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  1. Evan Thomas

    I just want to share coconut flour with the world! So light and fluffy and perfect for making cupcakes. These look delicious!

  2. Y

    I love that picture of you – that utter look of glee at the plate in front of you, is priceless. Happy belated Birthday, by the way. Hope you’re now making a speedy recovery, though must say, you’re quite the trooper, even managing to bake while sick! x

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh yum oh yum oh yum. You found a use for your coconut flour, yay!
    Feel better! Thinking of yoooo….

  4. Hotly Spiced

    You have been busy. I can’t believe you managed to do all of that during a week of flu-death. I hope you’re better now but you must be exhausted. And happy birthday! I had my b’day during the week too – mine is the 29th. I haven’t cooked with coconut flour before – not sure I’ve even seen it. I’ll try and get some as for a gluten-free/dairy free cupcake they look awesome! xx

  5. Karumba

    Look yummy! Where do I find coconut flour?

  6. Lou

    Yum! Glad you found your voice and your work thingy went well! Looking forward to reading about your delicious birthday eats… boo to birthday illness though (bup bow = fail noise)

  7. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Hannah these look SO divine, perfect. Love!! Relaxxxxx this weekend, lovely. Hope you’ve got lots of down time in store. I’m getting dolled up for a fancy pants black tie event, myself. Fancy. I prescribe the opposite for you: tracksuit pants & the couch. And these cupcakes – any left?
    Heidi xo

  8. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Happy belated birthday! The cupcakes look delicious. I must try using coconut flour next time.

  9. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    These look amazing Hannah – your creations are always wonderful but these seem to be perfectly aligned with my current lemon obsession and my relatively recent discovery of all things coconut. I have yet to try coconut flour but not it seems of Utmost Importance.

    I’m also glad you had these on hand through what sounds like a horrendous 10 days – I truly hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you now?! (I’ve been saying that since February I think, I’m sure it must be time!)

  10. Catherine

    Oh dear Hannah I hope the flu has left you. Nothing worse than a week of it, hey? But what cheery cakes! Hunting for coconut flour today. May I add cherries? (adding cherries to EVERYTHING these days)

  11. Choc Chip Uru

    My friend I sincerely hope you are feeling better – though happy belated birthday AND you are a power horse sick or not 😀
    Also these muffins look perfect for breakfast… Lunch… Midnight 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Hannah

    Yummy, these look totally delicious! I have coconut flour and might need to have a crack at these x

  13. Ames

    Awww, hope you get better soon Hannah! It’s never fun being sick 🙁 These poppyseed cupcakes are likely to help make it better though :). Take care!

  14. Gary

    I hope you’re feeling better Hannah. The cupcakes looked delicious 🙂

  15. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Happy Birthday dear Hannah! And many happy returns! I can’t wait to read all about it. You look so happy in that photo which is lovely 😀

  16. Louise

    I hope you’re feeling back on top form now. Flus do suck. Glad I had my fluvax a few days ago, I hope it keeps them at bay. I love the sneak peak photo of your birthday dinner. And these cupcakes sound delicious too. I have absolutely no experience with coconut flour, I don’t even think I’ve seen it anywhere- not that I’ve looked of course.

  17. Kath Lockett

    Yum. I’ve never seen coconut flour though, and in this country of no SR flour, I wonder if I could turn this recipe back into a gluten-laden one?

  18. Johanna GGG

    belated happy birthday – I wish I could have been at the teleconference where you had to mime your words (ha ha). And now I have lots of lemons on the tree i notice how little lemon juice is needed in so many baking recipes! I do love lemon and poppyseed together

  19. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Loving this recipe! Everything about it. Definitely making it and I have no excuses since coconut milk is the only thing I’d need to buy for it. Question though: was it dry at all? Usually I cut coconut flour with almond flour to balance out the dryness with some moisture.

  20. Gena

    The last time I had the flu, I lay prostrate on my sofa and didn’t move for over a week. That is some impressive productivity, missy. Happy birthday!!!

  21. Ali

    Those look delicious! Happy Birthday, and hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  22. Lexi

    I have a big bag of coconut flour in the cupboard and have been waiting for the moment to strike. Thank you!

  23. Iron Chef Shellie

    Sounds like a flavour match made in heaven!

  24. Winston

    Ohhhh nooo, sorry to hear that you were under the weather *pat pat* but glad to see that nothing could get in the way of you having a great bday celebration (and cake) hehe… This cupcakes are TOO awesome! Love the flavours and that it’s super healthy. Though I may or may not be a tad sneaky by adding a glaze to them as well. Thanks for this and take it easy okay! You’re a superwoman for juggling everything despite your health but please have a good rest and take care!

  25. diane

    You must be one tough lady to do all that while feeling ill. Hope you are feeling better now.

  26. Yasmeen @ Wandering Spice

    Oh I am so glad to hear you’re on the mend! Those nasty flus are the absolute worst, especially so early in the season. They implant a certain malaise for the cold weather for weeks to come.

    I adore the idea of these cupcakes. I think I’ll whip up a batch for our plane ride in a few weeks – so much tastier than airplane “breakfast!”

  27. muppy

    your birthday? hope your rested and feeling well now

  28. Ricki

    Happy Belated Birthday! So sorry about the flu, but boy, you sure make it look easy to go out to a fancy b-day dinner with the flu. And coconut flour cupcakes would be a lovely present (either before or after–doesn’t matter when they were baked!). 😀 xo

  29. Emma

    I like the thought of the sad deflated balloons dragging along behind you. Wah wah. Perhaps there would be a zombie or two chasing after you in the sand as well. And by ‘chasing’ I mean walking just as slowly and looking just as dejected-like.

    I suppose coconut flour is my next rung in the grain-free ladder to climb. In recent weeks I’ve been having chia puddings for breakfast about half the time, and I’m loving it. Oh, this delicious world!

  30. Debi

    I HEART YOU! I can’t wait to try these. 😀 Makes me want to get in the kitchen and work on my coconut flour cake I’ve been trying to perfect for a year. lol

  31. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Mmmmm….lemon poppyseed is favorite….must procure coconut flour so can has.

  32. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    Ohhhh great recipe once again for my colleague but she’s also allergic to eggs too 🙁 so i don’t think I can make this recipe sighhh but I’m still gonna try hehe 😀

  33. Fiona


    I’m so making these.

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  35. juniakk @ mis pensamientos

    oooo you read my mind! i am reading through your oldest posts first and here we are with the lemon poppy seed! did the coconut overwhelm the lemon poppyseed flavor? i always have that fear when baking with coconut.

  36. Christine (Merf)


    1. Christine (Merf)

      qq. I have regular flour (whole wheat, pastry, etc) and also garbanzo bean flour. No coconut. Rather than buy new flour, think either of those would work? Would I keep the proportions the same?

  37. Sig

    You know, you really are a genius. Only you could come up with a recipe that used up everything I currently have in my pantry (oops! – nearly wrote panty hahah. Awkward.)

    Am making these tonight. Some winter baking sounds perfect right now.

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  39. leaf

    Do you not realize that eggs are dairy???