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  1. Fiona

    You could bake that for me, you’d simply be forced to eat the lot of it. Back in the day, OMG I’d be all into that

  2. Lizzi

    This almost makes me want to experience some heartache. Like… immediately.

  3. Johanna GGG

    one might even say that blondies are named after a certain very cool glamourous Deborah Harry who was an inspiration to women everywhere – best wishes to your friend in putting one foot after an other – sometimes it seems impossible but us humans are amazing beings – blondies seems a great start in the healing process

  4. Queenotisblue

    Such a lovely post, uplifting in it’s own sweet way. I think sometimes we do reach for the baked goods thinking that they’ll cancel out the heartache but really it’s our good relationships that we draw strength from, and the delicious baked goods our friends bring us 😉

  5. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Ah, I wish life would be so easy that a heart ache could be cured with a chocolate blondie …

  6. Emma

    A next step in the healing process could be enjoying all those great Deborah Harry moments from the days of yore… such as her rapping when she was still young and not creepy-looking, while passing by a dapper Uncle Sam (2:31). Or my favorite, portraying the old woman who lived in the shoe . Rock N’ Rhymeland: my favorite movie from childhood. Start at 3:00 to enjoy the excellent early 90’s song! Deborah Harry will appear at 3:47. Oh man. If this doesn’t cheer ya up, I don’t know what will. …Oh yeah, the blondies! Right:)

  7. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    These would be great cut into small squares and dipped in dark chocolate. You’re welcome.

  8. Errign

    Do you think if I am no longer suffering from heartache, this can still be a cure for something? That way I can justify eating the whole pan! 😀

  9. Rach

    Oh wow those look tasty!

  10. Kayla @ Fitter Than Choc

    I am sure days will be brighter with these blondies. I’m sure your friend must have felt better, and comforted to have a friend like you!

  11. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    How can life NOT start to look up if someone has a friend who delivers such tasty sweet treats 🙂

  12. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    how sweet 🙂 I loved reading what the ingredients represent. Macadamia nuts – I miss those.
    Heidi xo

  13. chocolatesuze

    you are a lovely friend i hope they feel better, just looking at these blondies makes me happier

  14. Kath Lockett

    Your friend must be feeling lucky to have you, even if other things in her life aren’t going so swimmingly right now.

  15. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh god, Hannah. Blondies- white chocolate- nuts- I’m having heart palpitations right now–(the good kind?) Surely these put at least a tiny, tasty little bandage on your friend’s heart.

  16. Nic@diningwithastud

    Such a great friend. Im sure the blondies helped 🙂

  17. chanel11

    Mmm I love a blondie 😉

  18. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    omgsh! blondies are haunting me!! I JUST saw someone’s post with another delicious recipe. 0_o” ahhaha I can’t get away from them, it’s a sign~

  19. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hang on, baked goods don’t solve all life’s problems? Hmm I must have (deliberately) missed that memo 😛

  20. Margaret

    Your friend won Lotto when she found you Hannah!
    Speaking of white chocolate that offers the smoothness of a hug……..I find a good book gives me a virtual hug if I spend some time reading when I’m emotionally distressed.

    I’m still waiting for a post about the good books you’ve read recently! 🙂

  21. Vaala ◪

    Aww this is so beautiful! You are truly an awesome person and I hope that you know that. It is very cheesy but it reminds me of these chocolate and peanut butter cookies M made for me long before we were together (oh how I hate that term but I couldn’t think of anything else) when I was going through a bad time. It really was like a little ray of light in the dark.

  22. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    You know what makes these blondies so magical though? They are the media between your heart and your friend’s.

  23. Karen

    I love how you wrote this post, Hannah! Oh, and those blondies… I’m seriously into nuts, and macadamias are some of the best. They go so very well with white chocolate, but are hard to find (and super expensive) here in Europe. Best excuse for a trip to Hawaii though! ;-))

  24. Camille

    Fantabulous. Baked goods made with love are a surefire cure for the blues.

  25. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    Baked goods always improve my mood 🙂 I hope they mended your friend’s heart!

  26. sophia

    Oh Hannah. You’re making MY heart ache by tempting me with these blondies…I love white chocolate + macadamia combos. Really really lusting after these right now!

  27. hungryandfrozen

    Lovely. I’m sure they helped in the way that really good brownies baked with a kind heart only can!

    I wish macadamias were a bit cheaper here, they’re so incredibly delicious – I think it’s in the texture.

  28. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Such a sweet post! Feeling a lot of good in the world in those blondies and your words.

  29. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    Beautiful post and such gorgeous blondies!!

  30. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    Yum – I made white chocolate and raspberry blondies for the first time recently and oh my god they were amazing. Moist and sweet and tart all at the same time.

  31. Hannah

    Such a beautiful sentiment… I can feel the love that went into these just through your words, so I’m 100% certain that your friend could taste the love as well!

    1. Hannah

      Thank you Hannah! From her response, I think she did, and that’s all I could ask for 🙂

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