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  1. Evan Thomas

    I love love love cookies like this. My recipe for tomorrow’s post is very similar. Great minds think alike.

  2. CheezyK

    Mmmmm, love these cookies! We already use a very similar recipe at home BUT I have never seen the tabasco one before … that will definitely have to be tried, possibly even with some choc chips …

    There are times when I wish I could go back and get the bookworm out of the house and active a little more often but the ‘burning stick of doom’, thankfully I can’t remember anything worthy of that!

  3. Louise

    I must be more feverish than I thought, I was quite sure that the first word of the post name was Tasteless! So I was expecting to read quite a different post… I thought perhaps you’d found some dry and tasteless manufactured biscuits. Only when I got down to the recipe did I actually realise what was going on. Oh dear. I don’t do the peanut butter chocolate thing anyway. I do have a jar of kaya sitting in the fridge opened. Today probably isn’t the day though, I can’t taste or smell anything.

  4. Lou

    I always wanted a ken doll… we had to pretend that one barbie was the girl, and one was the boy…. and their clothes came off too, even though we had no idea either…. it was kind of awkward… a tangle of naked barbie dolls fighting over each other. Lesbian barbie wrestling.

    I didn’t like the barbie thing anyway, I ended up dying their hair with food colouring then cutting it off. Then crying cos I didn’t know it doesn’t grow back. Bummer.

  5. Richa@HobbyandMore

    the cookies look perfect… i think i am happy with the fact that the evil barbie has crimped hair..:)
    there are too many sterotypes and expectations to list here, which feel ridiculous now.. hopefully i will remember to teach my kids to ignore some.

  6. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    PB and chocolate = a match made in heaven!

  7. Em

    I didn’t have a Ken doll so my barbies ened up marrying my brother’s He-man figurine, a teddy bear, or a lego man (awkward!).

  8. leaf (the indolent cook)

    So easy! Oh and I used to play similar games with Barbie dolls with my sister when we were kids. Embarrassment.

  9. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Barbies were my childhood game, and PB cookies were our afternoon snack. So many good memories.

    And yeah, Barbie was a drama queen. 😉

  10. Three-Cookies

    Easy recipe to remember, a cup each of 3 ingredients and 1 egg. Amazing.
    Evil Barbie Steals Ken, or evil Ken dumps his gf for someone else?

  11. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    hahaha oh Hannah. You’re hilarious. I think I’ll keep my clothes on, but maybe that’s just me. These look incredibly delicious. Perfection, truly. I never had a barbie. I was desperate for a babe born too. the ones that pee. anyway, i agree, but your younger self knew no better. & look how you turned out! so fabulously and all. Hopefully little ones these days are the same. I pray for many more little Hannahs filling the world with wonder and brightness. and flourless peanut butter chocolate chop cookies.
    Heidi xo

  12. whisperinggums

    They look great Hannah … but of course they’re peanut.

    You mean all my feminist rantings and ravings about focus on image didn’t sink in? Wah!! Seems like one mum can’t beat out all of society, eh?

  13. Sandy B

    My barbie games were the same; and I played them in the 60’s! What the heck were we taught by TV and/or society that would have us tearing the clothes off our dolls for Kens? Scheesh!

    I wish I could slap myself for that; and for not beating the crap out of my older brother for always making me be the bad guy in all the games (which meant, of course, that I was the one getting the beating). I should have been more pro-active and aggressive. Oh well! At least I ate all his Xmas chocolate that one time.

    Cookies sound yummy!

  14. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Wow those sound decadent and amazing. I’d have to say that I’m pretty proud of the way I played as a kid overall. No assumed gender roles, not many frilly things, lots of imagination. I’m sure “Good Barbie” had some skeletons in her closet anyway. She puts up a sweet front but she obviously has daddy issues with the way she dresses up like such a tart. That Ken though is a stand up guy, but he’s totally a magnet for the crazy.

  15. Rach

    These cookies look completely amazing!

  16. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Haha I love that you guys thought that nakedness was the end game. Which was pretty urky if I remember correctly as my parents were really prudish and that would have been gross enough to think about that! 😛

  17. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Yumm, how many cookies does the recipe make? I want to get all over this with some almond buttah

  18. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I am quite grateful to my mother for being anti-barbie; the only ones I had were 3 given to me as birthday presents from friends whose mothers didn’t think the same way :p I liked my bigger dolls better; the ones that actually looked like babies. The barbies were used for hair cutting practice and thrown around in the bath (that last line sounds wrong; it isn’t meant to!).

    What I wish, sometimes, is that I could go back to the childhood innocence of climbing trees and running around and not caring about how one looked or whether one was behaving appropriately or what one ‘should’ be doing. I do miss that.

    These cookies look great 😀

  19. Catherine

    I was a total Barbie player. Although mine were groovy 70s Barbies. We did the same thing with GI Joe or the eyeless Six Million Dollar Man. And yes, Truly Scrumptious (blond, booby, not really that pretty) got the bloke every time. It was just hands down.
    Terrible, hey? Though I did try to compensate by buying my daughter multi-racial Barbies. Hang on, have you ever seen a boobless Barbie? Maybe it’s time!

  20. Gary

    Awesome YUM 🙂

  21. Lisa

    80’s crimped hair, pointed face… Why that is a Cindy, not a Barbie! Growing up I always thought she was much prettier and would have loved her hairstyle…. O dear!

