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  1. CheezyK

    I miss tropical fruit … the fresh from the farm type. Melbourne just doesn’t have the same variety or quality that I was used to growing up.

    Very glad to hear that your outing with your dad was so nice and that working Saturday worked out okay too 🙂

  2. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh god. The Date Macadamia Tart. I just had a heart palpitation. It looks like pecan pie on crack. OH MY HEART.

  3. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    hmmm.. i like the concept of a cakespedition. Must go on one soon.

  4. Lou

    Ha, I am laughing at your spy poses from the other post, you nutter you…. love it 🙂

    Hmmmm so many delicious child hood treats (my Mum is a bit of an awesome cook/baker) Neenish tarts were a favourite, also her gooey chocolate chunk cookies (seriously the best cookie recipe of all time. Of all time) Banoffie Pie is always a winner too. Yes, I was a hyper active child with all of that sugar too…. it was my Mum’s own doing.

  5. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Oh darling, darling Hannah. I hope your feet have dried out and your head has slept! The weather you have does sound quite dismal, even to one who loves autumn :/

    At least this cakespedition – best concept ever! – sounds enjoyable. I’ll look forward to the coming editions! I think the things I miss from childhood are fruit tarts, with the custard filling and a layer of chocolate underneath (the chocolate layer didn’t always feature, so it was a bit like a lucky dip), and danish pastries, and caramel slices. The latter two I’ve lost the taste for and the first I rarely have, but they bring back fond memories 🙂

  6. whisperinggums

    Oh you are the mistress of neologisms WayChoc! Love Cakespedition. BTW I don’t think those boots owe you anything … you have worn them a lot.

    Great post …

  7. whisperinggums

    Oh, I forgot to answer the question. My mum’s pancakes (because it felt a bit naughty to eat pancake after pancake after pancake. One time I racked up 9 in a sitting as I recollect.) And fighting my father for the last helping of golden syrup steamed pudding.

  8. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    It’s been a personal goal- but long lost to recreate childhood treats.
    I have no idea why I was semi-emotionally attached to rainbow cake. It’s a staple of jewish deli’s and I could only find it in Baltimore. Once I do this you will be a happy camper, lots of chocolate ganache in there 🙂
    I’ve been so craving pistachios in baked goods lately, this is fueling my fire.

  9. ck

    Having been there and done that with a super stressful job, I say it’s not worth it. Now, I have a job I passionately hate, but at least it’s not stressful and doesn’t call for long hours. Ever (yay me!). But then, when I was younger, and older too, I always worked really long hours, it’s good experience, mainly if you feel like you are actually contributing to something. But I do worry about you Ms Hannah. Please take care of yourself. It’s really cool to cakespedition with your Dad. My Dad turns 80 today, but I couldn’t go home (to my home State) to visit, which is very sad. As a pistachio addict, the biscotti looks great. I miss all the childhood sweet treats, not for the treats, but for the beautiful memories that come with the thoughts of them 🙂

  10. ck

    p.s. can you patent the term ‘cakespeditions’ as I think we will all be off one one now. Thanks to you. And that is a good ‘thanks’. So, thanks 🙂

  11. Maureen

    I love cakespedition and I think I’m prepared to head out on one right now. 🙂 Love the tart and the gooderest biscotti.

    I feel exactly the same way you do about Lorraine. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve never met (in person). I’m sure if I went into a room with Mr. NQN, Queen Viv or Miss America I’d feel right at home. 🙂

    1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

      Maureen, thank you so much for your kind words! You’re an amazing lady and there’s a place at our table any time for you! 😀

  12. Catherine

    My Nana’s cooked rhubarb and custard. To eat a bowl of that now!

    Hannah, I think it’s time to splash out on that new pair of boots. No?

  13. Three-Cookies

    Always learn new words from your post – much needed due to my limited vocabulary:)

  14. Gary

    Cakes look soooo good 🙂

  15. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe imagine if they did kick you out? 😮 “Why we were just inspired by the statues your honour!” I would have said! 😀

  16. hungryandfrozen

    “Beaver Gallery” *SNORT* The snorting cannot be contained, I’m afraid.

    That photo of your dad is just lovely – the way he’s looking at you, all fatherly-lovingly.

    Sorry to hear about your boots – not that I’m assuming what you paid for them, but I hate that boots are always so expensive, so that even if you get ones that aren’t very good, they still cost up to $100. Booooo.

  17. Fatboo

    I like the opening paragraphs of this post. Poetic… 🙂

  18. Heike Herrling

    Oh dear. The Canberra weather of late has required a pick-me-ups, hasn’t it? today’s sunshine was a total relief. But if nothing else, rainy weather does make good weather for eating cakes!!!
    I’ve never been to Beaver Galleries – must try it soon. Thanks for the tip 🙂 – latest post: Blueberry Babes and Peanut Butter Boys.

  19. Gmasydney

    Sweet treats from my childhood? Nothing so glamorous 70 years ago as biscotti, etc. – my favourite special treat was Bread and Butter and Condensed Milk. And I don’t feel I had a deprived childhood. How I would love some B&B&CD now.

  20. Libby

    Ugh, it seems like every single part of Eastern Australia has been cursed with constant rain lately!

