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  1. Rach

    Wow, what a history of music you have! I took piano lessons and played in a couple of recitals, but that was about it. When we moved overseas we didn’t have a piano (or keyboard for that matter) so I couldn’t practice anymore. I was never just super great, though, so no lost musician here, haha! 🙂

  2. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Wow Hannah – I had no idea of your musical prowess! I am very impressed 🙂 I am pretty sure if I joined a choir they would laugh at me (and cover their ears!!)

  3. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    Omigosh you were the cutest little thing. You look like a version of little orphan Annie….minus the orphan part 😉

    1. whisperinggums

      You’re not the first one to say that … in the US where some of those photos were taken she got that often!

  4. Lizzi

    You little cutie 🙂
    When’s your concert?? I’d absolutely love to come along!

  5. chocolatesuze

    nawww you and your rocking awesome lace socks!

  6. Johanna GGG

    those photos are so cute – such concentration! and what a lot of time you spent on music – I used to play piano but the discipline to practice got me in the end!

    gospel music and choc caramel slice sounds like a great day

  7. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    I am so jealous of people that grew up playing instruments! I have no musical inclination at all, and I never played an instrument as a kid, so I feel like I have no hope now 🙂

  8. Simply Life

    Oh I’ve loving all those pics from when you were little!

  9. Priyanka

    Hannah, you are so talented! Lacey socks, I loved wearing them 🙂

    And all your pics are so cute!

  10. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    This is cool Hannah! haha you’re so adorable in those pics…reminds me of my crying and pressing hard on the keys when my mom chopped my hair off right before a recital. 😛 OoOoh! Have you heard of Yiruma?! If not, I recommend looking him up on Youtube 🙂

  11. Fiona

    Will you wear socks like that at the concert?

  12. Margaret

    You are an inspiration Hannah; it’s so important to do things we’re passionate about. I’m sure in time your career will give you some of that too.
    I used to love singing Let my People Go in high school religion classes! I would love to come to your concert if I lived in Canberra. 🙂

  13. Leigh

    Brilliant photos (I’m still giggling), and I too loved my lace fold down socks!

  14. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hannah who knows, you might single handedly bring back the lacy turned down sock! And your outfit is no doubt coming back into fashion! 😀

  15. Anna Johnston

    I had a pair (or 2) of those lacy turn down socks….. I was might cool wearing ’em too so high fives to us fashionesta 🙂 🙂
    Your musical talent sounds like its not only come back with a bang but its having its very own revival Hannah, so happy your enjoying ‘your voice’ in this found again way. Keep us posted re the big concert 🙂

  16. theresa

    Aw, little Hannah! I’m in love! Good on you for joining the choir and finding something you love to do. That’s called work-life balance, and I’ve heard good things about it, so keep it up!

  17. Tori (@eat-tori)

    Wow. I’m so impressed- and jealous! My piano is at home, in storage. I miss it (though to be honest, in the last couple of years we took to using it as somewhere convenient to place a drink on top of, rather than something that I would play. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.

  18. whisperinggums

    And, do you realise that in the first photo you are wearing AABB unlike that time you went to school wearing ABAB! As for the music, you know you can play or sing for me anytime…

    BTW Everyone, the tantrums were few and far between.

  19. gmasydney

    When I was young and belonged to a school choir we were given a small cube of pineapple to eat before singing – I’m sure our choirmaster would have been appalled by the thought of mango sunflower balls. The pineapple was supposed to make our voices sweeter – heaven knows how or why! And it’s not fair – I never had turned down lacy socks. But then I was never as cute as you were.

  20. Helen (grabyourfork)

    I do want your seven year old style. I also want that chocolate caramel slice!

  21. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    You were far too cute to handle. and yes I completely agree, lacy fold down socks are greatly missed. Good on you for getting into Choir again (and good luck!!). It is so important to spend time doing what you love.
    Heidi xo

  22. Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day

    omg, you are sooo adorable!

  23. Kayla @ Fitter Than Choc

    I wish I had a quarter of your musical talents:) I really admire people who can sing and play musical instruments. Music is probably something that I was and never really am (or will be) good at. It’s exciting that you’re gonna be performing. I’d love to watch your performance! Too bad I can’t make my way to Canberra. Perhaps you should get someone to record it or take lots of photographs:)

  24. Lauren

    I relate to the idea of something being missing. I haven’t been able to pursue art as much as I’d like — first at the science and technology high school, now in the field of international affairs. So far, I’ve been filling the void with style blogs. But I’d like to take a class as soon as possible.

    This post also represents why I think the famous Tiger Mom (google it, if it didn’t reach Australia) had the right idea — in moderation, of course. Kids should grow up with music, despite the occasional tantrums.

  25. Errign

    Chocolate caramel slice? I want one!

    I am so very not musically inclined in any way, shape or form, but I am glad you have something you love so much!

  26. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    I love you’re a music person! And I so much wish I’d had started with piano lessons that early! (I’ve started at almost 25, but I play every day and love it very much. :)) I definitely have to finish Debussy’s Prelude pour le Piano some day, and I want to play more from Bach. But most of all I love Chopin. 🙂

    Durkheim, Giddens, Bourdieu … So you’re a sociology student? I read several texts / books from that authors back in my time of cultural studies and found it very fascinating! Especially those three you named there I liked very much.

  27. Adrian In Food Rehab

    Ah, I still remember those piano lessons when I was growing up. The piano is now dusting away now…LOL Good on you, I’m sure it will be a great show.

    On gospel, I went and saw a few choirs when I was in the US a few years back, very uplifting.

  28. sophia

    Oh man. Those little black shoes. And that dress. It takes me right back to Enid Blyton…not sure if you know that British children’s author!

  29. Maria@TheGourmetChallenge

    Its so wonderful that you can do something that uplifts your spirit so much! I’m completely envious! Takes some guts to do it infront of an audience though….good luck at the concert!

  30. hungryandfrozen

    You are just the cutest! I love your sassy hairdo, and Celine Dion wishes she could emote like you did while wearing lacy fold-down socks. And you know it goes without saying that I totally hear you on the music-is-good-for-you thing. Singing good music in a group is a powerful thing, go you!

  31. Conor @ Hold the Beef

    Um, I’m pretty sure you look like you’re crying in that photo due to the blinding electric blue slacks next to you.

    Seriously though, this resonates (ha! see what I did there?) so well with me. Music was a huge part of my life all through my childhood. I played piano for years, and then gave it up and moved onto guitar which I never really got passionate enough about, and the I stopped playing that too and then… nothing. I also feel like something is missing 🙁

    You know what though? Just this morning I was thinking to myself I’d like to try and make time in my life, somehow, for singing lessons. I think I’d erally enjoy that. Now, to make the time. Magic, perhaps? Do you have any spare fairy dust?

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