  22. Sig

    Mmm cookies…these look delicious.

    And I’m ashamed to say that my barbie games were exactly like yours – for some reason our ‘Evil Barbie’ was the one with the mullet haircut whose head came off too much and we called ‘Sandra’.

  23. Rachel

    Hannah, these cookies look amazing! I can’t wait to try them out!

  24. Emma

    Wow. For my endless hours of Barbie storytelling, I don’t know if I once had an ‘evil’ doll or a ‘good’ doll, and I know I never staged weddings. I was such a strange little child, and I would sit and tell endless stories with dolls for hours at a time. But what was I busy talking about?? All of my games involved me talking endlessly to myself. I wish I’d had a sibling:(

    It’s also strange that all of this endless chatter produced someone who has long been incredibly antisocial. It doesn’t add up!

    I miss seeing treasures in everything, thinking the trees could talk to me, and believing there were fairies hidden in secret garden glades. I blame/thank Anne of Green Gables for this mindset:)

  25. Johanna GGG

    those cookies look so cracked and delicious – have you ever tried them with other nut butters?

    I don’t hate the doll so much as all the marketing around it that wasn’t about when I was little – so hard to avoid barbie merchandise today (or other merchandising). And we had a bad barbie too because she had short hair but I am forgiving about that because I loved many of my dolls who had “issues” of one sort or another – often pen related but not always. I do wonder at small children having dolls called “brandy” dolls – did you every have them?

  26. Kath Lockett

    Love the peanut and chocolate cookie recipe and will try it very soon (might as well one cup peanut butter, one cup sugar, one cup chocolate = easy!)

    Childhood regrets – not having the age or thick skin to outwit my older brother, who often made me cry. Even worse, I wish I didn’t then take out that frustration on my younger brother and make *him* cry…..

  27. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh my gawd, remind me sometime to tell you about the naughty escapades my Barbies endured…

    PB + chocolate + nudity is probably the best combo ever. Doubly so if it’s white chocolate.

    I made a few batches of cookies like these in the past couple months…they never get old!

  28. Fatboo

    Cute childhood games! Oddly, I’ve never played with barbie dolls as a kid, shall rectify…

    You shouldn’t beat yourself over equating ‘good’ with what’s ‘pretty’ though. That’s the way all the cartoons and books we read as children ‘taught’ us, so no way as a kid you’d suspect!

  29. Errign

    “though you can if you want”

    I laughed out loud at this!

  30. Charissa

    I`ve been wanting to make these! They look terrific…once my sugar cleanse is off…I might just be making these! 😉

  31. msihua

    MmMMm this look so delectable!

  32. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    i just love pb and chocolate. yay for gluten free cookies!!! and i’ve never heard of kaya until now. tabasco with peanut butter is insane! wow! that’s why i love your blog. 🙂

  33. Sarah

    Lovely recipe! I didn’t see very much after the peanut butter though:)

    Continue to wave your stick of righteous anger around. It will always be needed. Perhaps now more than ever. The messages about acceptable types of beauty are strong, pervasive and so unacceptable.

    I still yearn for a Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man doll. My cousin had one and I still think about it to this day!

  34. Leah

    Peanut butter and chocolate is a win win for me! Barbies and the naked end game had me laughing so much the hubs wanted to know what I was reading!!! 🙂

  35. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    I use to pay with Barbies a lot too!!! I use to LOVE it 🙂 I had like 10 or 15 barbie dolls hehe but only 1 Ken haahha so so so much fun back then ~ HAHAHA i had the whole good and evil Barbie story lines too hehe 😀

    I’m not really a fan of peanut butter but I know so many people who are and these are great cause their flourless 😉 Are you actually gluten intolerant? Because I see a lot of gluten/vegan recipes here ~

  36. The New Epicurean

    Are we secretly the same person? I used to have pretty much identical Barbie games. There was also a Bad Ken, who wasn’t so much bad as “led astray by Bad Barbie because he was too much of a himbo to know better”. His head used to fall off at inopportune moments.

    Oh, and those cookies look great!

  37. April

    I can’t believe they are flourless!! What is the texture like? I’m going to have to try out this recipe as I’m very curious!

    I remember being a young girl and cutting off all my Barbie’s hair… and waited for it to grow back. I’m still waiting 😛

  38. hungryandfrozen

    “Nakedness alone was the endgame” okay, that made me chuckle.

    I know exactly what you mean about the Barbie game – luckily I had my cool feminist cousins to shake me up out of it (including the barbies banding together and sacrificing a Shaving Ken up to some gods as part of a ritual or SOMETHING that I don’t quite remember the specifics)

    These days I try to speak up where I can to change perceptions, even if it’s just being the one to say “or woman!” when someone tells a hypothetical story about a policeman, etc.

    Nice cookies, too!

  39. Sarah

    I blame Disney for the “ugly is bad, pretty is good” messages. I don’t know if they started it, but thy certainly perpetuate it.

  40. Camille

    As shallow and superficial as it may seem, I think your cookies look fantabulous!

    Funny, in my Barbie games, Kenoften ended up being the evil one, seeing as he had to be a two-, three-, or even four-timer in order to date all the barbies. He usually got dumped at the altar. I have no idea where I came up with these things, but I blame my older, more worldly than I cousins.