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  1. Three-Cookies

    Lucky you, you certainly deserve it, referring to the gifts, not mistakenly eating vegemite:) Halloween treats came a little late, or Christmas treats came early, you decide which version!

  2. CheezyK

    Gah! Just reading about the vegemite has me puckering …

    Very curious about the chocolate coated sunflower seeds – where do you find such things?

  3. Conor @ Hold the Beef

    <3 <3 <3
    Oh you lovely thing. You certainly deserve such things at the best of times, and doubly so at the worst. I'm so glad the hat trick of parcels were so timely.
    I do also wish however that the postman could be more reliable. My mail redirection keeps failing and I'm really hoping someone hasn't posted me a cheque for millions of dollars to my old address. I should have kept a secret key for my old mailbox just in case, sneaking over there in the cover of darkness to check for cheques.
    If anyone reading this has sent me a generous cheque and/or the deeds to a house, please cancel it and send it to my new address. Thank you.
    P.S. oxoxox

  4. Victoria (District Chocoholic)


    (and you deserve every gram of chocolate that gets sent your way)

  5. Ashley

    Oh how absolutely lovely 🙂 There really is just something so oddly wonderful about the internet, even if we only connect through electronics, there’s so much more that is heart felt. Love lives through the internet! 🙂

    And yeeek! I couldn’t imagine stomaching a spoonful of vegemite!! :s

  6. ck

    You reap what you sew woman! You do bring sparkly sunshine into our lives, you just have to start believing it. So glad you received these wonderful gifts which are full of people’s thoughts of you (worth so much more than even the fabulous treats) at a time that made all the difference. Still cackling about the Vegemite! The Universe knows…

  7. ck

    SOW, even!

  8. Lexi

    D’you like how I start out with something sweet and sad, then BAM! A bouncy song about uppers stirred into warm milk. YES! Hope you liked the rest of it, too.xx

    PS Vegemite needs toast, or weetbix cut in half, length-ways. And butter.

  9. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Haha ending on that vegemite note, fantastic. I once had a crazy, out of the blue, mind-numbing leg cramp & was eating vegemite by the spoonful to try and get some salt into my system. Didn’t work. But I kind of liked it. Not the same as PB, I agree, but vegemite by the spoonful is totally good in my world.
    Loved the gushy post – you’re such a great person to give presents to, you SO appreciate them! So pleased to have made you smile, me lady. Your friendship means just as much to me 🙂
    Heidi xo

  10. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    There have been so many fears about technology destroying community, but I think it just creates different one. Your blog is a gorgeous ray of sunshine so it is only fair that the sun shines back at you.

  11. Winston

    You’ve brought so much joy to people through your blog and writing! Lots of love all around in this place, Hannah. Keep it up, yay!

  12. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Woohoo! Love to see the Justin’s Nut Butter included in your parcel. That makes me a happy camper 🙂 Also Persian Fair Floss Chocolate? I can’t wait to hear how it is.
    Those are some fun gifts to put a perk in your step xx

  13. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Aww how sweet! You deserve to be showered with chocolate! 🙂

  14. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    This post makes me smile, smile, smile, smile 🙂 I needed to read this today like you needed to open that parcel on the morning of your grandmother’s funeral (and I am so happy that the parcel arrived for you then). The reason it makes me smile is that you do all of those things (be amazing and give proof that the world is an amazing place, in case you were confused :)), and if sometimes the same returns for you – well, that is perfect indeed and the world is certainly a better and brighter place.

    (PS. I taste compared vegemite and promite and marmite recently and so understand your puckering experience! For some reason I thought comparing with a spoon and not a cracker would be sensible. It wasn’t.)

  15. Emma

    This reminds me how much I need to get going on our arranged exchange, although I’ve been a bit too lacking in funds to make internet purchases. However, it’s all good now, so once I get back home I’ll get going on that. Just in time for your hot summer sun to destroy chocolate left at your point of contact:)

    It’s funny how much you have become a part of my non-internet life, even though you don’t know it. I bring up topics I read about here, or just launch into conversations based around chocolate you’ve reviewed or shenanigans you’ve shenaniganed. I love it.

    I too want to know more about that fairy floss choc!

