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  1. Sig

    Oh YUM (cha)! #seewhatIdidthere

    See this is what they don’t tell you about fairytales – what REALLY happens to the bad guys.

    I do like a good Yum Cha and have succumbed to the dubious deliciousness of the dumplings (otherwise known as going out for ‘dodgy dumplings’). No real Christmas Eve tradition – this year went to my sister’s place for dinner and then tried to be pious by going to midnight mass. After which we came home and ripped open our presents 😛

  2. Errign

    Um, I am fairly certain I would like to hang out with you in real life if you bust out in Whip My Hair…

  3. Caitlin @ Vegetarian in the City

    man oh man those dumplings are what i have been craving all week (i’m on a juice cleanse) yummy!

  4. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    love me some yum cha!!!

    ps – I now have that whip my hair song in my head. Thanks x

  5. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    Mmmm yum cha. The Hellenic Club is good. I think that the proof of Chinese world domination is that we have Chinese restaurants in the Greek, German, Italian and Croatian clubs in Canberra. But my new favourite is the Dumpling Inn at the ANU. Soooo worth a visit.

    Christmas Eve is all about food for me too – you have seen my blog!

    1. whisperinggums

      Where in the ANU is that? In the Childers Street area up near Mac1??

      1. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

        Yes, just around the corner from Mac1. The place across from it “Spicy Ginger” is also very good and I’m reliably informed that both the Roti Hut and the Japanese place under the Ernst and Young building are good too. It is nice to have so much choice here!

  6. JohannaGGG

    Christmas eve is a strange time when you don’t want to eat yourself silly because you know that will happen the next day but it is a special day which calls for special food – we didn’t have our traditional lime spiders this year but I highly recommend it as a tradition! And of course we left out a mince pie for santa claus!

    Congrats on the car – that must be nice to have your own wheels. Now you just need your own private jet so you can visit your brother! Lucky lucky lucky!

  7. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Ohhhh… I LOVE your shoes!

    Side note: I don’t know if you follow her blog already but Christin is super-cool and she review some chocolate today (here:, which made me think of you.

  8. theresa

    I love this dress! Like, a lot. You’re such a fashionista!

    I also love yum cha. We tend to have asian, snack-sized food on new year’s eve – this year it was sushi, but in previous year’s we’ve had rice paper rolls, steamed dumplings, and dimsims.

  9. Kate

    Cute outfit! We always have my dad’s side of the family over for Christmas Eve. It’s pretty tame because that side of the family doesn’t drink… Christmas Day is when the drinks start flowing 🙂

  10. whisperinggums

    I must say that is one of the whitiest McWhiteWhites even I’ve seen on you. I think it was the sun. Tell me it was the sun.

  11. Lou

    There’s always a certain ‘mystery’ about dumplings served at yum cha… and the waitress never knows what is in them. I don’t trust them, one bit (after requesting vegetarian dumplings when I was pregnant, and biting into one to discover some weird kinds sausage/chicken/pork inside – but the waitress still maintain it was vegetables. HA.)

    Fun though, I love Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce mmmmm.

    Your brother is a bit of alright 😉

    You look super cute too, you rock the Whitey Mcpale Saucy Minx thing 🙂

  12. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    OK you’re very naughty young missy because now I am so hungry and all I want is some yum cha! And I’m not likely to get any tonight 🙁 And I have to say that that outfit is super hot! 😀

  13. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Ahh this has me going back to yesterday when these sweet women brought in the best homemade dumplings EVA! I hope you saved leftovers so you don’t find yourself in my current situation 😉

  14. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Is it wrong that I liked the non-food bits of this post better than the food bits? I am still enjoying the “I whip my hair back and forth” song (was it a song? in my mind it is a song) and the picture of your CAR (exciting!) and the pictures of you and your brother (ever considered a brother-sister modeling career? 🙂 ) and your dress, which I love. The food paled in comparison…even paler than Whitey McWhiteWhite 😉

  15. Kath Lockett

    NEVER order Pepsi or any carbonated beverage at Yum Cha, dear Hannah. Stick with their hot tea as it’s the best accompaniement to anything and everything on a Yum Cha menu.

