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  1. Lou

    Oh yes, I can just tell I would totally be grossed out by the first 2 chocolates (ew ew popping candy bits with chocolate? WRONG. Popping candy in general? WRONG). BUT I may be tempted by the last contribution…. just make it DARK chocolate and I would be sold 😉

  2. Jo

    I think there is a project team at Cadbury who have on their whiteboard – Convert Hannah. It’s an uphill battle…….The jewel encrusted pony may be able to do it. Love your work.

  3. Johanna GGG

    I think we would share these rather well – I probably would like the peanut one but I don’t think it will come home lest Sylvia gets her hands on it – which makes me think that once upon a time it would have been a great bar for a midnight feast among primary school kids but these days would probably be forbidden given all the food allergies! I am sure I would prefer the jellies and popping candy (it is so weird I am always fascinated by it) though I suspect the jellies might have gelatine and not be veg

  4. leaf (the indolent cook)

    My friends love these chocolates, including the popping candy one. I should try the peanut one, it sounds right up my alley.

  5. Sarah

    Ah, I got these samples too! Like you, I really liked the peanut/shortbread ones. I liked the popping candy one (popping candy doesn’t freak me out, lol) and was indifferent to the crunchy/jelly one. I was disappointed to find they don’t sell the peanut/shortbread ones here in the small bars. (Too dangerous to have a big block of that lying around!)

    It seemed similar to a Nigella recipe, her Sweet and Salty crunchy nut bars, which I think I’ll try making around Christmas.

    xox Sarah

  6. Gary

    I want to try the popping candy after trying Max Brenner’s exploding chocolate shot last week. I love popping candy.

  7. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I just this week forced Mr Bite into believing that he really, really needed to try the popping candy one 😀 I actually think he could like it (although he has never experienced popping candy, so it could end badly if he feels the same about it as you!) but whilst I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t like these myself, I still can’t resist wanting *someone* to try a new chocolate range. We’ll see how he goes!

  8. Hotly Spiced

    I can see my kids enjoying all these types of joyous chocolate bars but I don’t think it’s my thing – am I showing my age? I just like my chocolate to be a little more dark and a lot less stuffed with lollies and things that pop. Like you, my favourite I’m sure, would be the peanut – nuts are great in chocolate xx

  9. Jess

    I’m no Cadbury fan (particularly not of super-sweet, uber-cloying, I-need-four-glasses-of-water-per-square-of-chocolate Dairy Milk) but I have to admit *shifty eyes* I ate an entire block of that peanut toffee cookie one just the other day. The other ones didn’t appeal to me when I saw them in the supermarket, but in my worn-down, eat-as-much-sugar-and-fat-as-possible, food-is-my-coping-mechanism-when-I’m-writing-my-thesis state, I seriously just went at that peanut toffee cookies thing like my life depended on it. I would even consider buying it again, although I can’t imagine wanting to eat it at any time other than when I’m stressed and up against a deadline and my dietary choices become incredibly dodgy.

  10. Catherine

    I’ve never been a Cadbury fan though I confess to lots of Caramello Bears when I was a kid!

  11. Choc Chip Uru

    I have tried and loved all of these my friend, without a doubt the peanut brittle is the best 😀
    It must have felt pretty darn awesome to wake up one morning and suddenly voila, there was a package from Joyville ready to take you to chocolate heaven 😀


  12. Anony

    How does one not like popping candy??!!!!! Greatest food ever IMO. In chocolate or not! Haha

  13. Ames

    I’ve try the jellybean and popping candy one but found it odd to have chewy bits in it.. messed with my mouth a bit lol I think the peanut one is more my kind of chocolate bar 🙂

  14. whisperinggums

    The ribbon was perfect for g’pa’s gift. I love the look of the marvellous creations block – it looks like a cobbled pavement and I love those (though they are probably about as fun to walk on as this was to break into pieces). Still, pretty!