  16. Lou

    Love this! You deserve all the loveliness that comes your way 🙂

  17. Margaret

    You gorgeous and lucky girl! If you ever complain about being single again, I’ll remind you of this post! See how much you are loved!!! :p

    1. Margaret

      That was meant to be a big smile, not sticking my tongue out at you! xxxx

  18. Kath Lockett

    What a terrific friend.

    However – and I mean this as your friend in blogland too – do NOT eat the coconut M&Ms – they are ‘flavoured’ and will taste exactly like you’d expect some cheap chemical concoction to taste. Despite this, I remain in awe of your friend’s kindness.

  19. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Aww, how sweet. And you know… the reason is you are a wonderful person!

  20. Errign

    So many good treats – people are so sweet 🙂

  21. whisperinggums

    Who doesn’t celebrate Halloween? I got a Mintie when I went across the road for yoga on Monday night … they mistook me for a trick-or-treater, then saw my yoga mat, but not before I got my Mintie! True story … more or less.

  22. Melanie @ Melanie Cooks

    These are so nice goodies that you received! Must be so exciting to open those packages!

  23. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Postal “service” (service??) really sucks. Two of the packages I’ve sent to blogging friends never arrived. 🙁

    I’m very happy you got that parcel in the end. It’s so lovely, and it seems that it came just in time. 🙂

  24. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse

    I love this post – and that last sentence mad me laugh out loud, brilliant!
    It must be lovely to know all those people were thinking of you; almost more than what they sent 🙂

  25. Hannah

    I never cease to be amazed at the kindness and generosity of some people. Simple acts like this can do wonders. And what an incredible care package at that!

  26. Yasmeen @ Wandering Spice

    We love you too 🙂

    Such a sweet gesture from a friend. I’m off to read your post about giving up your PhD… this is something I’ve been struggling with for a while (in the application phase).

  27. Chopinand @ ChopinandMysaucepan

    Just realise that your writing brings as much joy to your readers as the stuff that comes back to you. You have only proven to people that give first, then you shall receive! You deserve it Hannah!

  28. JohannaGGG

    what a lovely post – you deserve a little happiness as things seem to have been tough for you lately – and you bring so much light and laughter to the the blogosphere!

    As for the spoonful of vegemite, we eat promite in my house but if sylvia was allowed I think she would eat it by the spoonful (just to continue the similarities between the two of you) 🙂

  29. Anna Johnston

    OH Jeaz….. you had me in stitches with your spoonful of vegemite woman. How you managed that I just don’t know…..
    Love your gushy blog post today sweets, you brighten my days with your constant smiles, your virtual hugs …….. I know right…. We live in the same freakin city and I come TO YOUR WORKPLACE….. Still virtual…. your positive words of wisdom via the blog, email, text or FB.
    Sista, you are a rock star and deserve truck loads of goodies to be delivered each day.
    PS: You keep your vegemite in the fridge? Is that Australian mate??? I think it lives in the cupboard.

  30. Adrian (Food Rehab)

    aaaaw! You SO deserve to be showered with choccie goodness 🙂 Though, I might need to send you a basket of fruit and veg after all those sweets! Actually, who am I kidding….. 😛

  31. April @ My Food Trail

    Awww, your post made me a little teary! I think it’s testament to your beautiful character that people send you wonderful gifts out of the blue! You are one lucky, special girl 🙂

    P.S. Hope the funeral went ok *hugs*

  32. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    Ooh, I’m intrigued by that Voses Creole chocolate.

    What lovely friends you have!

  33. Christine @ Merf In Progress


  34. theresa

    Aw, I’m really sorry to hear about your grandmother – such sad news. But I’m glad that you have built up such a strong network of friends to send you chocolate and happy thoughts. It is pretty clear evidence of how wonderful you are, to have strangers from around the world thinking of you and your love of chocolate!

  35. Agnes

    AWWWW feeling the lurve!

  36. Hannah

    I just want to pipe up here and say that even though we don’t converse (aside from some wonderfully inuendo-ful banner about certain tasty balls ;p) as someone who reads your blog you do have a talent for lighting up people’s day and making me smile and I’m soooo glad you’re getting recognition and treats in return for what you give your readers. I am now considering sending you some UK Marmite now if your developing a yeast-extract-by-the-spoonful habit (by the way have you ever tried it *with* peanut butter on toast? mmmm)

    1. Hannah

      I meant “you’re”

    2. Hannah

      Damn autocorrect I meant 1. Banter and 2. You’re

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