Uru

    After watching horror films, dolls freak me out but that yoghurt has me in love 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Whispering Gums

    Every now and then you need downtime while traveling, though this post suggests you got out and about too.

    Oh, and was the windy city windy?

  6. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Single serve Greek Ben & Jerrys?! I have’t seen that size here and I REALLY want to try it!!!

  7. Lou

    I like ketchup and mustard TOGETHER. With pickles.

  8. JohannaGGG

    you are on holiday – of course you need to rest and relax – glad you finally realised that 🙂

    My dad loved banana lollies and so I had to as well – they are comfort in a little sqidgy yellow banana! (even though I agree that banana can be a really odd flavour in some sweet food).

    Love the cloud gate – am glad if your childhood dollies are archived or wield murderous weapons that at least you can find sparkles and swirls for grown ups.

    did you find yourself in the cloudgate?

  9. lizzie - strayed from the table

    I love that sign, no tomato sauce on hotdogs – who are they kidding.

  10. Vien

    sometimes, I dread looking at your pictures… 😛
    omgoshhhh you’re killing me with the idea that a cake batter flavored froyo is some where out there waiting for me!!!

  11. Emma

    I love looking at people reflected in the Bean, such fun picture fodder:)

    It’s super upsetting to me that Felicity was archived. I feel indifferent about Kirsten because a lot of those books seemed over the top racist, at least for their intended kid readers. But Felicity…. ponies!!

    Their newer characters are less interesting that both Felicity and Kirsten. I feel pretty strongly about this. Also, I’ve spent much time both at that store (when I was younger, although they opened after I should have been ‘too old’ for the dolls), and at Water Tower Place. More of our tromping on the same ground. If you end up going to Vancouver and I never get to see you, I shall be sad:(

  12. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe I do remember those weird banana lollies-was not a fan! But PB and banana fro yo by Ben & Jerry? Yes please!

  13. Louise

    Oh, I’d love to see that silver thing! And if you arrange for a fountain to come out of someone’s face, why wouldn’t it come out of their mouth? Why would you make it come out of their top lip? I do love the sound of single serve Ben and Jerry’s although of course wouldn’t go for the PB & banana. Odd, that Chicagoans need rules for hot dogs and the application of tomato sauce to them. And you’re so young to have your childhood archived. Oh the pain. Wait til you actually get old. When you work with young people you have never heard of The Smiths or Khe Sanh.

  14. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Mmmmmm, frozen yoghurt treats. Do want!

  15. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Why can’t it be both? I no longer eat hot dogs, but when I did it was always with both ketchup and mustard, and none of that “salad” crap on top (ie. pickles and tomatoes and peppers.) Don’t tell me how to eat my food! Rant over.

  16. Gabby

    I used to have a huge collection of porcelain dolls that never weirded me out….until I got older….now I can only imagine them staring at me…I had to get them out of my room!

    Your time in Chicago sounds like it was wonderful! Full of wandering and eating, which are of course, two of the best parts of travelling 🙂

  17. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    So cool to get a glimpse of this city! Glad to see they take their ketchup usage so seriously, it’s a real problem throughout America. And the world, really, let’s be honest! 😉
    Heidi xo

  18. Sophie

    Red Mango = Cacao Green in Australia I think (I’m in their Melbourne stores all too often :P).

    Chicago looks like fun – can’t wait to see it for myself 🙂

  19. Debi

    OOOH! You found one! 😀 YAY! Did you try a Chicago Dog? And they are right, ketchup on a dog in Chicago is blasphemy.

  20. theresa

    There is a lot about that doll scene which is heebie jeebie-inducing…

  21. Hannah

    The Bean!! Of course you would have to see it- Silly of me to even wonder. It’s something I’ve been dying to visit for years. <3

  22. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    It sounds like you had a perfect Chicago experience, Hannah – not only blog-worthy, but by the sounds of it, just perfect for your poor over-worked and then over-walked body! I am highly amused by the tomato sauce (sorry, ketchup) sign, and completely in love with the banana peanut butter frozen yoghurt (and agree on the horrible-ness of those banana lollies), and intrigued by the sparkles of Victoria’s Secret.

  23. Sophia

    I want that mega fork! It’ll be perfect for unwieldy pasta. 😀

  24. Cakewhiz

    I live in chicago and i am so glad to see you had a good time here. Millenium park is beautiful…isn’t it? 😉

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  26. Libby

    ‘During my first afternoon in Chicago, I came upon the realization that…’


  27. Heather @ Sweetly Raw

    I LOVE American Girl when I was young too! I had a magazine subscription and had the paper dolls. I soooo badly wanted one of the dolls. Now I have to go to Chicago to get a doll! lol

  28. Richa

    i miss chicago. it was one crazy fun city! sleep some extra hours.