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  1. Brent

    I wasn’t allowed Cocoa Pops, Fruit Loops, etc et al as a kid and quite frankly I’m thankful for it: but at the time I didn’t understand. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve tried to eat those sort of cereals and I just can’t do it: just leaves me feeling blergh. I was allowed Nutri-Grain though 🙂

    Nowadays, it’s either Weetbixs or Just Right. 🙂

  2. Mike

    Ah the love of good chocolate. When my younger brother and I were primary school kids our mum would take us once or twice a month to visit her best ‘girl-friend’ who was a member of a famous chocolate family in Sth Aust. Girl-friend would tell us if we walked slowly around their huge home and felt along the top of all the mantlepieces (shelves above eye-sight level) we might be lucky to find a chocolate or two. By the time we finished we had found at least half a dozen each – during which time, of course, mum and her girlfriend had had a nice quiet chat without the brats hanging around. No wonder I got addicted to the lovely stuff. Nowadays I stick to the dark chocolate coz its supposed to be good for you, isn’t it?

    1. Emma

      I love this story! It’s magical, and it deals with brats!

  3. Johanna GGG

    We had cocoa pops as a treat and I loved them – I think my grandmother used to buy them for us when we visited. My horror at them now is how much milk you needed to make them just like a chocolate milkshake only cruncheeeeee! I can’t even get that excited about them these days – so much more decadence lies elsewhere

  4. Louise

    I think I’m so old that Weetbix was the only cereal around when I was a kid. There was certainly no aisle in the supermarket devoted to them.

    Hannah my dear I do think you have leapt to new descriptive heights with “distinct slightly-insipid chocolatey flavour that milk poured over a bowl of Cocoa Pops takes on after a minute or so”. Genius. Because I know exactly what you mean. Despite never having the opportunity to eat them as a child.

    Did I ever tell you that I was well into my 20s before I had Nutella?

  5. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I was allowed rice bubbles and fruit loops which I hated-bleeurgh! I would have much rathered Coco pops!

  6. Errign

    Noo sugary cereal for me. I liked Shredded Wheat & Cheerios and my bro was all about the Rice Krispies.

  7. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Assuming Cocoa Pops are to you what Cocoa Puffs are to me, mygodyes I ate TONS of sugary cereals throughout my life, including lots of Cocoa Puffs and Count Chocula. True to form, though, I always preferred non-chocolate-flavored cereals, like Lucky Charms, Honeycomb, Waffle Crisp, French Toast Crunch, Rice Krispies, Kix, Frosted Flakes…oh so many more…I could go on and on…I miss sugarly cereals. I never eat them anymore. ::sob:: This bowl of steamed broccoli in front of me is suddenly far less appetizing.

  8. Simply Life

    sounds like an interesting flavor and texture combo!

  9. Amanda

    I’ve never commented before, so will just start by saying what a fabulous blog you have, Hannah – I love what I’ve read so far!
    I, too, only got to eat sugary cereals on holidays. I loved coco pops but hated froot loops, and my brother was the opposite so we never had to share, lucky us!
    (By the way I think they now have two boxes of coco pops in each of those holiday packs, so maybe someone had the same complaint as you)
    Oh and is there a particular reason why you don’t go to Aldi? I think it can be good for some things… 🙂

  10. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    My Cocoa Pops experiences are exactly the same as yours: the travel pack cereal variety options that led to extreme sibling conflict. And I had 2 siblings! I think after a few holidays we stopped getting the ‘kid’ variety packs and started getting the ‘adult’ variety packs, which have no cocoa pops. Less conflict, but less breakfast excitement too.

    Cereal aside, I like ‘bits’ in my chocolate, so whilst this chocolate is milk, it still rather appeals to me 🙂

  11. leaf (the indolent cook)

    I do actually quite like buying chocolates from Aldi from time to time. They may not be gourmet but they serve my chocolate cravings very well!

  12. Emma

    I bet this really appealing cereal named RICE BUBBLES has less that 11% of your sugar. But it sounds non-substantial, so maybe it has <7% of your energy, too.

    I've had one bar from Aldi. It had some sort of dried fruit in it. Cranberries, I think. I thought it was awfully creative for Aldi, and pretty tasty, too. It was a Christmas gift from relatives – they know me so well:)

    I like that none of us bothered to come with alternatives for "crunchy" either.

