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  1. Mike

    Well Hannah, when I was a wild child (in the days before blackberries were invented) I tried to jazz up the mood of a 15 strong office in Adelaide by whistling the Golden Wedding – the whole song, made famous by Woody Herman, and American jazz clarinetist and band leader. Everyone stopped to hear if I could get the real high notes at the end of the song. I did! And got a round of applause! And then got marched down the passage to the big boss’s office and got a lecture about disrupting the other workers and told not to whistle or tap my feet again. Sigh ….

  2. CheezyK

    Admittedly the concrete jungle isn’t quite as therapeutic as blackberries and kangaroos but a good walk around the block for some fresh air quite often helps. Turning up the iPod and bouncing along to songs is good too. (As is writing random, slightly emotional e-mails to near strangers 🙂 ). Most of the time it’s just me and my two bosses so a walk or a laugh with colleagues is out of the question.

    I’ve just lately started adding a handful of baby spinach leaves to my smoothies, I’m not sure if I could bring myself to add zucchini though … and I can just imagine the look on my husband’s face, he thinks the spinach is weird enough 😀 !

  3. theresa

    Zucchini smoothie! Love the concept.

    (As I was reading about your blackberry find, I did remember hearing about how many blackberries in Australia are sprayed and shouldn’t be eaten without finding out, but I thought, if you haven’t died, maybe I shouldn’t bring it up? Regardless, I’m glad you did bring it up – and that you haven’t died. Though please post photos of the new arm. I’m curious to see if it will be well-formed, or a bit creepy.)

    1. theresa

      PS – It is too hot for bush bashing, and I am wearing a dress, so I find myself reading your blog during work hours. Shh… don’t tell my boss(es).

  4. Emma Galloway

    Love that hidden zucchini! Very sneaky 😉

  5. Margaret

    I’m glad you have some fun stress relieving activities to enjoy, particularly if you do a lot of writing, which can be mentally draining.
    I noticed that this week at Woolworths the Cadbury baking blocks and melts are half price! Good timing since I’m still really in the mood to bake and make fudge.
    From memory you said the baking range is reasonable quality chocolate.

    Soon I will return to working on Saturdays, so I’ll make lots of tasty creations now and freeze them, for when I won’t have the time to play in the kitchen.

  6. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Zucchini?! You totally just one-upped me in the adding weird things to smoothies department. Sooooo making this tomorrow. Genius.

  7. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Oooh…I was captivated by your facebook post and now I want to climb into the computer and come out on your side! Bush exploring in the middle of the workday with running-jumping-gallivanting and flailing arms (my arms are my best flailing limbs, I’ve discovered) and kangaroos and blackberries sounds like a new definition of perfect. Even if the berries are poisonous, which granted might make it not *quite* perfect 😉

    I hope your arms are all present and accounted for tomorrow! And that many more such wild hikes ensue.

  8. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh what fun! Hope those berries werent sprayed though????

  9. whisperinggums

    Where’s the photo of the kangaroos? How do we know they were there and not just a figment of your sprayed-brain-fried imagination?

    Oh, but very glad you are finally WALKING in your break … you know what I’m talking about, missy!

  10. Johanna GGG

    I need to hike to nature reserves on weekend instead of lunch al desko – must try to start going to the market again on fridays – just have been too disorganised to feel I can buy anything but it is a nice walk and a lovely place to get away from the office (as you will appreciate) – and nice smoothie – I have never had zucchini in a smoothie – wonder if my blender would cope with it?

  11. Vaala ◪

    I never thought of putting zucchini in my smoothie but I likes it. I likes it a lot. And walking lunch breaks are very good for the soul. I knows this from experience (and my England has left the building tonight).

  12. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Oh I want to go berry-picking! I usually just go for short walk when I feel stressed at work, but nothing much exciting ever happens!

  13. Kath Lockett

    Ooooh, we are just starting to see the arrival of berries in the supermarkets here and I love the idea of adding a zucchini too. Yep, it’s a balmy 6C outside and I’m even tempted to open the window!

  14. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    You know I’ve often wished for a third or fourth arm-in fact sometimes I think I have one and then I look down and see that both my arms are busy and I do not in fact have a third. Disappointment 🙁

  15. Emma

    Hee hee heee kan-ga-ROOOOOOOOOOS! What delightful magical luscious woods and berry patches and leggings and kan-ga-ROOOOS!

