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  1. Italian & Sons & Beaver Galleries, Canberra @Not Quite Nigella

    […] spies are the ones that blend into the background well so we test ourselves out in camouflage! And Hannah’s report is here This is surely a talent!I bet you can’t see me here … The clock strikes 11.30am and we […]

  2. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I laughed out loud. You might even say that I lol’ed. Existential Spy-Hide-and-Seek, that says everything right there.

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    When are you gonna come spy on me, hmmm?

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw that teeny tiny sliver of crumble cake. Thank goodness you informed us that that was only half the slice! Pathetic-serving-size crisis avoided.

  4. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    You guys are too awesome!!!

  5. Leah

    What a cute post!! Your blog always makes me smile thanks Hannah 🙂

    1. Leah

      BTW Hannah, I remember how cold Canberra can be, where the heck is your coat???? hahahaha. Your making me freeze just looking at you!!! 😀

  6. Fiona

    hahha you guys are hilarious 🙂

  7. Priyanka

    Such a cute post, oh and you have managed to make yourself invisible quite well 🙂

    I love Lorraine’s blog too!

  8. Three-Cookies

    Funny. The photographer must have been smart since he/she managed to always spot one of you:) Which is the statue – I could not tell the difference?

  9. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    My darling Hannah! It was such a delight to share a meal with you and to meet you in real life. I laughed and loved your story, you really captured the fun that we had! And you really did do the best spy pose ever-totally inconspicuous-I thought you were the shadow of that statue! 😉 x

  10. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    naw so nice to see you two together!! what kinds words you write about Lorraine. Very very true also. She’s amazing. As are you, lovely lady! The eggs with asparagus look insanely delicious!
    Heidi xo

  11. Mel

    This post made me smile a lot and your spy poses remind me of my sister who is always doing quirky things in photos. It looks like you had such a fun day! Although I’m very late to the party, my husband and I have just become hooked on True Blood too!!! We have a fair bit of catching up to do…

  12. Margaret

    You are the cutest of the cute! I think spending a few hours with you would be an amazing adventure no matter what we’d be doing.
    The weather has been spring-like in Sydney for a while now, but I’ve noticed that the nights are still so cold in Canberra! How cruel!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. 🙂 xxxx

  13. Lisa @ Blithe Moments

    Love it, I totally couldn’t see either of you in any of those pictures.

    Oh and I totally approve of the cake choice but I do come from a family where we have a special cake that you have for breakfast on your birthday, yup, breakfast birthday cake, it doesn’t get better than that.

  14. leaf (the indolent cook)

    So funny and adorable, the two of you!! Nothing like a philosophical game like existential hide and seek to confirm a true friendship, I say. Love the spy poses too.

  15. JohannaGGG

    Wow that all looks a little bit Get Smart (though I am disappointed you did have one of you hiding in a rubbish bin or letterbox a la Agent 13)

    Have never met Lorraine but from her blog I am sure she is lots of fun

  16. Nachos

    Haha! You guys are cute!

  17. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Oh so funny 🙂 And so fun! After all, what better way to start a day than with cake and hide and seek variations? Bliss!

  18. Fatbooo

    This post is hilarious!!! 😉 You’re crazy!!! 😀

  19. Fatbooo

    Hahahahah… TOTALLY!

  20. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    Such a cute post! One day I’ll meet Lorraine too. After all, I am her American Mum.

  21. chopinandmysaucepan

    Two lovely ladies having so much fun have even overshadowed that delicious plate of scramble eggs and asparagus!

  22. Emma

    As long as it’s not Objectivism Hide and Seek, simply Existentialism, I’d be down!

    That sauce oozing from under the cake looks totally like True Blood, huh? Yum yum yum yum yum. Nothing like a good blood meal to start the day off right.

  23. Sig

    Hahahahah oh what fun!!!

    Um, you do realise that when you said you were two identical statues, the statue actually had something that I’d find very disturbing if you had it. (What can I say?- my eyes immediately went to that :P)

    I need to start reading more people like this because anyone who adores True Blood, dessert before the mains and loves spy games sound right up my alley 🙂

  24. Sophia

    OMG. Lorriane!!!!!! I love her!!!! How awesome is it that you guys met? I wish you, me and her could make a threesome. Not in that way, of course. In the cafe, foodie, decent, delicious way.

  25. Jamee

    Those corn fritters looks AMAZING! Okay, all of those breakfast items look amazing. You girls are too cute! I need to move to Australia! 😀 … or just visit. 😉

  26. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    this is such a cute post. playing silly games as young adults is the best. love feeling goofy! haha did anyone see you taking those crazy pictures?? lol.

  27. msihua

    Hmmpphh… here everyone is saying how cute and funny or crazy you both are, and all I can think off over here is.. I WANT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too :'( SAD….

    I so could have totally ousted the both of you 😛 Waaaaa… I wanna play spy and seek tooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  28. whisperinggums

    Great post Hannah … do you think the Beaver Galleries people have you on their CCTV?

  29. Casey Lorraine

    Love these photos! Fun and sassy 🙂 oh and I’m a HUGE True Blood fan. Sooo good!

  30. ck

    What a meeting that would have been! I wish I had been there as official photographer.

  31. Louise

    What a fabulous morning you girls had…..

  32. Ravel

    I have been meaning to check out the Beaver Galleries and the cafe there! What a lovely post – I love NQN and read her blog religiously every morning. I’m so glad I discovered your blog today – I’ll sure add it to my daily read. And the fact that you are a fellow Canberran is an added bonus!


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  35. Lisa Hill

    Hi Hannah, your mum sent me here knowing that I would love your blog, and especially this post – and I do!
    Lisa (we’ve already met at Whispering Gums)

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