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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh noes! Are you ok Hannah? Is it too much pixie dancing the night before? Or did they tip the moon upside down? 😉

  2. sheila @ Elements

    Yummy! These sound wonderful, and I love that you put flax seeds in them! I need all the fiber I can get! 🙂

    Hmmm…I wonder why you got so dizzy? Do you have problems with low blood sugar? I hope it was just a one-time thing and that it won’t happen again. That’s kind of scary.

  3. Emma

    Oh no, the dancing squeezable mustard bottles are on to you? They must be in cahoots with the mayonnaise bottles of all shapes, sizes and squeezableness… those haunt me in my dreams, during weeks in which I don’t consume my (personally-)recommended servings of mayo. Not sure how much the serving size is, probably three cups or so. Yum.

    I’ll be honest with you. I’ll probably not make these. Instead, I will be content with admiring their glorious appearance. Looks are everything. As you proved in the pixie-themed image, duhhhh.

  4. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    I did the same thing at 3m! Turns out it was just the “nectar of the gods” I enjoyed. 😉

    Love, love Marcona almonds. Just wish they weren’t so pricey! i’ll eat them with blue cheese, crostini, and drizzled honey as a snack (that more often than not turns into a dinner).

  5. Ricki

    That vertigo sounds horrible! My aunt used to have vertigo and when it hit, she just stayed in bed. You are much more valiant, making truffle balls. Which look great, btw (no weird angles there). Hope you’re better asap!

  6. Errign

    I love to make balls like this – they are a perfect little snack. And I can’t type the word balls without laughing apparently…

  7. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    These look wonderful! And the picture of your is so cute (I didn’t know that one before!) – you already like yourself! 😀

  8. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Have you considered that perhaps you were walking perfectly fine and it was the whole rest of world that was wobbly?

  9. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Oh Hannah! I hope you’ve recovered from your 3am shakiness. That doesn’t sound like a fun way to enter the early morning hours at all.

    Those almond and fig balls, on the other hand, sound fun and delicious. Great idea to incorporate the figs 🙂

  10. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    Hannah I wanna pinch your cheeks in the picture!!! and I hope you’re okay~
    I’ve sooo been thinking about making all your balls lately!! Just haven’t gotten around to it…wait…that sentence just sounds wrong! haha. I will soon try ’em, fo’shoooo

  11. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    oh dear! Pixie-vertigo, you poor little pixie! These balls surely did the treat. Maybe you didn’t eat enough chocolate yesterday, Hannah *looks disapprovingly at you*…
    Heidi xo

  12. Ricki

    . . . and thanks for submitting this to Wellness Weekend this week! 😀

  13. Sig

    Hahaha I must say I haven’t felt the force of the pixies for myself, but as another commenter mentioned the ‘nectar of the gods’ has been more than sufficient on many a occasion.

    I also like the word discombobulated. It makes me think of floating heads or Nearly Headless Nick (“NEARLY headless?? How can you be NEARLY headless?” “Like THIS”) (Sorry for the Potter slip in – slightly obsessed at this time of year).

    These balls look amazing.

    Didn’t think I’d ever say THAT. Oh well, there’s always a…err…first time. Will make 🙂

  14. Anna johnston

    Nawwwwh… Your such a cutie pie. These no bake goodies look delightful. 🙂 Hope your not too bruised up, and dang it girl get some rest. Xxx

  15. Priyanka

    That doesn’t sound very good. Hope you didn’t have any other episodes!

    I love these “whatever you have in your pantry” kind of energy balls. As you said, 99% of the times, they will be good! Somehow the combination of lemon extract and coconut did not work in my kitchen experiments 🙂

  16. theresa

    I think these look wonderful, but I hope they don’t continue to affect your balance! Was it, perhaps, a dead-asleep foot or leg?

  17. Louise

    Hope the vertigo was a short lived ear thing after your recent lurgy. Gravity does suck. Glad to hear that the vegan balls were good.

  18. Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    what are marcona almonds??? and love how you used figs!!! not as sweet as dates and just as tasty!

  19. Tammy

    Making these – next week!

  20. Lauren

    Last time that happened to me, I had an ear infection. And I delighted in telling everyone that I suffered from vertigo, just like Lucille Two on Arrested Development. But I guess sleepiness is more reasonable.

    Pixies remind me — I haven’t seen Harry Potter yet! Maybe tomorrow. I HAVE seen True Blood, though. That werepanther stuff, I just don’t know.

    1. Lauren

      You can also call them “the vapors” like a real lady.

  21. Johanna GGG

    Ah fruit and nut balls – just as well you had some to comfort you if only you could find your way to the kitchen! We are planning to make some tomorrow for our road trip – hope they don’t do weird things to our sense of direction or we might end up in Perth instead of Canberra 🙂

  22. msihua

    Emm… missy… I think you and I need to talk.. Dizzying all over the place is not normal behaviour.. neither is dizzying all over the place and then writing about it… Please go have it checked out… !!!!!!

  23. Cait's Plate

    HAHA! I’m glad you re-used that photo because I’ve never seen it and it’s absolutely amazing 🙂

  24. Hannah

    Marcona almonds are such a treat, and these snacks sound wonderful! Especially since it’s too hot to even think about using the microwave, let alone turning on the oven. Yikes.

    PS, this is too weird. I didn’t realize that we even had similarly curly hair. Are you sure we aren’t each other’s clone, perhaps?

  25. Gmasydney

    Are you trying to up stage Gpasydney and his vertigo? Whisperring Gums is probably right – go to bed and stop answering all these lovely comments!
    With all these no bake recipes you really are doing your best for climate change, aren’t you?

  26. Erica

    mmmm! They sound like a fresh homemade lara bar. Love the texture.

  27. Shirley @ gfe

    Just made my way over from Ricki’s Wellness Weekend. These energy balls look and sound great to me. 🙂 Re: vertigo, are you gluten free? Vertigo and ataxia can be related to celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Hope you’re feeling better!


  28. Lesh

    Hi Hannah, thanks for commenting on my site and leading me back to yours! I love treats like these! A little nibble of goodness – just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. As for chocolate – only dark for me, 70% + 🙂

  29. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    When I read “careening diagonally,” I at first thought it said “careening diabolically.” You should try it that way next time. ;P

    These look yummers! Marcona almonds, what a treat. And I <3 figs, because, as we know, I <3 all things seedy.

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