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  1. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    I accidentally go into the men’s bathroom or locker room about once a year. I think that’s normal. And only 5 squares of Lindt chocolate at night – are you cutting back?

  2. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    You are so silly! I have had days like this too (minus the Snuggie.)

  3. Christine @ Merf In Progress

    1. I love love love love love my Snuggie. Except that it gets red lint all over everything it touches.

    2. That’s a very Lolita-esque photo of you in the dressing room.

    3. People actually eat Vegemite?

    4. What happened to Eric Dozier?

  4. Louise

    I thought the 5 squares of Lindt was wrong too! I hope you’re enjoying your well-deserved long weekend- is a 5 day weekend the longest weekend ever? If only it was 5 day weekends every week. And what the hell is My First Vegemite? Is this the most useless product ever? Have they not worked out that babies have been having their toast smeared with vegemite for ever? And 1+? That makes no sense either. I love that top photo- it’s fabulous- I bet your mother wants a copy printed of that one.

  5. Kayla @ Fitter Than Choc

    You must be really tired. I hope you didn’t go to toilet because the of the milk used in the coffee. Oh yes, how is my first vegemite different from the usual? I think vegemite is an Aussie thing. I never used to like vegemite before I lived in Australia, but now I do:)

    Since it’s a long weekend, enjoy it while it lasts:) Eat more chocolate and fudge!

  6. veganlisa

    I hope future posts will include you with your new Snuggie. Enjoy the long weekend – I’m feeling the same way. Days without trying to navigate the chaos of life are in order.


  7. Johanna GGG

    It is no good exiting the male toilets inconspicuously (as I was sure you did once I ascertained that the accompanying photo was not of the said incident) if you then write about it on the internet for everyone to read about – unless of course you are willing to sacrifice any semblance of being perfect in the name of entertaining the world – which of course you do wonderfully!!!

    I have just had to google snuggie and it is what I feared because I saw it advertised late on tv one night and laughed when I saw the add because it looked so silly!!! Do you walk around the house in them or do you never leave the couch so you never need to consider such a thing 🙂

  8. Evan Thomas

    Lol, I think it’s hysterical they market a vegemite for children.

  9. Agnes

    HAHAHAHAHA you ordered a snuggie!

    PS: Exhausted after one month of working full time? Can I just say, “Suck it up, Princess”? 😉

    PSS: I still love you.

    PSSS: But you’re still a Princess.

  10. Tammy

    oh my Hannah. You do need a long weekend. I’m quite bothered by the term cow juice. That will cause me to give up dairy.

  11. Emma

    It looks like My First Vegemite has a child safety seal. Hmm. [Okay I realize it’s just sealed for Extra Vegemiteable Freshness, but still.]

    I went into the boy’s bathroom my first day of kindergarten. Being an only child I didn’t know what I was seeing, but I knew that something was incorrect for my anatomy. Then, filled with shame upon realization of WHAT I’D DONE, I headed to the cafeteria, where I proceeded to take chocolate milk rather than regular milk. Being a(n only) child, I apparently didn’t yet know how to distinguish milks. While I love chocolate, je déteste chocolate milk. I have never had it since. I have also not walked into the men’s room since.

    Je regrette ces deux choses, mais rien de plus.

  12. Rach

    Oh girl! What a day! Haha! Get some rest and at least appreciate that you have some stories to share. 🙂

    Also, you look way prettier singing than I do. I usually look like I’m in pain when I’m singing (hence untagging every photo of me singing that anyone has ever put on FB, haha!)

  13. Jess: cheshirekitykat

    I’m sorry, but after your multiple mentions of cow juice in this post, I was unable to drink said juice in my coffee this morning. 😛

  14. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    You ordered a Snuggie! Yay for you! I don’t have one, but I’ve entertained the idea of getting one.

    A men’s bathroom walk-in AND skim milk in your coffee, both in the same day? Or same HOUR?! My poor, poor dear.

  15. Megan@Dirty Dishes Dailu

    I have so had those types of days. Sometimes I literally have to stop myself so I can regroup. I act like everything I am doing that is the first time I have ever done it.

  16. Camille

    So how exactly does the children’s vegemite differ from the adult version? Is it less disgusting so as to wean you onto the stuff gradually? Because that would explain a lot.

