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    oh u were in Melbourne? It looked like you had a delicious time here 🙂

  2. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    Oh, you were in my work neighbourhood! That Japanese place used be a gorgeous French restaurant until last year. Glad to hear it’s still a great place eat, albeit with a different cuisine!

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I think it’s just as well I haven’t been to Japan, or my lack of experience with most of these dishes would be even more embarrassing than it is! I think I need someone to take me to a Japanese restaurant and order for me. I’m far too cautious and tend to stick to what I know, which probably means I am missing out terribly.

    (As a PS, your comment on my blog? It seems our mothers share a career / profession 🙂 ).

  4. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Jealous, right here. That chawanmushi looks so good I wanna dunk my face in it, which I realize is a terrible idea. Your friend ordered very well for you guys, that is a stellar assortment.

  5. CheezyK

    That food looks amazing! Reading the descriptions though I’m not sure that I’m adventurous enough to try most of them …

    P.S. Is it weird that I waited an hour to comment so that I wasn’t the first this time? Actually, don’t answer that – it is weird and it’s event weirder that I’ve felt the need to mention it, but I’m not going to delete it this time 🙂

  6. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Ooooooooooohhhhh, I’m always very excited about Japanese food! There’s probably no other cuisine that teaches you so much to experience every single bite with all your senses.

    I also want the little radish chopstick bench. 😀 (Do you call it like that in English? The German word for that is “Stäbchenbank” what means “bench for chopsticks”.)

  7. Debi

    Oh Japanese food, how I love thee! Usually when we go out, I end up with sushi and assorted appetizers due to all the gluten in most of the food. When I’m lucky, my husband fixes gluten-free Japanese food for me…and a nice cup of real matcha. (he has mad chado skills)

  8. Li

    I’m salivating! I will definitely have to go there next time I’m in Melb 🙂 and I’m surprised you haven’t tried scallop sashimi, it’s always standard in mixed sashimi platters. Iori’s sashimi platters have them. It’s my absolute favourite sashimi 🙂

    Last time I was in Melb, I had dinner at a delicious Thai restaurant called Longrain. I would highly recommend it! 🙂 (I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I figured since your blog posts have given me places I want to eat at, it’s only polite to give you some kind of recommendation also)

  9. msihua

    Well done you! It’ll be months before I post up our adventures, but at least we get to relive all over again 🙂

  10. Mike

    Sufferin’ yukatas – here’s me thinking I would see a pic of you hopping into some nimono in your kimono. Maybe the pic is yet to come? Love that Japanese food Hannah.

  11. sophia

    Oh man. Everything looks freaking good. It’s funny– Japanese people eat a lot of vegetables…yet their restaurants usually feature little greens, if any. Or if there is a “salad” or whatever, it’s mayo-based!

  12. Bryan

    Ahahaha, yes I do do silly things sometimes, like pointing at you (for Fakegf to see) when it’s so obvious to everyone you’re the visiting celebrity! 😀

    Love the photo-bombing!! I’d never think of putting up the finger pics, trust you to do exactly that! LOL

  13. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    nom, that kingfish sashimi looks so good! I love that style dish, so fresh! yay for vegetables 🙂
    Heidi xo

  14. Kath Lockett

    Oh My Sweet Goddess of All Things Good and Chocolatey ….. I soooo want everything pictured and to have joined youse all!

  15. Catherine

    Oh gorgeous gorgeous goregous gorageous! I have no words to express. I will be returning to this page ALL DAY. You have no idea how starved I am for fantastic Japanese food!!!!

  16. Alyse

    Officially salivating. I always try to order some kind of greens at sushi restaurants, too. I’m also the girl who eats the radish garnish just to get some veggies in her system. It’s gotten me some weird looks, but so worth it!

  17. Ellie@Fit for the Soul

    Oh goodness gracious! I’d love to have a bite of everything on here! Especially the marinated salmon, mmmm. And how funny is that? The sardines look exactly like the anchovies that we Koreans eat as a side dish. It’s like they’re constantly staring at you huh? xD

  18. whisperinggums

    Looks like a place we must go to in Japan. I’m wondering whether that free dish relates to the Japanese tradition of giving a free dish at the end of the meal. They call it something like “sarbis” (I think they mean “service” but Evan can probably explain … I have no idea if I’ve got it right). We had it at a few places in Japan … but none quite as fancy as that!

    And oh, how I miss onigiri!

  19. Johanna GGG

    ooh so much seafood that I was excited by the vegetables too – greens are glorious! But what did you have for dessert?????

  20. Emma

    So many of these dishes I’ve never even heard of before. But snaps, they look amazing. I would comment on each dish, but it would all be the same comment, something about beauty and deliciousness, etc.

    Oh and I was all “it’s not evening in these photos, look at all that frickin sunlight!” Hemisphere fail.

  21. Louise

    That looks so fabulous. I love it how our Melbourne adventures have never crossed paths as yet- I’m getting scads of new ideas. SO want to go to this place! It looks right up my alley. I can’t believe you hadn’t had chawan mushi either- I think it’s one of the hidden delights of Japanese eating. Oh but I’ve never had pan fried edamame. I so so want to try those. Must get to Melbourne again this year. Must.

  22. Hannah G

    Oh boy I love Japanese. And there’s none available where I live. I shall live vicariously through posts like this and then make lists of cuisine goals for when I head to cities. On the plus side though – Melbourne only 4 hour drive. WINNING!

  23. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    that is one japanese fine dining there! hahah the sardines are a bit disconcerting, but people eat it a lot in asian culture. its a typical Korean sidedish “banchan” and packed with protein. 🙂 you are pretty daring when it comes to trying new things. that is simply awesome.

  24. Priyanka

    What a lovely menu, my mouth is watering looking at all the good food. Quite honestly in my myopic understanding of Japanese cuisine, I somehow envisioned only sushis…don’t judge 🙂

  25. Rach

    Oh wow, this all looks SO good!

  26. Ashley

    Aah, Bryan’s becoming a bit of an old sport in Komeyui now, looks like you definetly had some of the best stuff! 🙂 And whilst I haven’t hunted down three mont blanc’s in one day, it’s always on my ‘highly prized list’ whenever I am in Japan… 😀

  27. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Such a scrumptious dinner! So unfortunate I missed out on seeing you on this Melbourne trip, too. Ummmm I might be in Canberra later this year, though. So… *hint hint*

  28. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Aww you guys ound like you had such a great time! Haha there are a disconcerting number of eyes in that bowl! 😛

  29. Agnes

    Not all your photos feature my fingers. I failed. 🙁

  30. Hannah

    I have those same chopstick rests, no joke! My set is a whole mish-mash of different ceramic vegetables- I have a carrot, pea pod, two tomatoes next to each other, etc. I have the pea pod in this photo: … But sadly, it got cut off in this angle.

    Too funny!

  31. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    Oh my, everything looks soooo good! I would love to try that duck on top of a crispy potato!

  32. beti

    you ate such delicious things! I’ve never had sashimi before and it looks quite good but the fried crab is my favorite it looks delish

  33. Jo

    HAHA i did wonder if you realized i was fakegf. It did turn out well anyhow! It was so lovely to meet you. looking forward to seeing you again!

  34. Cindy

    When you have a spare day on a future Melbourne trip, give us a little warning and we’ll throw you a vegan potluck. We’ll fill it with those vegetables you love so. Also, probably dessert. 😉

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