  13. Cindy

    Yep, we had the same Coco Pops deal too – that one little box in the variety pack, bought when school holidays involved a road trip, to be shared between my brother and I. 😀

  14. Hotly Spiced

    No sugary cereals for me and my four sisters! We were deprived and only allowed either rice bubbles, weetbix or cornflakes with just one teaspoon of sugar and no more! Meanwhile all our friends were having Frosty Flakes or Fruit Loops or Cocoa Pops and wondering why it was we had the thinnest thighs and flattest stomachs.

  15. Erika - The Teenage Taste

    Oh no, my parents would never allow me to get Cocoa Pops, Fruit Loops, Trix, or anything that sugary first thing in the morning. The only thing I ever got was Frosted Flakes. 🙂

  16. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I’m surprised that I was able to grow into a healthy adult at all considering I was basically raised on sugar. I was particularly fond of sugary cereals made of lots of tiny pieces, like Fruity Pebbles and crushed up Frosted Mini Wheats. That last bowl of Mini Wheats made up of all the crumbs and sugar bits left in the bottom of the box with just enough milk poured over to bind it was easily one of my favorite things ever.

  17. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    chocolate and pb just makes my world go around!! seriously, where do u find all of these exquisite chocolatE???

  18. Agnes

    If chocolate never existed, would a bear shit in the woods?

    Oh wait, that’s not how it goes.

  19. Kath Lockett

    This was one of my guilty favourites – seven huge ‘fingers’ to every massive block that really should have been seven individual servings but somehow started to turn into one – yes one (blush blush) serving too many times!

  20. Anna johnston

    Was totes NOT allowed cocopops. We lived in the country, and access to such tasty delights were not available. And to be honest, I had no idea of what was available until I started working in the kitchen, how anyone can start the day with so much sugar astounds me.

  21. Camille

    I think this actually sounds quite good – I’m thinking of my (and your, I believe) favorite praliné chocolate, the one with the crunchy flakes of what I can only assume are crushed ice cream cones in it.

    To answer your question, are Cocoa Pops the same as Cocoa Puffs or arte they more like Cocoa Krispies? Actually, it doesn’t really matter, because the answer is yes no matter what, I’m just curious. 🙂 I didn’t like many of the sugary cereals – Froot Loops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and anything with fake berry flavor got a big thumbs down from me, even as a child. But I loved Cap’n Crunch, Alpha Bits, Corn Pops, Lucky Charms… they were something of a special treat, though, as I recall. Usually it was Kix or Cheerios or Rice Krispies or Wheaties, all of which I liked just fine.

  22. beefwalker

    Sadly, Choceur Peanut and Flakes has been discontinued!
    It was by far the best of the milk chocolate bars out there – and SO cheap! $2.70)

    So, you don’t go to Aldi that often?
    Then you don’t like good food which is also cheap!
    There’s some crap (like all stores) but their chocolate is all great value (their a German company after all so they KNOW good chocolate). I like their 85% dark and their Fair Trade stuff is remarkably good value.

    As for other Aldi bargains:
    Their fruit and veg ‘looks’ rough, but that’s because it’s REAL. Just like our old greengrocer used to have, and not the homogenised shite from the other supermarkets.

    Their cookware (esp. the cast iron stuff) is fab.

    Their grass-fed meat is great AND cheap. (Grain-fed is for numb-nuts)
    Their free-range eggs are cheaper than anyone’s as is their chicken.

    They have a BIG range of organic products – proportionally more than any of the other big stores.

    Embrace Aldi – skip the big guys. Those Germans know their stuff!


  23. beefwalker

    You almost never go to Aldi? Yet you love chocolate?
    They’re a German company, so all their chocolate is pretty good – as it’s either made in Germany or Poland – and it’s much better value than anywhere else. Besides the chocolate, my other reasons for visiting are:
    – The nation’s best value grass-fed beef.
    -‘Real’ vegetables
    (i.e. vegies which don’t look like their clones of each other, but the sort we used
    to see in markets and green-grocers as kids – plus their broccoli is almost
    always a dollar or two cheaper than anywhere else.
    – The best value meat pies around (a rare diversion in my grain-free life) $3.70 for 6!
    – Great hummus (when you can find the big tubs)
    – The cheapest free-range eggs in town. (souced from the same places that the big supermarkets get theirs from).

    Then there’s the weekly bargains like their cookware (keep an eye out for the cast iron stuff), the electrical good (timers and remote-control power-points are on sale now) and the ski-gear (especially if you have kids) which is really well made. I have ski-bum mates back in Europe who love it and I have a snowboard jacket I’ve had for years which I love and only cost $60.

    Aldi may look odd, and you may not know the brands (yet) but they’re a great and welcome foil to Woolies and Coles. You’d be daft (or a snob) not to shop there!