  15. Fiona




  16. Kath Lockett

    How funny – we had some Aussie friends over for dinner (they live/work here as well) but their two older uni-attending daughters were over to visit and they were raving about these three blocks.

    Perhaps I’m homesick or decidedly less averse to popping candy, but I’d inhale them all. I *love* the crazy shapes and would give kudos to Cadbury for embracing the fun side. After all, how serious can Dairy Milk be?

  17. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I really wish Cadbury chocolate wasn’t so sweet. I just can’t get into it!

  18. Libby

    I probably won’t like it then. That said, I do like the way they’ve arranged all the pieces! Too cute!

  19. April

    Haha, I love the comment about the shape! I can imagine it crumbling every where due to it’s un-uniform (is that even a word?! Doesn’t look right!) shape. The peanut one sounds good though. I’m a peanut fan too.

  20. Margaret

    Ha ha, I’ve had the thought for a while “Surely she wouldn’t review the Marvellous Creations blocks, as she’d have nothing flattering to say”! 😉
    Perhaps the peanut toffee block caught you at a weak moment. 🙂
    I’ve never had popping candy, but food moving around my mouth of its own accord doesn’t sound too appealing.

  21. Amy

    I confess that even at my ripe old age I’ve been known to inhale blocks of popping candy chocolate (yes, my husband too and yes, we sit there grinning like 3 year olds while our mouths crackle like crazy).

    I have to say that the only 1 of those chocolate bars that have even tempted me was the last one you reviewed. Sadly, whenever I have a block of milk chocolate handy I inevitably end up eating it all in a few small hours (and then spend the rest of they day feeling violently ill and regretting the fact that I have no self control).

    I agree, if cadbury put the peanut toffee cookie flavours into a dark chocolate bar they might just have me……….until then I’m wary of dropping a hefty $5 on something I probably won’t like that much.

  22. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I really appreciate that you wrote a serious review for such a silly chocolate. And that you were able to find the good in something that is so obviously not your style. Classy.

  23. Emma

    This is all very Willy Wonka. I can picture you running a chocolate factory in similar fashion in your later years:) It would be lovely and fantastic. I can see how fun it would be for me to visit, until I accidentally let slip something about my love of orange chocolate. Then up a tube or down a chute I’d go, never to return.

  24. Louise

    You’d think that Cadbury could have worked out that you wouldn’t like these. I knew you wouldn’t. I immediately thought of you when I first saw them in the supermarket, and giggled. I have tried one of the non-peanut ones. I found it awful. My 11 year old son though quite likes them, and will request the smaller bars of it on occasion when being bribed with small bars of supermarket chocolate- heh, it works. Glad you liked the peanut one at least.

    1. Louise

      Oh and that the ribbon was useful. I was eyeing off the ribbon too.

  25. Kirsty

    My friend visited me fom Australia and brought a bar of the Marvelous creations with popping candy, jelly and smarties and I LOVED it! Can we get it here in the UK?

  26. Camille

    I looked at that first one and wondered, “What on earth are jelly popping candy beanies?” I’m glad to learn that’s not actually one thing.

  27. Jessica

    I found that I only liked the popping candy ones, the jelly crunchier bits were odd and just seemed not right. The peanut once I had issues with because I don’t really like peanut butter and I thought it tasted similar. Part of the whole issue was the shapes of the pieces I mean how are you supposed to break it up?.

    The popping candy ones I have to admit I liked because of the reminders of magical elves, the smarties were fine, but the jelly beans were odd in their texture in comparison with the rest.

  28. Laura May

    what is wrong with all of you :O this is the most magnificent chocolate i have ever tasted it is sooooo tasty and interesting and unique i give it full marks for sure!

  29. Sam

    This is a stupid review. It’s based on personal preference and your spastic friend who doesn’t like the shape? Wtf!

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  31. Carolina

    thanks for the review . i thought cadburry marvelous creations is just the popping candy. my cousin who lives in Australia brought me the popping candy beanies and i really like it. too bad cadburry in Indonesia don’t sale the marvelous creations 🙁 which one do you like?