    *sob* Yum Cha….. Melbourne ……. thanks to our love of the food and the weekly event, Sapphire could pick up a single grain of rice with her chopsticks by the age of three….. *sniffle*

  16. Emma

    Oooh did you know that dim sum is my favoritest food event in the entire world? Well, it is. I’ve never experienced dodgy dumplings though, only delicious ones that the waitstaff have been able to thoroughly describe beforehand when prompted. Maybe I am lucky?

    I enjoy this post because it afforded me my first glimpse of an Australian license plate, scorrrrrre. Sup, Honda driver comrade Hannah?

  17. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Great. Now I have that maddening song stuck in my head. THANKS.

    Every single one of those dishes looks fantastic, even your lackluster soup. Now I really want crispy duck.

  18. Gena

    So, where exactly IS your brother in America? Handsome blighter, indeed 😉

    No, seriously…adorable post. I tend to get very humorless when restaurant service is baffling. You, on the other, hand, are adorable.

  19. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Your foxy brother is in the U.S. right now? Where, might I ask? ;P

    Cuuute dress on you!

  20. Catherine

    Great dress! I love dumplings so much, haven’t had them in yonks.

    We have no traditions whatsoever. Here in northern Italy you are supposed to have spaghetti and sardines – at least in my ex-hub’s household – but I can’t even remember what I did on the 24th! Most probably a long drive home from the ski slopes with a bag of smelly socks to wash.

  21. Kelly @ Foodie Fiasco

    Long time no talk to! How are you?!?

    It’s so great that you got to see your brother and chow on some delicousness together. You probably know this already, but your pics are gorgeous!

  22. Asmita

    All this food is making me hungry especially the dumplings.

  23. Three-Cookies

    In Japan its quite common to have KFC for Xmas. Maybe next year you can try this:)

  24. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Looks like you were all Zen that day. I don’t like when I get something else than I’d ordered … 😉

    We celebrate Christmas at the 24th in Germany. Usually, my grandmoms come to my parents’ place for coffee, tea, and stollen, and then we go to the church (or rather, who feels like goes) and have dinner and unpack presents afterwards. Very simple and easy.

  25. msihua

    I’m so distracted by how good those shoes look!!!

  26. Silvia

    In Switzerland, people celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. And the typical dish to eat at Christmas is Fondue Chinoise (hot pot), which I actually had this Christmas at my bf’s family.
    In my family, we normally meat at my mother’s, and we first have Apéritif with the neighbours (you’ve normally almost eaten after what is reached with that apéritif) and then for dinner we normally have some meat & vegetables. And of course dessert. 😉

  27. Winston

    Christmas Eve at a Chinese restaurant.. You really are one of a kind! Love it tho… Even though I’ve been celebrating Christmas my whole life, I don’t think we’ve celebrated it the same way each year so we don’t actually have a tradition hmm… Well, except for going to church for Christmas service. But food wise, not really. Always different lol. Happy New Year and Merry-Belated-Christmas, hehe! =D

  28. Fatbooo

    Aaaah… I remember driving to work w fakegf and she was saying how you had yum cha and (your aunt) ordered laksa, which is more Malaysian than Hong Kong, we both found that sooo ticklish!!! *teehee*

  29. InTolerant Chef

    I haven’t been to the Hellenic club for yumcha, but have heard good things. I have seen the one at the ANU, but have been waiting to hear what its like. I looove yumcha!

  30. Gmasydney

    Yes, it was Shantung chicken , ordered on your Father’s interpretation and it was delicious. And, yes, too, you looked delicious on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    KFC – Never, Never, Never – on Christmas Eve or any other time.

  31. hungryandfrozen

    Yum Cha! What a great idea. Alas we’d have to drive for miles and miles and miles before we’d find any. Our Christmas Eve traditions are to stay up very, very late with our particular Christmas tapes and CDs playing, the fan on and the windows open and moths circling (well, it’s always humid) and then when the clock nears 11pm, my dad will sidle off to bed and either my mum or I will say “oh my gosh, better get that pie/chicken/ham/cake/food-gifts for everyone/elaborate pudding ready” and then we’ll sleepily cook and then I’ll finally go to bed and mum will stay up even LATER than that, doing last minute santa-y things that require everyone else to be asleep. And I love it!

  32. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    you crazy kids, mixing it up & going out for yum cha lunch on christmas eve! Our recent tradition seems to be fish and vodka for Christmas eve dinner. But always wrapping presents and watching the carols. Mum & I may dance to high five. I just typed that…how embarrassing.
    Heidi xo