  17. theresa

    #7 sounds like a breakfast of champions.

    And yay for your snuggie! It really doesn’t get very cold here, but when it gets to our version of cold I wish I had a snuggie. Then I remember that it’s still 15 degrees and I really need to suck it up.

  18. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    Vegemite for children?! Haha! What’s the difference?!

  19. sophia

    Hannah, thanks for a good laugh!! Haha, I hope you’re resting now, you poor girl. I’ve certainly almost walked into the men’s bath before though…and two guys were…uh…peeing and I saw it all. It was horrible.

  20. Brent

    How could you not notice me taking photo #1? 🙂

  21. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    And I thought your last post was funny 😀 I actually laughed out loud at the bathroom scenario…although you may be pleased to hear I (in addition to Sophia!) once did the same thing, at work no less, and there was someone IN THERE. Doing what men with male bits do in a bathroom with urinals. That person is still at my workplace, so you can imagine the awkwardness whenever we remotely cross paths. Terrible. And I don’t have any idea why I went in there either!

    I hope the 5 day weekend and your upcoming Snuggie make up for your rather unfortunate end to the week 🙂

  22. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Ahh yes a woman after my own heart. Breakfast is always best served at 10pm no? 😀

  23. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    haha “cow juice!”. I always seem to begin my comments to you with “haha” – you’re fault, you’re too funny 🙂 I have that vegemite too. I think I like it… Lovely gospel pic!
    Heidi xo

  24. cathy x.


    that is all 😛

  25. Shannon

    8. At 11pm, thanks to the brilliant Brent whose photos are the only quality specimens on this post, order a Snuggie online.


    I’ll never understand why men’s bathrooms smell so awful. Do they miss? What is it?!

    1. Alison

      I believe it’s the ammonia in the urine… lovely thought.. and yeah it’s yuk…

      1. Brent

        Nah, the last guy to use the toilet forgot to change the potpourri.

  26. chocolatesuze

    bahahaha you crack me up lols @ cow juice haha happy easter!

  27. Alison

    I can so identify Hannah. 🙂 Hope the holiday gives you much rest. Love the photos BTW lol 😛 Look forward to chatting more soon xxx (probably by passing notes… reminds me of school etc)

    Remind me to tell you about the time I walked straight into the mens’ on purpose… a very good story. 😉

  28. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Serious state of being in need for vacation! I usually lose my ability to speak coherent sentences and start to see orange, sparkling suns everywhere at an advanced state of vacation neediness.

  29. whisperinggums

    I’m glad I didn’t have a glass of wine in my hand while I read that post, otherwise my laptop would now be drunk!

  30. Simply Life

    I’ve definitely walked into the wrong bathroom before -oops!

  31. Errign

    I love this post. I’m sorry you walked into the men’s room – totes done that myself. Horrible smell in there. Blegh.

    I love that you said cow juice. More than once.

  32. Vaala ◪

    Oh man, someone slipped some awful pictures of me up on Facebook after the weekend…it was distressing. And now I think about the weekend I feel jealous because we only got 4 days off. No fair!

    Did you know that my friend ordered me a soy latte one morning recently instead of a soy chai latte. I never drink coffee because my brain shakes inside my skull and I have to go lie down and be sick until it stops but I didn’t know until I took the first sip and then I felt bad because they paid for it so I made myself drink 1/4 of it…until I felt so ill I thought I better stop since I had to ride home and being sick on a bike might be a bit dangerous.

    Okay, that was a random story. I am guessing it was your coffee story that reminded me.

    What’s the vegemite like by the way? I’d heard about it and the newspaper said it tasted more like marmite. Not that it makes any difference to me since I can’t tell the difference between the 2. Clearly I have a very refined palate. I also like to spread the stuff super thickly (well, for vegemite/marmite standards).

    Oh yeah, and now I am about to disturb you totally. I can’t believe I’m about to tell you this because you will now never want to be friends with me!! I am wearing tights at work (with a short skirt). I will now run really fast in the opposite direction to Australia (and hit the sea within a few minutes so then I guess I’m going to have to start swimming)…

  33. Susan

    tailgating in canberra is a daily occurence for me. I do not see why people feel the need to do this! I was 2 cars away from an accident yesterday arvo on commonwealth ave cause someone was tailgating. stupid idiots.