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  1. Vien @ We Dare Food

    I’ve always wanted to try one of those but can’t decide which flavour to get!! hehe I’ll probably get the caramel ones first! 😀 Good giveaway sexy dynamite ;P

  2. Sophie

    My biggest overindulgence would have to be my food (did you not guess?) If I can’t go to a super-fancy restaurant, then I’ll stay at home and cook and bake till my hearts content. It doesn’t hurt that the apartment always feels so cozy afterwards.

    Clothes shopping was never really for me, so we’ll stick to splurging on chocolate 🙂

  3. Sophie

    Oh, and I already follow you on Twitter 😀


  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I have such issues with an ice cream brand that calls themselve Skinny Cow, but I will look past that and moderate my commet as per your recent moderation of thoughts relating to Lindt strawberry intense 😛

    You summed up my thoughts on indulgence so beautifully and so accurately that it reminded me, again, of the magic of my own perspectives being held by someone else. I don’t feel guilty for ‘indulging’ in the way that ‘indulgence’ is typically meant. Those sorts of indulgences are planned and treasured and sometimes aren’t even indulgences at all but necessities (hello chocolate), as you point out. I sometimes feel guilty for not being able to stop, or do it all, or get to everything on my To Do list today, and that makes the biggest indulgence of all being able to say Today I am Doing Nothing Productive. It happens rarely.

    Also – we started Game of Thrones recently and after a worrying first episode (too much fighting and blood…) I am completely drawn in and in love with it 😀

    Also also, sorry for writing such a long comment :S

  5. theresa

    Though they’re not vegan, free gift certificates will never go astray. Though I’ll have to locate the nearest westfield…

    Biggest indulgence: at the moment, coco jam. I bought some when I was shopping by myself, and it is basically coconut milk and sugar, cooked until it is thick and sticky. I love it so much!

  6. theresa

    Oh, and I just followed your blog’s facebook page.

  7. theresa

    And also, already follow you on Twitter. Does that count?

  8. Em

    My biggest indulgence is time to lie on the couch with a big bag of twisties, a big glass of white wine and a good book (and with no-one talking or meowing at me).

  9. CheezyK

    At the risk of sounding unoriginal, time is most certainly my biggest indulgence at the moment (certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at $150 worth of chocolate or ice cream or other splurging though!).

    Enjoy your time curled up on the couch with whatever you watch, hope it is restorative …

  10. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Fully aware I am ineligible for this prize but I just wanted to say how ecstatic I am that some American goodies are popping up in Oz and vice versa. I’m definitely seeing an increase in some Australia-bred companies at the store.

  11. Hotly Spiced

    Wow! You have done so much traveling. Even Mauritius! I have always wanted to go to Mauritius ever since going to South Africa where the plane for my return flight stopped in Mauritius – what a beautiful place! These skinny cow ice creams do look great. I know for sure my kids would love me to stock up my freezer with those! xx

  12. Ames

    Ooo never tried these but they sound delicious! My latest indulgence was purchasing Donna Hay’s Fast, Fresh and Simple cookbook (another one of my BookDepository impulse buys….) 🙂

  13. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    It is hard to quantify what my biggest indulgence is.

    In terms of $$ then it is travel. Oh how I love to travel, I will get to see the top of the Eiffel tower in 3 weeks! I really hope I impart my love of travel on to S because the poor guy is just going to have to do it a lot more even if he doesn’t love it. 😛

    In terms of food, it is hot chips. Oh I love my chocolate, I love it in many different ways. But nothing quite instantly fills my mouth with saliva like the smell of hot chips and vinegar. Oh gah, even just thinking about it I’m salivating.

    In terms of clothing, I indulge in footwear. I love shoes. I love them irrationally, they make me happy, just even looking at them. When my best friend rang me and said “I just bought some really impractical shoes” I responded with “they must be fabulous!”.

