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  1. Christine @ Merf In Progress

    I do sort of long for velcro shoes again, though. Especially cool Boba Fett ones like my kid has.

  2. Three-Cookies

    No photo of the pie? I was curious to see what it looks like!

  3. juniakk @ mis pensamientos

    “a thousand hugs, a hundred bucketfuls of love, and countless dozens of firework-esque sparkling wishes for a speedy and smooth recovery” – seriously, i love how your write out your thoughts!

    and the 3 ingredient almond cake looks so good. i wonder if it’ll be the same if i veganize it since it has egg whites. does the egg whites bind or leaven here?

  4. Emma

    I’m so glad you were rockin’ the (albeit incredibly small, mostly non-existent and entirely due to the cut of the sweatshirt) beer gut at this young age!

    What was your grandma advertising on the pin on her vest? I hope it was for convenient and affordable trips to Mars, because that’s where you appear to be in the photo:)

  5. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oh sweetie – that IS a lot going on! Sending lots of speedy recovery vibes to your family’s way xxx

    I do wonder, however, whether perhaps they could put all your lovely grandparents in the same room ala Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It woudl make visiting time easier 🙂

  6. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    That is entirely too many sad things at once and I’m so, so sorry. Hope everyone is healthy and happy again soon. :::hugs:::

  7. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I particularly like Step 7 of your recipe 🙂 My Dad would love this too I think – thanks for posting it.

    More seriously (and more importantly), I’m so sorry to hear that your grandparents are having such an unfortunate health-related run at the moment. It certainly sounds like your family is in need of delicious fish pies and dazzling almond cakes – and quite possibly jumpers with decorations too. Thinking of you and them x

  8. Sig

    Why aren’t you the most adorable looking kid ever? I’m loving the sweatshirt – very early 90’s 😛

    I really do hope your grandparents get better soon – lots of good thoughts heading your and their way 🙂

  9. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    Love the jumper. I had an oversized black knit one that said WOW in brightly coloured letters when I was about that age, it was awesome. These days kids seem to be dressed like mini adults. It is kind of cute, but nowhere near as cool as we evidently were.

  10. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike

    Best wishes to your family!!

    What an intriguing recipe…it must be very fragrant, with all those lovely herbs!

  11. JohannaGGG

    sorry to hear your grandparents are not doing so well with their health – wish them all the best (where is that photo of you and your grandmother taken – looks like amazing landscape).

    Was pleased to find that you didn’t have a picture of the fish pie as I spent some moment pondering over how that slice could be a fish pie because I read the text – then it all made sense! Coconut mash sounds interesting and just right for those flavours

  12. penny aka jeroxie

    Looks like brownie… hahaha… Love the flavours. yummo!!

  13. Priyanka

    So sorry about all the health issues your grandparents are going through. I really hope things get better soon.

    You look so adorable in that picture!!!

  14. April@MyFoodTrail

    Sorry to hear about all the hospital visits 🙁 Hope everyone is on the mend and recover quickly.

    What a gorgeous photo of you!! You still look the same!!! (in a good way!)

  15. whisperinggums

    Glad to be of service. The photo has come up well … and next time I shop for you I’ll forget earrings and old china and look for jumpers instead.

  16. Erin@TheFoodMentalist

    How cute are you?!?! Great photo 🙂

  17. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    You poor lil thing! Isn’t it awful how these things are all happening at once too? I hope your grandma is ok and recovers well with the surgery!

  18. Kath Lockett

    Hugs to you and (a very gentle one, so as not to disturb the hips) to your grandmother as well 🙂

  19. leaf (the indolent cook)

    I do dearly hope that life gets brighter and chirpier at Wayfaring Chocolateland again soon. Meanwhile, delicious fish pie followed with cake for dessert should certainly help.

  20. GirlonRaw

    Oh Hans I am thinking of you all at this draining time, but I love that you still had the energy and desire to cook for your family even if it was thrown together, it sounds quite perfect. Shame about the photo though – you’ll just have to make another 😉

    PS LOVE the jumper hahahaha

  21. Camille

    But whither the photo of the fish pie? WHITHER? 😉

  22. Caitlin @ Vegetarian in the City

    Magical Flourless Three Ingredient Almond Maple Cake – i’m sooo making this. what an awesome recipe!

    my thoughts are with you for your grandmother. stay strong 🙂

  23. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    Hope your grandparents feel better soon. That cake does look magical!

  24. Fatbooo

    Haha, I don’t think I’ve read the word “nincompoop” for years! The fish pie sounds weird, with coconut mash, but… if I think of it as a otak otak (banana leaf wrapped spicy fish paste) type of thing, then it works in my mind!

  25. Simply Life

    oh that picture is so stinkin’ cute!

  26. Agnes

    Aww, hope everyone gets better soon. xx

    PS: so proud of you for cooking real food! 😉

  27. Errign

    Aw, I hope everyone in your family is doing well today!

    Pie sounds intriguing 🙂

  28. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Oh no, you have three grandparents in hospital now? 🙁 I’m sending all my best wishes to them!

  29. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Oh! Hannah! Your elders have been through so much, and of course you have too, poor thing. Wishing you all much love and good health and yummy thai-style fish pies. oh wait, you already have the latter. Well, the former then *hugs*
    Heidi xo

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