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  1. Tori @eat-tori

    Happy birthday for yesterday! That chocolate peanut butter tart looks insane. I hope you had a very, very large slice.

  2. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Wow, those are fantastic presents! That might be enough peanut butter to last you…I don’t know…a whole week?!

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I hate hearing your b-day was cry-worthy 🙁 but it looks like these treats would’ve perked up just about anybody! Especially that care package from your brother…what a doll. Even though it’s The Day After, I’m glad you’re smilier (yes I just made that word up) now. 🙂

  4. theresa

    Aw, happy birthday and sorry I missed it yesterday! I hope you have a good birthday weekend (because when does a birthday last for a single day?). Andy’s birthday was on Tuesday, and so is his younger brother’s, and his mum’s birthday is Tuesday coming. It’s a big week for birthdays! Lots of geminis in my life…

  5. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    You see, I’ve totally missed your birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, HANNAH! 😀

  6. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    PS. Walker’s cookies are the best. And I can’t believe that you didn’t have any chocolate from *me* for your birthday! I’ll fix that in the next days.

  7. hungryandfrozen

    What utterly supercool presents 😀

  8. Lauren

    What great gifts! I actually have the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl in my pantry right now — or did, until my dad discovered it this morning. Then, half a jar gone, in a spoonful.

    Since I was born earlier this month, I was stuck with Taurus, rather than the much more appealing Gemini. Blech. It honestly is the worst of all the signs. I wish that changing-the-horoscope thing was accepted among the masses — Aries sounds so much feistier.

  9. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    chocolate peanut butter tart…chocolate peanut butter tart!! Amazing. Love the hamper of goodies. I can totally imagine how excited you are about this 🙂
    HEidi xo

  10. chanel11

    Your brother is a legend! I wish my brother would get me a foodie pack like that – yum!

  11. Alisa Fleming

    Wow. I’m going to tell my loved ones to look at this post when my birthday rolls around. Glad it was so awesome!!

  12. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    I’m so glad your birthday improved! All of those gifts look amazing, and certainly well chosen. And that chocolate peanut butter tart…wow. I’d stick with that workplace 😀

  13. Leah

    Hannah!!! Frosting on oatmeal, sounds like something I HAVE TO TRY!!!! hahahah

  14. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    I’m so glad you got to try the PB and Co peanut butter! I can’t find some of the flavors, so I may have to order online 🙂 I’m dying to try the cinnamon raisin!

    Glad you had an awesome birthday!

  15. Iron Chef Shellie

    Happy Birthday! (late sorry about that)

    omg i want some chocolate and peanutbuttery goodness!!

  16. Jasmine

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lovely one 🙂

    That chocolate PB tart looks absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to hear your reviews on the flavoured PBs too! :p

  17. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Such great gifts! The cupcake is pretty indeed… and all that chocolatey and peanutbuttery goodness. Very nice. 😀

  18. msihua

    Happy birthday again you lucky girl… such a good boy your brother is!

    I’m taking you on a dessert date.. are you up for it?? I CHALLENGE YOU! Hahahaha

  19. Margaret

    Yes, the people at work know you well, and we know you well. I was going to say your mind is an open book………but more accurately, your mind is an open blog!! 😛
    Thank you for sharing your quirkiness with us Hannah. 😉

  20. Errign

    Yay for birthdays 🙂 So glad you had a nice experience with your friends/coworkers/family! Happy Birthday again xx

  21. Johanna GGG

    fantastic! peanut butter and chocolate are such perfect birthday treats for you! So glad you have been spoilt – that tart looks amazing – I hoped it was going to be caramel inside but I know peanut butter pushes the right buttons with you.

  22. Heather Eats Almond Butter

    Happy belated birthday beautiful Hannah! Wow your friends know you well as does your brother. Looks like you received a lot of love on your special day which makes me very happy. Also makes me happy that you added some of that pink frosting to your oatmeal. Perhaps this morning’s brekkie got topped with some of that chocolate PB tart? 😉

  23. Shannon

    That cupcake looks to die for! And those are THE BEST flavored peanut butters. I love the cinnamon raisin and white chocolate wonderful. And that peanut butter tart? Girl, you made out good! Happy Birthday (again)!

  24. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    What a delicious haul and four types of peanut butter? No way! OK what about another blog Wayfaring Peanut Butter? 😀

  25. Baking Serendipity

    Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a seriously awesome day. Mostly because of that cupcake…it is beautiful! Wishing you a year full of the same happiness 🙂

  26. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike

    Oh gosh, that tart! Exquisite! And what a nice brother to send you that box of amazingness (the only PB&Co I’ve tried is “The Heat Is On” – it’s reallll good).

    I don’t think pb-filled pretzels are available in Canada either…would it be silly to make a 5hr trip across the border solely to visit the mecca that is Trader Joe’s? Hmm.

  27. Camille

    Shoot! I forgot to put peanut butter in those birthday wishes I sent via Facebook. 🙂

  28. Whispering Gums

    Glad dinner was great. Look forward to hearing about it. Meanwhile, I believe there were a couple of other gifts there on the day – though not from your traveling parents given discussions before we left.

  29. Jess

    Four types of flavoured peanut butter from America (which have only just become available in Australia via a single online retailer)… THE WEBSITE ADDRESS OF WHICH IS…??????

    *wipes anxious sweat from brow whilst awaiting this important information*

  30. Conor @ Hold the Beef

    Ahhhhhhhh, that explains a lot! I knew you were younger than me, but didn’t quite realise you were only turning 10.

    Tee hee.


  31. Anna Johnston

    I love birthdays, and seriously girlfriend, I am so happy that things got better for yours. It was rather depressing you were tucked up in a conference all day, talking about dying right? 🙁 Anyho, Im a digging the cake you got, lots THE BUSINESS. Could go a slice right now. And, how fantastic is your broski, getting you that pressie. Hope your weekend has been Sssssmarvellous. Hugs and all that! Xxx

  32. Lizzi

    EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST MAKES ME HAPPY AS A CLAM! Because you are one of my favourite people and therefore deserve amazing birthdays at LEAST once a year 🙂
    Happy birthday again, my little beautiful one xoxo

  33. Libby

    A very happy belated birthday, dear Hannah! 😀

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