    Oh and apparently I indulge in words! Sorry for the long reply.

  14. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    Oh and I followed you on twitter – hope your voice recovers!

  15. Sarah

    Good for you writing a sponsored sponsored post! 😉 I loved your travel photos!

    I don’t think I massively over-indulge regularly – although I’m sure my blog readers would disagree! Instead, I treat myself (“Treat yo’self!”) in a small way every day by taking the time to appreciate the little things – sitting down to appreciate a nice cup of coffee rather than inhaling it on my way to the station, watching an episode of my favourite show without being distracted by the computer, things like that! 🙂

    xox Sarah

  16. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    OK the sexy dynamite photo is fantastic! You totally nailed that look. So I’m thinking that instead of Blue Steel, your new look is “Sexy Dynamite”!

  17. Lou

    Man the name of that company makes me angry every time. But I would still probably eat these (if they were free!)

    Biggest indulgence? Probably time out for myself… if feel so guilty these days taking a “break” from Misty – I feel like I’m not doing my “job” as a Mum!

  18. Nicola

    Appropriately, my indulgence is definitely all things sweet, especially chocolate! Sometimes (almost) any chocolate will do, but I have a special fondness for the expensive kind – if you’re going to have chocolate, you may as well do it right.

  19. SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)

    I love it when people stop thinking of good food as an “indulgence” and begin thinking of good food as a right. It’s ok to eat dessert and to order another glass of wine and to serve your family a delicious meal without freaking out about fiber content. (I’ve been reading In Defense of Food this week… can you tell??)

    Anyway, rant over. I love that travel is your indulgence. It’s certainly mine. Travel is a gift that we give ourselves. Love it!

  20. Siobhan

    My biggest indulgence is the square of Lindt I have every day after doing my yoga. I really savour it and can totally appreciate Charlie Bucket’s habit of enjoying his tiniest bites of his Wonka bar, making it last as long as possible. Mmm, Wonka bar.

  21. Siobhan

    Also, I followed you on Twitter.

  22. Siobhan

    Aso, I liked you on Facebook XD

  23. Choc Chip Uru

    Cool post and awesome giveaway my friend – I can’t say my biggest indulgence is eating because I do that all the time anyway 😉
    I think it would have to be travel shopping – I have this tendency to continuously want to buy exotic looking objects from different countries
    1. As a memento
    2. Because I believe each country makes everything different 😉
    This is why more often than not, I come home with 2 bags instead of the 1 I took 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  24. Fiona

    My biggest overindulgence? Crackers with french onion dip. DIVINE, except for all the dairy and the gluten 😉

  25. Kath Lockett

    I know I can’t enter, but my biggest indulgence (or guilty secret) was eating Milo straight out of the tin.

    I miss Milo…..

  26. Amy

    I suspect I’m a little odd. My indulgence is ……… health food stores (and any kind of organic or niche food store!). I’ll pay phenomenal prices for something that is new or different (hello Artisana coconut butter) from the usual suspects we find over here.

    I used to live in Canberra and the Belconnen markets and that little vegetarian store at Griffith shops are missed almost daily.

  27. Amy

    I just followed you on facebook (how can I resist extra entries?!!)

  28. Amy

    Twitter too (now I feel like I’m obsessive or something with 3 posts in a row :P)

  29. Lexi

    I have been eyeing these off in the supermarket recently. I LOVE ice cream sandwiches. I want them now. My biggest indulgence? My Friday mornings spent drinking coffee and shopping at the Victoria market. I have one blissful day a week off and spend I spend it with me (and all the fruits and vegetables). Probably doesn’t sound like much, I know. But every Friday morning I feel like the luckiest person in the world. x

    (Followed and followed.)

  30. Margaret

    Novels are my biggest indulgence. They are comfort food for my soul. There is something so soothing about curling up with a great book; the rest of the world ceases to exist.