    Wild hiking maidens makes me think of Pirates of Penzance, which is perhaps applicable here. Except that you’re showing a bit more skin than your ankle:)

    I will let you know how I bring jazziness to work once I get a job, if I ever get a job. But for now, it’s nonstop jazziness around here, missy!

  16. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    You read my mind. I have been craving a good smoothie after a winter without a single one and was also wondering how long before berries started tasting sweet again.

    You totally hallucinated those kangaroos. I’m gonna need you to take another midday gallivant to get photo evidence of these alleged “kangaroos” so we all know you weren’t just high on pesticide.

  17. Ames

    Hey Hannah,

    I start humming or singing a tune if things get a bit dull around the workplace… or just bring in some cupcakes! They are always a winner ;).

    I know I haven’t really been a visible reader of your blog (I get your posts via email) but just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award! Please see and accept below:

    Keep up the great work!


  18. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    I told you there were blackberries to be had!!! And that bush definitely does not look sprayed to me. Ahhh the wonder of Canberra’s free blackberry haul. How exciting are these warm sunny days. I feel I’m probably disproportionately excited about the lack of rain but yay!

    Anyway, I generally pretend to be all efficient and professional at work, but in long meetings it is well known that I will eventually head off and bring back a giant bag of chocolate to share. Nothing like chocolate to relieve tension.

  19. beti

    hahaha the secret kangaroo code must be true, I can’t belive that you actually found balckberries and you managed to make a delicious looking smoothie

  20. hungryandfrozen

    Hiking makes me slightly panicky, but I think that’s because the only hiking I’ve ever done has been accompanied by a stern teacher/camp leader who blows a whistle and points at a vertical hill and shrieks “Climb, NOW! Without joy or mercy!”

    Whereas whooping and hollering and flailing and blackberry-discovering and smoothie drinking while seeing beautiful nature and getting some fresh air and excercise is much more my scene.

    I love that you wore earrings to hike, by the way – it gives me hope for hiking 🙂

    Excellent segue, too!

  21. juniakk @ mis pensamientos

    i’ve never heard of zucchini in a smoothie before… hannah. you outdo yourself! and yes, organic berries are the best for ya since the toxins seep into the fruit so easily!

  22. Ashley

    You sound like you have the most fun workplace yet! And so awesome to find black berries! 🙂

    I work from home, so I don’t really jazz up work much, although on my ‘lunch’ breaks I will turn up a ballad or three and belt it out whilst boiling an egg and frying some mushies….

    A third arm would be so useful. You could type fast and still eat/drink at the same time. Multi-tasking to the max!

  23. Sig

    Oh I would have so joined you for a round or two of “KAN-ga-ROO-la-ROO-la-ROOOOOOO” (but for some reason in my head the tune is very similar to Que Sera Sera???!!)

    Midday hikes are the awesomest – I used to do that in HK where just going for a stroll meant climbing up vertical hills. And mmmm blackberries….

    How do I jazz up work these days? Well I am also quite partial to a midday krump however, since I’m usually out at a client they’re not so partial to my antics. Usually quite boringly with a cuppa of herbal tea. Yep. That’s the highlight of my day.

  24. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Zucchini! Zucchini!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s brilliant!

    Jazziness? I put on some music and dance. I can dance everywhere, I just imagine the other people weren’t there. Just recently in the lab on a test run, with one of my best friends, to this song which she used as an positive mood induction in one of her experiments. She made big eyes at first, and then we both danced and sang and clubbed our chests like monkeys.

  25. Daisy@Nevertoosweet

    So jealous you get to go hiking in the mountains 🙂 I’m in a concrete jungle lately hehe I miss the sun and trees ~ Sighhh people here in HK don’t really seem to like smoothies ~

  26. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike

    This post is so full of amazing, I don’t know where to begin.

    Office krumping, lunchtime hikes with co-workers, proximity to kangaroos, (hopefully not too pesticide-laden) blackberry picking…your life sounds like a happy dream!

  27. Christine

    I have to visit Australia someday. I am just out for a stroll and, look! A kangaroo!

  28. Fatboo

    Thanks for the comment replies tip! Your title “Wild Hiking Maidens” made me crack up. :p

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