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Up, Up, Up Past The Jellicle Moon

Black Forest CupcakesWhen this post goes up, up, up into the big wide horizonless sometimes-cloudless-sometimes-stormy expanse of The Interwebs, your fearless-intrepid-daring-courageous-plucky-valiant* Wayfaring Chocolate will also be going up, up, up into the big wide horizonless sometimes-cloudless-sometimes-stormy expanse of the skies.

En route to Brisbane.

En route to a 48-hour break from working life.

En route to a glorious two days of feasting on a myriad plates of deliciousness.

En route to this inspiring, gorgeous, caring, creative, and glowing new mum, whom I’m honoured to share not only a dear friendship with but also a love of raw desserts, hugs, and happiness.

* I did all of that without a thesaurus. True story.

BrigadeirosHowever, I know that as my plane slides itself into the [hopefully fog-less] Australian sky, I’m going to be feeling a little anxious and teary.

As you know, my grandpa has been in hospital for over a week now. On Wednesday, I was finally able to visit and hold his hand. What you didn’t know is that another member of my family has also been in and out of emergency three times in the past 36 hours.

It’s been tough. And it’s been really hard for me to accept that it’s okay for me to go on my mini-holiday, away from nurses, drips, and interminably long night-time hours.

Tamari Mushroom Pasta

My darling mother, however, all but ordered me to get on my plane. She was adamant that everyone would be happier knowing I was enjoying my break, laughing and living life, and that if I could come home on Saturday and do a bit of cooking and baking** for the family, that would be the best thing.

So this is my plan: I’m going to squeeze the most fun I can out of these next 48 hours, and with every laugh and nourishing meal I experience, I’m going to be toasting my family back home.

What do you say, Robyn? Are you willing to help me in my quest?

** Mum may have just said “cooking”. I added in the “baking” part because, in my humble opinion, life is better when dessert is at hand.

Raspberry GranitaOh, and before I forget, I’ve spent the past few days [finally] creating a recipe page for my blog. So if you want links to the above-picture Black Forest Cupcakes, Brigadeiros, Raspberry Granita, and much much more, make sure to click here or the Recipes tab at the top of the page!

That should keep you entertained for a day at least…

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  1. Lizzi

    Oh little one, I hope everything/everyone is okay. Enjoy your trip. Smile a lot, laugh a lot, and love a lot. BIG CUDDLES.

  2. Emma

    Oh, your mum is such a practical cat.

    This will be just what you need. After distracting yourself with creating that recipes page (which I did see earlier and wondered if it was new – dur), go out and distract yourself with something(s) less pixely, but equally tasty. And then tell us, out here on the interwebs, all about it. My best to you and yours, dear lady!

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I’d quite like to hug your Mum, but I don’t think that would be appropriate 😛 Seriously, though, I am so glad you’re off to Brisbane. I hope you have a wonderful time that goes some small way to countering this past week, even though I know your family members will still be in your mind, and you return refreshed and ready for all that baking. Definitely baking rather than cooking 🙂

  4. Lisa

    Have a great break. I know what it is like when the family emergencies just keep coming and trust me some time out does wonders. You will come back refreshed and ready to feed your family and keep them going.

  5. Lexi

    So sorry to hear you’re having a tough time but I hope you enjoy your break, sweetie. x

  6. Jess

    You’re coming to Brisbane?! The Brisbane I live in? But but but I need to know these things! You must tell me the next time you come so that we can meet up and I can take you to lovely foodtastic places…

  7. Sarah

    Sorry to hear you family are going it rough. Enjoy your break and have a great time.

    (My ears prick up whenever the words ‘Jellicle Moon’ are uttered. Must be my cat like hearing).

  8. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Oh Hannah, all my best wishes for you and your family. I do hope you have a fabulous break! And that things get better. xx

  9. Fiona

    Oh enjoy your weekend you deserve it!

  10. whisperinggums

    Love the recipe page … love the fact I can just go to it now when I want to find a recipe of yours. And yes, cooking is what I said, but to me cooking includes baking so it’s all good!

  11. Johanna GGG

    enjoy your break – sounds like you need it! hope there is lots of good food and good times

    love your recipe page – what an impressive list – and I love a good list

  12. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Have fun on your trip and please make sure to eat at least one fabulous dessert for me to read about!

  13. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    enjoy your next 48 hours! we are praying for your grandpa.

    and yay for finally making a recipe page!

  14. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    You’re going to meet Robyn?! Oh, you lucky girls! I’d give anything to join you! :'( Have a wonderful time despite all your recent stresses!

  15. Rach

    Ooh that Raspberry Granita looks so pretty!

  16. Alisa Fleming

    So sorry to hear about the medical issues with your family. That’s never easy. Good that you have your mom to make sure you take care of yourself!

  17. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    ahh I hope your family is okay Hannah~I’m sure they are–making the best of what they have at the moment 🙂

    And I know it must be hard to go away, but I think it’s definitely not a bad thing! Many times, people don’t take care of themselves during such times, and end up struggling health-wise too. Take care! And finally!! a recipe page!! 😀

  18. L-Engineer

    Hannah, hope you’re having a wonderful time up North, where it’s nice and warm. Well done on adding the Recipe page.

  19. sophia

    Safe and happy journeys, my dearest Hannah.

    And please just enjoy yourself! It is not your job to cure everyone and linger over them–I’m sure your grandpa would much rather you live your life joyfully, so you can come back to him and tell him your adventures.

    I understand the heaviness in your heart, as my mom is not feeling well either and my grandfather is close to dying, but just have fun and refresh yourself and spread your happiness back to your loved ones. 🙂

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