    11 desserts in one night – there is no one like you Hannah! So cute. 🙂
    Today I was in Westfield Sydney and saw the warmest, cutest pair of pink ugg-type boots at Peter Alexander. They cost $149.95. Tempting but I didn’t indulge. I’m sure I could handle the minus 3 degrees nights here if I was wearing them! 😉

  31. Emma

    As I’ve read through everyone’s comments I’ve been trying to come up with something I enjoy overindulging in. I’m sure my fella could come up with a few options (like my crazy love of Psychic Cat? like my insatiable appetite for the internet? like my desire to create a 4,000 calorie/day diet for myself on days when I don’t exercise [which are most days]?)… but I’m not so sure.

    I don’t really think overindulgence is an applicable term for me. If I do something and I love it, where is the ‘over’indulgence in that? Sure, I can easily drop $100 on chocolate when I visit Boston or NY, but how often is that? That’s like once a year. I justify things such as this by following up with something along the lines of “Divide that $100 over the number of days I enjoy it, or remember enjoying it. That’s not so expensive… it’s like eating out or going to the movies.”

    I suppose since it’s my life and my choices and my desires, I can construe it however I wish;)

  32. Fiona

    I think my overindulgence would be books. I can’t get enough of them, reading is my “Goodbye world for a while, I’m outta here” thing. Chocolate is the best thing to eat while reading, and in this weather, drinking hot chocolate is even better.
    It’s funny that ice cream promotions seem to be more in winter each year – I get that it’s a slow season but brrrrrrrrrr… still tastes good though, worth rugging up by the heater to enjoy it 🙂

  33. Fiona

    Liking your facebook (can’t see why I didn’t do it long before this) 🙂

  34. Fiona

    Liked SkinnyCow Facebook too 🙂

  35. Louise

    I suspect that my indulgence is indulgence itself. I hope that’s original. It’s gotta be me or Oscar Wilde surely? Call me curmudgeonly but I really can’t stand how the term cookies is overtaking Australia. BTW did you notice that Sanitarium owns the copyright to the term granola in Australia, and they are sending letters threatening legal actions to chefs offering granola in the restaurants and cafes. Can’t say that’s particularly friendly of them.

  36. Johanna GGG

    Nice reflections on indulgence -it is too late for me think more than chocolate, dessert and dining out – though if I went with your definition of necessity then chocolate would maybe be less of an indulgence and more a regular fix!

  37. Jo

    Love that dress and loving your blog. My biggest indulgence – curling up on the bed and reading blogs while the baby has a nap. Housework can wait.

  38. Lizzi

    My biggest indulgence is one that I’m not very good at, and one I should do MORE often – letting myself feel vulnerable. Allowing myself to let go of all my control freak tendencies. Let other people look after ME. I find that scary, but also hugely freeing! It makes me feel incredibly self-indulgent (but it shouldn’t!), and sometimes that’s exactly what I need.

    (then there’s the indulgence that is watching 8 hours of Gilmore Girls in a row, while alternating mouthfuls of nachos and ice cream. But can it really be called an ‘indulgence’ if it happens every night? Hm. No. Probably not.)

  39. Lizzi

    anddddd I FB follow you.

  40. Lizzi

    and twitter too. because i’m a scary stalker and you cannot be rid of me. IN ANY MEDIUM EVER.

  41. Ashley

    You sexy dynamite, you. 😀

    I think one of my biggest indulgences are ones I have often, which tends to be ice-cream. Chocolate ice-cream. Or maybe salted caramel, specifically from Helados Juaja in Melbourne. Mmmmmmmmmm. c:

  42. leaf (the indolent cook)

    My biggest indulgence is fat. Fat in milk, fat in yoghurt, fat in crispy chicken and duck, fat in pork belly, you name it. Hmmm, I’m not sure if that makes me more or less of a candidate for skinny ice cream… :p

