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  1. Fiona



    I will still watch you eat it 😉

  2. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    Intriguing. I was totally overwhelmed by the alcohol in this bar. Maybe I’m a wimp.

  3. Rach

    Hehe! I love your Princess Bride reference! Such a great movie. 🙂

  4. Lauren

    At a work lunch the other day, I was coerced into ordering a cappucino with amaretto. “I don’t really like the taste of alcohol…” I started. “Pfft! Alcohol indeed! It just tastes like almonds!” Maybe not in those *exact* words, but just as dismissive. Sure enough, though, I couldn’t drink it. Way too bitter, blech. I bet I could handle it cooked in sugar, though — just not straight in its liquid/coffee form.

  5. GirlonRaw

    Hehe so yeah I switched off at it tastes like marzipan but I still love the way you write. You will always give me a giggle.

  6. (what runs) Lori

    I love marizpan so I think I’d love this bar! Interesting flavor though… I’ve tried to make a raw version without much fat and, well, it sucked. Time to try yours! Good review. And isn’t that weird that either you love marizpan or you hate it. There isn’t much in between.

  7. Simply Life

    oooh this looks great!

  8. Errign

    I like review numero uno 🙂

  9. Christine @ Merf In Progress

    I don’t know much about chocolate (except that I like it), and I have no idea what marzipan is, but your pictures made me drool on my keyboard.

  10. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    oooh Sicilian is always best in my opinion 🙂 I wish I were Sicilian….and always had chocolate like this on hand. and that my name was Rosa.
    Heidi xo

  11. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I really like home made marzipan as I don’t add in any flavourings and it’s just the natural flavour of almonds but some of them add so much almond extract it’s just not pleasant! Now I must seek out this Sicilian marzipan that you speak of! 😀

  12. Lizzi

    I would love this bar. I’m sure of it. Waaaaaaaaaah D:

  13. Y

    Love Vosges! Haven’t tried their marzipan bars so now I’m intrigued. Very intrigued.

  14. hungryandfrozen

    Looks beautiful – I like that each square is stamped with their name, in such flirtatious font! I’m quite fond of marzipan so I think I’d like these, but appreciate that you can see both sides and even offer a review to meet everyone’s needs 🙂

  15. Johanna GGG

    oh you are so organised with the best by dates – I have a few things in my kitchen that are passed the date and I am still trying to use them – not chocolate of course!!!

    I think I would love this chocolate so I went with review number 2

  16. msihua

    Googly… I love the word googly.. I first heard it from Cookie Monster… I love cookie monster…

    My favourite word happens to be igloo…

    Ermm… good choc review btw… hee hee

  17. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    I was born in a city that is famous for it’s marzipan, so it always brings a smile to my face when I see marzipan somewhere. 🙂 This looks surprisingly liquid, I know it rather firm.

  18. Jonathon Clarke

    Great post! Loved the ‘Princess Bride’ reference! 🙂

  19. Kath Lockett

    Ooooh, the marzipan inside looks so moist! Want!

  20. Anna Johnston

    Well., you know I don’t really get into marzipan…. but coz I luvs ya ‘n all…, I hung in there & got a few giggles which always makes my day & the pics are yummy so all good.. teehee re Princess Bride 😉

  21. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    I’ve already had chocolate multiple times today, but now I’m craving some more!

  22. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    I literally just picked up a few mini vosges bars at Whole Foods cos of you!
    I didn’t see the marzipan flavor but I found one with plantain bits in it. They all sounded so good. Any chocolate that contains salt in it had me sold 😉

  23. Ellie@fitforthesoul

    Omgshhh that looks amaazzingggg!!! I really think I should go ahead and eat dinner now. What am I waiting for? Especially after this. 😛

  24. sophia

    How do you make the descriptions of chocolate so…poetic? I thought I had heard all sorts of dramatic descriptions of chocolate already, but you topped it with your own original words. Admiration growing! 😀

  25. Baking Serendipity

    This looks delicious, but I’m definitely with you on the marzipan. I think it ruins my chocolate!

  26. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I have never tried a Vosges bar but have heard awesome things.

    I love caramel inside my choc bars. That would trump the marzipan for me…

    Good info on them being vegan/GF too!

  27. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Oh Hannah, I love you even more for Review #1. Just one small thing though – you forgot to add in some gagging noises and a clutching at the throat.

  28. ASHLEA

    Oh, I love the Princess Bride! This chocolate bar looks amazing! I have no idea if I like Marzipan, but I have yet to meet a chocolate I didn’t like. 🙂

  29. foodie and the chef

    I ADORE marzipan so am loving the look of this.
    “Because iocane comes from Australia, as everyone knows, and Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.”

  30. Helen (grabyourfork)

    Ha I’m not a fan of marzipan but I gradually learn to understand the appeal of the choc orange combo. You have to have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. It makes the appreciation so much more fun!

  31. Erin@TheFoodMentalist

    I absolutely LOVE marzipan! Yum! your photos have me drooling!