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  1. Fi

    Hooray! xx

  2. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    I’m so glad things are looking up for you. I know how difficult that is!

    This cake sounds fabulous. Do you think it would work with fresh or frozen fruits?

  3. Emma

    Since my science deals with trees, not food (although I do make sure to sample leaves and bark and things in case of deliciousness), I’m not a leading expert on the cutting edge science of the great baking powder / baking soda debate.

    But I can think of a couple things. I think that baking powder contains baking soda. I postulate, based on hypothetical observation, that baking soda reacts rather quickly while baking powder can take longer. I theorize, again based on observation, that baking soda may be stronger than baking powder.

    It must be quite a relief to hear that all is well with the Wayfaring Chocolates. Now you can get back to coloring (with many shades of orange!), while your dad looks on and palm trees sway about and do their thang.

  4. Ashley

    Aww, glad to hear he’s in the clear. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, my mum’s cousins’s son (so my second cousin…? Or is that third?) is dairy, egg and I don’t know what else free, so I think this may just be a perfect recipe for them. It’s so hard to come across ones like this!

  5. Ashley

    Or well, he can take egg in cakes. So this recipe is still okay! 😉

  6. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    I’m glad your dad is okay and that your grandparents are progressing. I can only imagine how stressful the past few weeks were! I too am very close to my dad and he also shares my sweet tooth, so I empathize especially with this post. I wish your dad and your family the best, take care!
    PS – cake looks awesome, thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    How sweet that you thought to make him something healthy. Looks just as tasty as a naughty treat too.

  8. Lizzi

    Oh Hannah-bo, I’m so sorry to hear this.
    I haven’t met your dad (though we did talk on the phone for approximately 47 seconds once, so I feel completely justified in saying that we share some kind of amazing special life-long bond), but just judging from that top picture? He’s a good egg. Or…cholesterol and fat free egg substitute.

    In other news, your little sunflower dress melts my heart.

    LOVE TO YOU AND TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY. Gimme a call if you need/want anything at all! 🙂 xx

  9. L-Engineer

    That slice was just sooohhh good! Like a cross between cherry ripes and black forrest cake, but lighter and just totally moorish. None left! So sad!

  10. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I am so, so, SO glad to hear that the end of hospitals may be in sight. And that your Dad’s tests came back clear – although throwing that piece of information / anxiety into the mix makes me ache even more for your family over the last little while. Too much powers that be, too much! I’m knocking on wood for you all too.

    I also love the look of this cake, and think it may have answered my question of “what do I make to welcome my parents home?” 🙂

  11. Margaret

    I love cakes made with almond meal. It looks like you put the cherries from Costco to good use. 🙂
    I made an almond meal cake with grated carrot and Medjool dates recently. Yum! It was so moist.
    I’m so glad your dad is well.
    Hannah sorry to bother you about this now, but I’ll buy a Vita-Mix in a couple of weeks. Did you buy any of the accessories? Are they necessary? What are the dry jug and wet jug? The explanation on their website is very vague.
    Can’t I blend went or dry things in just the basic Vita-Mix? Can I make almond meal sometimes and almond butter other times with just the basic unit, or must I buy accessories?
    Sorry to go off topic and ask about this, but you are the first person I thought of who can answer this question.
    I hope you are nowhere near the toxic fumes today sweetheart! Just hold your breath until they go away. xx

  12. Simply Life

    oh those are truly the perfect flavors together- delicious!

  13. Evan Thomas

    Almond flour has been my favorite gluten-free flour lately.
    And of course chocolate and cherries are always favorites.
    Great recipe!

  14. JohannaGGG

    I couldn’t believe it when I read your dad too! But am relieved he is doing well. What a rollercoaster you must be riding right now – take care and eat lots of that yummy cake with your family – that is a good restorative activity – which you most certainly need!

  15. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    I’m glad things are going well with your dad. Such stress, my dear Hannah.

    Cherries and chocolate belong together. They should be married.

  16. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    This looks fantabulous, and I’m glad everything’s alright with your dad!

  17. Ricki

    So glad Dad’s tests are all okay! And how lucky is he that he gets to eat such a scrumdiddlyumptious treat? (and say the word, “scrumdiddlyumptious”?)

    I think Emma covered it up there, but baking soda is one ingredient in baking powder. Baking soda works quickly and if you stir too much, it loses its effect. Baking powder (esp “double acting”) will make your bread/cake/slice rise as soon as the wet hit the dry ingredients, and then again when the heat hits the batter in the oven. Soda will just rise because of a chemical reaction with something acidic in the batter. Whew!

  18. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    I’m so glad your Dad’s tests came back clear. We are waiting for Mum’s MRI scan results today, it is very nervous making. Especially when you are having other hospital dramas, I hope everyone is well away from them for a good long time now!

    Damn girl, you know how to bake, that slice looks awesome. Another recipe going in the folder.

  19. leaf (the indolent cook)

    I’m glad the tests came back good! And what a treat this cake is too for all of you to share together.

  20. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh that’s wonderful news about your dad! What a relief! You and your famil have really been put through it lately you poor things 🙁 And hehe another snap, I just made a gluten free and dairy free dish. Is it possible that our spay master game has bonded us food twins? 😉

  21. penny aka jeroxie

    It seems a little like this lately, isn’t it? I hope that you have no more visits to hospital anymore and everyone is healthy.

  22. Alisa Fleming

    Knocking on wood for you! This cake looks amazing. I’m pinning it!

  23. GirlonRaw

    Oh darling, I’ve been thinking about you loads at this time and that photo of you as a littley with your dad makes my heart melt. Please keep on posting these piccies from the past. xxxxx

  24. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    yeah for gf baking!!! go you! i love almond flour. do you usually make your own? amd hahha aren’t eggs dairy? in the US it is! lol. 🙂

  25. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Oh Hannah, what sorrosful weeks you all must have had! I’m so happy that your grandparents are getting better and your dad is okay, too!

    You know, I was thinking a very similar thing recently – that I want my dad around longer, and thus should share my knowledge about nutrition (everything I’ve collected during the past 1 1/2 years) with my parents. I already did so with my mom, but my dad, due to his several bowel issues he has since he got surgery a few years ago, with many emergency hospital visits, has switched to a gluten-free diet now. It tells a lot about his suffering because my dad loves his breakfast buns, cereal, cakes and pies, bread and cheese, pasta, rolls and crisp bread!

    So, I’m going to send this recipe to my mom now. She’s a baker and currently exploring the field of gluten-free baking. My parents will love this cake. (And you see, in a way you’re baking for both our dads. :))

  26. hungryandfrozen

    Bless your socks. That’s so good the tests came back all clear. Seems like you’ve had a lot on your plate lately, glad to hear this cake is one of those things though.

  27. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    You’re such a gem, Hannah. You’re so good to your family. I wish your dad (& grandparents) all the best for their health. You must be so relieved!! I bet he was loving this cake too 🙂
    Heidi xo

  28. Camille

    Soda would probably provide more lift than the powder, and deeper browning. So happy to hear your family is doing better, healthwise. I’m sure your baking and emotional support has certainly helped.

  29. whisperinggums

    And it was a very lovely cake! Thanks Hannah.

  30. Agnes

    Awww. Glad to hear things are on the up. x

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  35. Stacy Brown

    I stumbled upon your recipe / site via google – I was searching for a gluten free / cherry based cake. This looks perfect as the person I am making it for (for a 40th) is lactose intolerant also! I have not baked in years but I am looking forward to using your easy to follow recipe 🙂

    Stace – Melb Australia.