  43. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    OMG OMG OMG I’m so happy a $150 Westfield gift card! If i win you will be my favourite person for the rest of the year 🙂 And you’re already pretty high up there on my list being my favourite person lol this will just bump you up real quick hahaha

    I’m totally with you with the way you eat and travel and the attitude you have 🙂 I’m just like that when I go and travel lol I eat, drink, do whatever i feel like and never EVER feel guilty about it lol 😀

    That’s a really though question to answer I think…my biggest indulgences because I have too many and probably indulge way too much e.g. daily but one of them would be a HUGE tub and i mean a HUGE tub of ice-cream in front of the TV watching Desperate Housewives hehe

  44. Maria

    My biggest over indulgence is my love of Milo. I can easily put 4 spoonsful in a cup of water – I just love it!

  45. Sonya Nicole

    Spooning sweetened condensed milk directly out of the tin.

  46. Aaron

    My biggest indulgence is ice cream by far, in particular rocky road ice cream, I love to get stuck into it while watching a movie

  47. Tania

    My biggest indulgence – taking a year off when my daughter was 2 and just having fun with her. The mortgage went backwards, bills were hard to pay, we had no holiday for 3 years, but it was worth every precious moment of finger painting, princess dress ups and squished cookie making.

  48. Linda Tan

    Biggest indulgence is racking up the bill at Swarovski’s Boxing Day sale. A girl can never have too much bling!

  49. Linda Tan

    Followed on facebook

  50. Linda Tan

    Followed skinny cow on Facebook too!

  51. Tracy Martens

    My biggest indulgence would be bathing in a bathtub full of Skinny Cow Chocolate Treats.

  52. Michelle V

    I lik eyour FB page (my FB name is Michelle Vamvas)

  53. Michelle V

    I follow you on twitter (twittername queenofcomps)

  54. Laura Jilka

    Fresh bread and butter,
    That makes me a calorie nutter!
    NO sweet tooth here,
    Cheese is also a big indulgence, I fear!

  55. Michelle V

    I am a liker of The Skinnycow Facebook page

  56. Michelle V

    Chocolate’s my biggest indulgence; it can drown out those maddening, deafening screams
    It can turn your worst nightmares into the sweetest of sweet dreams
    If there’s a darkened tunnel,it’s the bright light at the end
    It comforts and cheers you up more than a best friend!
    It stops childish tantrums, and bad aids can’t compare
    To fix any ache or pain, you just need chocolate to be there.
    It’s reunited lovers, it gives low days a lift
    It’s the only hope you’ve got if you need an “I’m sorry” gift
    Its your companion as you cry through The Notebook yet again
    It’s knows just how to please you (unlike many men!)

  57. Laura Jilka

    comments on both FB pages.

  58. Lesleigh

    Cherry liqueur chocolates are my indulgence. So naughty but ever so nice.

  59. Kara-lee

    My biggest indulgence is taking 1/2 hr out of my busy day with kids and homelife and reading a good book, drinking a good cup of coffee and putting my feet up. Its the little quiet moments, the uncomplicated, the simplest of thing that remind me that these little ‘me’ moments are just as important as the housework and the kids!

  60. Kara-lee

    I am a fan of Skinny Cow on facebook!

  61. Kara-lee

    I follow you on twitter @MsMyst

  62. Kara-lee

    I follow you on Facebook. Thanks again for a great opportunity!

  63. Biljana Lu

    I am on a gluten, dairy, low sugar and yeast free diet so I’m always left out when it comes to work morning teas, conference goodies and even when visiting friends and family who don’t cater to my needs. My biggest indulgence is making blueberry muffins, sitting down with a hot coffee and slowly partaking in this delicious treat!

  64. Mandy Fry

    My biggest indulgence is quite simple – quiet alone time. not being mum, or wife or sister, or daughter, or friend – just ebing me.

  65. Mandy Fry

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  66. Mandy Fry

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  68. Melissa Davis

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  71. Margaret Hollis

    My indulgence is Lime marmalade- funny, because I don’t like orange marmalade!

