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  1. Kayla @ Fitter Than Choc

    Yes to Reese’s! Both you and Lorraine are equally awesome! I MUST save this recipe, and try to make it dairy free and egg free. I have devoured a whole bar of dark chocolate in a day, yet it still doesn’t seem to satisfy my craving. This is really dangerous. With it being so quick and easy, I might just end up having it everyday.

  2. Christine @ Merf In Progress

    Your dad is a lucky, lucky, man!!!

  3. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    Hmmmm…I wonder what this would taste like with peanut oil as the fat. Yes, I do wonder. More testing?

  4. Tori (@eat-tori)

    Ah, the joys of having family members who work in IT support (actually, it is such a raving joy when you need them on hand). They’re such good sorts. Nb, after being reminded of this recipe it’s a good thing I don’t have a microwave. I can see just going to ‘grab a cuppa’ from the kitchen at 3pm becoming a slippery slope.


    anything with Reese’s is the best! Yum, this looks so good!

  6. Nazarina

    Wow Hannah, I am in awe that you made this deliciousness in your microwave. This is a must try for me! I loved the picture, looking into that coffee mug!

  7. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    Mmmmm! That looks so good Hannah! Yes, Lorraine is an awesome woman. And so are you 😀 wow your dad’s eyes ARE beautifully blue! so “awake”

  8. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    BRILLIANT!!! JUST BRILLIANT! And considering I have a growing addiction to Reese’s PB cups at the moment – I am loving your version 🙂

  9. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    I’ve never made cakes in a mug, but it’s such a lovely idea, and those cakes just look delicious! 😀

  10. Simply Life

    oooh this looks way too good!

  11. Margaret

    Are they the Reese’s PB cups you got at Costco or do you buy them somewhere else? I’ve never tried them. Are they gluten free? (Please tell me what I want to hear)!
    Hannah you are making your entire family famous through your blog!
    I hope you don’t have any blue days for a long time.

  12. Lauren

    Aggggghh best recipe ever. I am so lazy. I am going to cook every meal in the microwave.

  13. Johanna GGG

    I want some peanut butter cups just so I can try them in the recipe – my last microwave baking expedition was a disaster – it’ll be dem leprechauns to be sure to be sure – but I have had success with this cake and figure these cups would just improve it even more.

    Your dad does sound like a superhero – there aren’t enough of them in the IT support world -would he like to come and work for my organisation and show all the boffins how to fix a computer 🙂 A cake well deserved by him (and you because you are a superhero blogger!)

  14. Ashley @ the fit academic

    Hooray for Dad to the rescue! And, WOW! That sounds amazing!

  15. Ash

    Squee for an email from Wayfaring Chocolate! Even though this recipe would kill me (translation for the blogosphere: peanut allergy), you have brightened an otherwise crappy writing day.

  16. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    Mmm, I have a variation of this – it’s called bowl cake. Similar premise, just….in a bowl. And slightly undercooked so it still has some gooey cake mix in it.

    Obviously I make it when I’m home alone and my husband can’t see how revolting my eating habits can be sometimes!

  17. chanel11

    I have yet to make this cake – glad to hear it’s as yummy as I thought it might be.
    And yes, your dad’s eyes are awesomely blue, and what a nice daughter to give him a mug treat 🙂

  18. Megan@Dirty Dishes Daily

    That looks delicious!!!

  19. whisperinggums

    I’m not sure it was quite single-handed, rather a small team, but he does have computer magic hands as you say.

  20. msihua

    Oh wow!! Computer Magic Hands!!! Excellent! Also head on to my churro’s story… the hot chilli chocolate is all for you 🙂

    I like super powers… do you read Piers Anthony Xanth novels by anychance? HMMmmmm

  21. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Your Dad is spoiled. Jus’ sayin…. 😉

  22. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Oh the mug cake looks just toooo awesome! And with those PB cup chunks. Drool.


  23. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Aww shucks Hannah I’m blushing now! That’s so sweet of you to say all of those lovely things! And hehe I love the new variation I must say! I mean since when is adding peanut butter anything but a brilliant idea? 🙂 And yay to superhero dads!

  24. Iron Chef Shellie

    Serious nomfest!!

  25. Peggy

    I’ve made the chocolate mug cake a while back and always thought it was delicious, but adding reese’s peanut butter cups! That’s a stroke of genius there!

