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  1. Lou

    Yummo, those pralines sound delicious 🙂 Weekend of mine = looking afer 2 sick boys… yes, that’s right TWO cases of MAN FLU in my house. Please help me 🙂

  2. Sig

    I want chocolate right now. And seeing that Godiva chocolate I sent you is EXACTLY what I am craving right now (HINT HINT) (which really is a hint for me to get back over to HK and get some more!). Nuts are good. So good.

    Weekend was good – relaxing. Blog post about it in pictures since Monday came around too fast and took all my words. 🙂

  3. CheezyK

    Weekend highlights = Friday night art exhibition opening of a friend plus dinner out after, Saturday lazy day and dinner out (again). Lowlight = losing the whole of Sunday to a migraine 🙁

  4. Lauren

    I love milk tea! But it never tastes as good when I make it myself, compared to buying it from a stand on the street. What is their secret?! (Besides the plasticizer-filled bubbles, I mean.) What kind of tea did you usually have with milk?

    1. Lauren

      Dang, I just read that milk robs green tea of its benefits. According to questionable internet sources, anyway. Whatev, internet, I’m gonna keep on drinking it.

  5. Jesica@Pencil Kitchen

    Oh my. Caramel Tea infused chocolates! So many things I’d like to bake with that! Just so many!

  6. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    hmm should NOT have read this before dinner!! so hungry now!

  7. msihua

    Can you believe I’ve never had a Godiva chocolate before? Waa waa guitar!

  8. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I am beyond happy that you had such a needed, sunny, non-work weekend 🙂 It sounds like it might have been good even without chocolate, but chocolates like these would do wonders at lifting spirits on any day I suspect. The first one is calling to me particularly strongly, even if it is milk chocolate. Tea and chocolate are so perfectly paired that it seems very fitting there is a whole company honouring the pairing.

  9. Karly

    My highlight would definitely be catching up with my oldeSt and very dear friend! 😉 however my question to you is why did the marshmallow infused tea not get a mention?! Hehe

    1. Karly

      Hehe  a taste sensation like that needs to be shared with the world! Agreed, Not so long next time 

  10. Johanna GGG

    That all looks so good – I think I would have to try those last pralines which looks as pretty as they are delicious – though the pic on the godiva chocolate also amused me – I never had tea as a child – it always seemed very adult and I was not!

  11. Emma

    I need to pay you for some life coaching on how to get the endless parade of kind chocolate-sending friends you have:)

    I also wish that the Honeybush Caramel Tea Room bar had been for sale at the spot where I bought mine a few months ago. This one sounds way better than the others I’ve tried (which were okay, but not terrific). Yumzers!

  12. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    I love chocolate with infused flavours hehe the chocolate from The Tea Room looks great 🙂 Unfortunately, i’ve never really liked Godivas chocolates i don’t know why hehe but glad you enjoyed them ~

  13. Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

    Those pralines look amazing! The highlight of my weekend was the sunshine – finally! 🙂

  14. Irina @ ChocolateaTime

    I really like The Tea Room chocolates! The green early grey infused chocolate bar from this brand is delicious…

  15. Debi

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  16. E.Moonbeams

    ‘did I knock out a 19-page Issues Paper in one working day on a subject area I hadn’t worked in before? Yeah I did’

    Thank you, Hannah, for making me feel hideously inadequate.

  17. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    I had a chocolate highlight – a trip to Koko Black!

    Those Kosher pralines look excellent. Must keep them in mind for my Jewish relos next Passover.

  18. Choc Chip Uru

    Oh wow chocolate heaven much??? Love love love it 🙂
    Those pralines are exquisite!
    My weekend highlight? Tim tam slam(ming) myself 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa)

    72% Dark Chocolate with Almonds?? Shut. Up. That sounds like pretty much my ideal chocolate. But I’m trying SO hard to eat well after 9 months of travel and eating anything that struck my fancy. I’m going to go cry into my Diet Coke now.

  20. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    A day of chocolate? Could there be a more perfect day really? 🙂

  21. whisperinggums

    Love the packaging … and the Godiva horse imprint is pretty nice too.

  22. Libby

    Like Ferrero Rocher but more hazelnuty? Oh wow, YARRRMMMM!

    The highlight of my weekend was catching up on sleep 😀

  23. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    oh 🙂 tea with milk and honey memories. these slabs of deliciousness look far too delicious right now on a tuesday night. going to get some for myself 🙂 My highlight was a girls night, where we ate your chocolate! omg. loved it. thanks again, lovely.
    Heidi xo

  24. Hotly Spiced

    What a great day you must have had sampling all that chocolate. What a tough gig! I do love the look of the embossed chocolate – so pretty! xx

  25. Kath Lockett

    LOVE the idea of the first bar – tea and honey was my first adult tipple as well, also given to me by my grandmother.

    As for my weekend – four days in Old Blighty –

  26. love2dine

    Oh my god, this EXACTLY why I don’t want to be on a diet right now!

  27. Hannah

    Oh yum. This may be TMI but I’ve been in PMS hells so have been inventing any chocolatey goodness i can within my diet constraints in order to tame the sugar/cocoa monster within. My weekend was lazy as all getout bar a few consults with potential clients. Just the way I like my weekends. Plus, it’s freaking freezing in Sydney lately so venturing outside is not my cup of tea.