  72. Melissa Davis

    I have a triple threat of over-indulgements; Woolworths Rocky Road Dessert, My Dog Sammy & Mum, and Weekend Movie Marathons. Give me these three any day and I’ll over-indulge in the love and laughter till the Skinny Cow comes home!

  73. Kathy McDuff

    My secret indulgence is cookie dough – there’s nothing better on a rainy day than lying on the couch with a warm blanket, a packet of cookie dough and a cup of tea, watching reapeats of English comedy shows on TV!

  74. sam

    My indulgence is wine and cheese – not that I’m cultured, just lazy, can’t be assed preparing real food and need a glass of wine.

  75. Natalie Daley

    my biggest indulgence is after a hard days work, having two or three bourbons AND mixing them with full strength coke not that horrible diet stuff. Its worth eating salad or rice for lunch to let my hair down at night and relax.

  76. Emily

    My biggest indulgence is a jar of Nutella and a spoon…mmmm

  77. Rachael

    At the moment hubby is on holidays so my biggest indulgence is showering and going to the loo alone 🙂

  78. Rachael

    Following on FB 🙂

  79. Rachael

    Following Skinny cow on FB too 🙂

  80. Renee Annison

    Hi my names Renee and I’m addicted to white chocolate!!! It’s Like a sin. Bad for you but you just can’t resist.

  81. Renee Annison

    @mzmumma81 (twitter)

  82. Renee Annison
  83. Renee Annison

    liked Skinny cow 🙂

  84. SImone N

    My Indulgence is History books and collecting other family history books from sedond hand stores just to read about the people back then and see some old black and whites I can never resist the books!

    1. SImone N

      Following on Twitter Squirrel_191

      1. SImone N

        Following on FB user name Sim Nelson

        1. SImone N

          Liked SKinny Cow FB page also

  85. zora

    I always indulge in chocolate,
    Its something I love most,
    I have a secret stash that no-one knows about.

    1. zora

      liked both pages

  86. Margaret P

    My favourite indulgence is a glass of red wine, some crackers, camembert cheese and smoked oysters – while I’m snuggled up by the fire listening to some soft jazz music. I close my eyes and I could be anywhere in the world.

  87. Margaret P

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  90. Pippa C

    Mmmm – indulgence (even the word tastes deliciously wicked when you mouth it slowly!)
    Popping in profiteroles while plumped up on my pouffe pillows, spooning in Passionfruit and Pinacolada Parfait. The Perfect Pamper!

  91. Kristina

    Going to the movies, its the one time I allow myself to pig out on Maltesers & Chicken Twisties LOL

  92. Kristina

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  93. Kristina

    Im already a follower of Skinny Cow on FB

  94. Kristina

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  95. Tory

    My biggest indulgence. Is taking a hot cup of tea out into the cow paddock the overlooks the creek, road and farm. From there I sit in the sun where I can’t see the house, can’t hear the phones and can’t see my driveway. While I am there I watch the world go by, talk to my husband with no interruptions and enjoy watching my dog and child play outside in the paddock. I also make sure that I take no watch so I have no idea of how long I am out there or when I need to be back.

  96. Kim

    A stack of travel magazines and a quiet day to get lost in the beautiful photos and enticing stories of adventure!

  97. Kim

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  98. Kim

    Following Wayfaring Chocolate on facebook 🙂

  99. Jenny Kellett

    My biggest indulgence is definitely cheese. Whether it’s melted, on a cracker or (my favourite) with a glass of wine, I’ll die happy as long as I’ve had a life full of cheese 🙂

  100. Jenny Kellett

    Followed you on Facebook 🙂

  101. Jenny Kellett

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  102. laura c

    My children always say “I want some!”
    So for me, nothing can compare
    To total indulgence of
    A meal I don’t have to share!