    The biscotti looks good, though! 😀

  21. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Oh no, Hannah, such a bad start into autumn! 🙁 But the rest of the post gave me a broad smile. You and your dad on a cakespedition! 😀 (Love that word!) Hannah in biscotti paradise! 😀

    A treat from my childhood I remember very well is the wonderful cheesecake my mom used to make. Sometimes she made it on a baking tray, without dough, and I remember one night I had terrible stomach pain because I ate so many pieces. It was so good I just couldn’t get enough of it! 🙂

    I think my dad might have had the date cake as well. Well, he’s gf now. But he loves everything that is sweet and sticky and has dates. 🙂

  22. Emma

    I have to say, I’m a little sad your dad wasn’t wearing Hat with Tassles/Corks. I guess maybe it wouldn’t be proper at Beaver Galleries, but on the flip side I bet statues wear them from time to time.

    Thank goodness you have a mini heater at your office. Wet socks are one of the nastiest things!

    I miss these Italian cookies that came in green and pink and were shaped like leaves. Each cookie was two cookies sandwiched together, with a little bit of chocolate in the middle. Mmm. I found some last year, so it’s not a total loss:)

  23. Kath Lockett

    Your Dad has a wonderfully kind face!

    …and I would have chosen his tart – anything featuring ‘date’ and/or ‘macadamia’, esp when bonded with something treacly and evilly sweet, is a winner in my book.

  24. Johanna GGG

    I know that feeling of going to bed too early and the body revolting because it is so so so hard to sleep early. My mum says if you rest but don’t sleep that also does good so at times like these I just read a good book – that is rest isn’t it!

    The cakespedition looks like a great way to to take a break – I would have gone for the chocolate cake but the tart looks excellent.

  25. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Oh, I haven’t had a good coffee-soaked piece of biscotti in a very long time. My favorite childhood dessert is the strawberry cake I’d request every year for my birthday. Store bought strawberry frosting but with fresh strawberries crushed up and swirled in.

  26. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    That really is a massive piece of biscotti 🙂 I think the date macadamia tart is my kind of cake ~ I love anything that’s really sweet hehe thanks for sharing! Gotta make my way to Canberra it’s been ages since I’ve visited ~

  27. Rach

    Aww I love that you and your dad did this!

  28. muppy

    looks like a great escape from the weather! i miss arriving home from school and my mum pulling a tray of sponge just baked from the oven which she then proceeds to fill with lashings of strawberry jam and rolls up and coats the whole thing in sugar…….mmmmmmmm……i must call my mum 😉

  29. L-Engineer

    I can think of lots of other places to cakespedition to. Perhaps we’ll have to invent other excuses, over and above Christmas and birthdays.

  30. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    Mmm yummy. So nice that you got to share that with your Dad. Luckily my Mum still makes all the sweet treats from when I was a kid! The only thing I miss was sherbert fountains. A tube of really eyewateringly sour sherbert with a liquorice straw.

  31. Hotly Spiced

    It’s been just as soggy here in Sydney. What a horrible summer! What a lovely ‘date’ with your father. I think that date and macadamia pie would be my choice! I could overlook the sweetness!

  32. Maria

    Hey Hannah..

    I wasn’t overly fond of my Mum’s cooking as a child.. not that she was a bad cook.. I was just bored with the food at home (of European roots).. and I craved what my Aussie friends were eating. There was a dish my Mum used to make which we dubbed ‘hot icecream’.. I think it was a vanilla-ry semolina porridge of sorts.. I make semolina porridge now.. smooth ‘n silky.. but there was something special about my Mums.. She passed away many years ago.. so I can’t ask her about the recipe.. but at least I loved that recipe.. oh and her fried yeast doughnuts coated in sugar. 🙂

  33. Louise

    Crappy weather here too. Must say I love the notion of cakespedition. Why else leave the house? I’m going to have a cakespedition of my own some time soon. Pity there isn’t really anywhere to go here.

  34. Winston

    Hehe… It’s so cute to see Father and Daughter going on foodie adventures like these, let alone coin a funny term while you’re at it. If only the Date Macadamia Tart were less rich, cause it still seems so delectable, nomzzzz… Hope you go on more cakespeditions with Dad soon. And maybe, a Pie-venture with Mum? =D

  35. Tammy

    I just love the word Cakespedition!!

  36. Ellie@Fit for the Soul

    Hehe cute post!!~I love seeing daughters spend time with their dads (or moms), and it makes me go “awwww”….:D

    And if YOU think the tart was TOO sweet, then it MUST be quite deadly in its sweetness! haha.

  37. Jess

    Even though autumn leads the way to winter, it is still my favorite season. Hmm.. my favorite treat from childhood would have to be these cheesecake cups made in muffin tins with ritz crackers for a crust and canned cherry pie filling for a topping.(Totally an 80’s convenience food based recipe.) I remember shoving four into my mouth before my brothers could come and hoover up the rest. (I have seven brothers and sisters… treats went quick in that house!)

    Ooo! Found the recipe!,176,159164-236203,00.html

  38. Mike

    My favourite treat from childhood? My mum’s best friend was Marg Menz from the Menz chocolate and biscuit firm in Adelaide. Visiting the Menz home and being told to wander around the house and feel along the high mantelpiece to find chocolate treats was pretty cool for a pre-teen boy.
    No wonder your Dad was smiling at the Beaver Galleries. A cakespedition in a lovely setting with the fabulous featured foodie, enjoying a coffee and nice looking cake/tart. Would bring a smile on the wettest of days.

  39. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Your Dad is so sweet. & yes, that biscotti does look like the goodererest I’ve seen. Definitely. I feel for you with your boots and lack of sleep, lovely! If anything helps us to pick up, cakespeditions do. Especially with goodererest cakes. I miss pickelets with jam for afternoon tea after school 🙂
    Heidi xo

  40. juniakk @ mis pensamientos

    the macadamia and dates sound fabulous together! was it glutenfree? mmm i miss eating warm gooey brownies from my childhood! i think i would buy one at every school bake sale!

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