  26. Karen

    Mmmmm, I’m drooling over this fabulous mug cake! Definitely a great way to beat serious chocolate cravings. Glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog, so much fun to read and browse! 🙂

  27. Tasha @ Voracious

    YES PLEASE!!!!

    I’ve been seeing mug cakes all over the place lately, and I think the person who invented the idea deserves a nobel prize. How often do I want cake but don’t have the time or desire to bake an entire cake? Only all the time! Mug cakes just might be the perfect creation….but adding pb cups? THAT is genius! I will have to make my own pb cups, since they don’t sell them here in Saudi. But it will be worth it!

  28. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    Great idea for a quick treat! 🙂

  29. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    This is amazing….sometimes you do just need a cake in a mug. And look at you, going and making it even better with Reese’s. Plus, it takes no time to create!! I love it. Thanks for this ultimate comfort food recipe (although makes me sad reading of your need for said comfort though – hope you’re ok). Yay for brilliant computer savvy dads!!
    Heidi xo

  30. Shannon

    WOW! Sometimes I have major chocolate and peanut butter cravings and this would be INCREDIBLE! Can’t wait to try it!

  31. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    This looks so good- especially because of the PB cups! I maybe be slightly addicted to those things- it’s a problem!!

  32. Ashley@TheHungryScholar

    I wish I had a microwave. UGH.

  33. Baking Serendipity

    This would make a rough day so much better! How sweet of you to cook such an awesome dessert for your dad 🙂

  34. Agnes

    I recently bought a second bag of those Reese’s mini peanut butter cups. A SECOND BAG. Alastair pretty much ate all of the first bag and he has started in on the second!

  35. Monique

    YUM!!!!!!!!!!! I want to make that now 🙂 I know the feeling, btw. I ate about four of my cookies yesterday and probably three more today. I need something else. This will do 🙂

  36. Anna Johnston

    Holy SMACK! 🙂 Yum, any left overs? Im sooooooo craving some choc mug cake.

  37. Alisa Fleming

    Ooh, he does have amazing blue eyes!

    This recipe … torture, sheer torture.

  38. Susan

    Lol you were right when you said those mini reeses never run out! I can’t wait to get a bag of them and make this dessert. I usually have just chocolate after dinner during the week, but I know what you mean when you need something different.

  39. Vaala ◪

    But I don’t have a microwave…?

    I have a mini self-saucing chocolate pudding I make sometimes. I think it was supposed to be for the microwave but I am scared of the things after so many years of not having one so I use the oven and it always overflows. It has copious amounts of chocolate in it. But I don’t have a recipe. I like to wing it. But this is making me want to make one when I get home (well, right now but that’s a bit hard from work). Unfortunately I have climbing tonight…and 5 hungry flatmates so a single serve pudding wouldn’t go down so well. I am writing lots of sentences. And this is another one. None of them are terribly exciting. But I can’t stop. Work is a yawn today (or perhaps it is more a case of a lack of sleep that is really causing the yawns). I had a nice lunch though but it fell apart on me. That is all.

    No really.

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  41. The Hook

    Looks and sounds awesome!

  42. Jamee

    Had serious anxiety all day, and then whaddyaknow, I stumbled upon this recipe. Made it and overcooked it, but it was still delicious!! I drenched it in soy milk to soften it up a bit. MMMM. Just what I needed. Thanks, Hannah!!

  43. Kath Lockett

    Yuuuumo! Is the flour self raising or plain (please let it be plain, please!)

  44. Jamee

    Hannah – this is too funny. I was just editing the “American” mug cake recipe I have in my cut-and-paste recipe book so that it matched yours. As I was editing all the ingredients, I realized it was the exact same recipe – just doubled and with added chocolate chips. HA! No wonder we have a reputation as “fat Americans.” Our mug cakes fill the whole mug! 😉 (And now I’m thinking ‘hmm…should I make another?'” Hehe! 😉

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  46. Jessie

    So happy to have found your blog! Just made this… well, kinda… I haven’t had/seen PB cups before, so instead swapped the oil for melted crunchy peanut butter. Also skipped the egg and just used soy milk, plus a bit extra to make up for the lack of egg.
    But… dangerous… I have these ingredients in my cupboard at all times… uh oh.
    😀 Thanks!