  103. laura c

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  106. Nikki Griffin

    It used to be sleep, but I’m a new mother so at the moment my ultimate indulgence is ten minutes of chaos-free time at the end of the day for a hot shower. Oh for the days of long luxurious sleep ins!

  107. Nikki Griffin

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  109. Tess Howard

    Send hubby to the golf club,
    Kids to Nans, then fill the tub,
    Bubbles to float in and some to sip,
    Sink into bliss, enjoy the dip!

    (its the simple indulgences now I have little ones)

  110. Tess Howard

    I follow Skinny Cow on facebook.

  111. VandaB

    Chocolate and liquorice. I am an extremely healthy person, I work out 5 times a week and follow a high protein, low carb diet, but I do allow myself a bit of chocolate and liquorice when I want to splurge.

  112. Elizabeth Davey

    tim tam ice chillers from gloria jeans

  113. Elizabeth Davey

    following on facebook

  114. Annie

    My biggest indulgence is having very long hair. It uses more product, takes ages to detangle, requires special consideration in numerous situations like a small child of which one needs to be extra mindful (anywhere near machinery with moving parts – eek!, getting caught in other people’s jacket buttons in a squishy public transport situation). However, I indulge because I feel more ME with it.

  115. Elizabeth Davey

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  117. Annie

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  120. Charisse Childs

    Finding some “me” time and getting a big bowl of chocolate chip icecream – add more choc chips and watch “Sleepless in Seattle” without interruptions.

  121. Charisse Childs

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  122. Charisse Childs

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  123. Charisse Childs

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  124. christine williams

    Saturday mornings on the couch, cup of coffee, toast and a couple of hours of embarrassingly bad television re runs…

  125. Caro Shanks

    My biggest indulgence is doing next to nothing on the first of my three days off every weekend. The house stays as is and I kick back and watch up on TV online or read in my PJs, it’s even more delectable in winter 🙂

  126. Caro Shanks

    I follow you on FB

  127. Caro Shanks

    and Skinny Cow too

  128. Fiona Chambers

    My biggest indulgence is 2 marshmallows in my coffee everyday! I used to do 10 but my nutritionist told me that was a bit excessive (shame cos I loved the gooey yummy mess it made on the top!) 2 still gives me a little sugar hit without too much guilt. I know you’re probably reading this thinking – in coffee??? Yes in coffee – I don’t take sugar but I just plop 2 on the top after adding the milk and they slowly melt – YUMMY! 🙂

  129. Fiona Chambers

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    Already a Skinny Cow Facebook follower! 🙂

  132. Susan Brady

    Icecream with milo on top…yumm

  133. JanelleM

    Chocolate ice-cream topped with raspberries and hot chocolate fudge sauce.

  134. Kiana W

    McDonalds french fries dipped into a sundae…..mmmmm…

    Following Wayfaring Chocolate on facebook 🙂

  135. Kiana W

    McDonalds french fries dipped into a sundae…..mmmmm…

    Following Skinny Cow on facebook 🙂

  136. Kiana W

    McDonalds french fries dipped into a sundae…..mmmmm…

    Following Wayfaring Chocolate (you) on twitter 🙂

  137. Jo Harlow

    My biggest indulgence is travel – whenever, wherever, whatever. A rare indulgence but one I satisfy annually, otherwise I go insane and feel myself sliding into mediocrity.

  138. Mara Book

    My biggest indulgence is travel brochures. I can’t walk past a travel store without entering and picking up some shiny new brochures to dream about my next holiday

  139. Mara Book

    I like you on Facebook

  140. Mara Book

    I like Skinny Cow on Facebook

  141. Crystal McFarlane

    Delicious homemade fresh chocolate cake straight from the oven

  142. Jennifer H

    Turning off the ALARM every morning I going back to sleep!

  143. Jennifer H

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  147. Tamia Desantis

    Thanks for the blog.Much thanks again. Will read on…