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  1. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    hehe ahh the ol angel / devil shoulder dwellers eh???

    Love this dish though!

  2. Honey @ honeyandsoy

    Hahahaha! Hannah I swear you give me my well-needed daily giggle(s), love it! And you have proved that you very well can whip together a delicious savoury dish my dear. Incidentally, you could have made rice balls a la arancini or chicken rice balls 😉

  3. Simply Life

    Yum! What a great dish!!!

  4. Kath Lockett

    I am going to try this recipe because, after 40 years, I’ve discovered that broad beans don’t have to be the boiled, wrinkly grey bitter things that I was forced to eat as a child.

    But dessert – have you *really* escaped when a cinnamon stick is include?

  5. Kath Lockett


  6. Johanna GGG

    sounds good and I am sure you wont regret having brown rice in the house – isn’t this a staple pantry ingredient! Though I would have loved to see some sweet version of rice and noodles – am sure it would have been inspiring! And I am sure there will be some in the future

  7. Ashley @ the fit academic

    I’m not a huge mushroom fan, but this sounds delish – i bet my hubbs would be all over it!

  8. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn

    Yum! Mushrooms are my favorite, and I have a whole package in my fridge waiting to be eaten:)

  9. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    I’ve never made pilaf, but have always wanted to try – it looks yummy!

  10. Dharm

    Nice Post, Nice Blog and that Pilaf looks pretty amazing!!

  11. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    I’ve never heard of broad beans bef0re! Whatever they are, this dish sure looks tasty 🙂

  12. Anna Johnston

    Mmmm, your right. We wouldn’t want you any other way. Looks tasty Hannah 🙂

  13. Susan

    Looks delicious and very good for you too! I wouldn’t have a problem with this genre as I cook a lot with noodles and rice!

  14. theresa

    Much love to fresh broad beans and Gilmore Girls.

  15. Tracey

    Looks so good! I think I would do okay with a rice/noodle cooking challenge because that’s pretty much all I cook with 😉

    I’ve never heard of broad beans. I’m going to have to look them up.

  16. Agnes


  17. Lauren @ Hungry Dancer

    This dish looks awesome!!

  18. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    OK this is totally random but every time I see James Franco I think of his guest appearance on 30 Rock where he had a soft toy doll that he was in love with. So I can’t really see him any other way! 😛

  19. GirlonRaw

    Oh this meal looks fantastic and exactly like something I could make for dinner for the hubs and I (seeing as some nights he does allow me to cook vegan for him). You EAT SAVOURY FOOD Hannah 🙂

  20. Alisa Fleming

    Wow, that blog post title was a shocker! I thought, wait, is this Hannah’s blog, or am I looking at the wrong one? You did an awesome job though, that brown rice actually looks enticing.

  21. ck

    Loved reading this, and since mushrooms and broad beans are two of my favourite non-chocolate, non-dessert things, I am seriously going to have to make this. Yumm. As a fellow ‘berran, I am going to have to have a good look through your blog too, if this intro is anything to go by, I can’t wait. Impressed.

  22. Kayla

    This looks beautiful! I heart brown rice and mushrooms ! I will certainly make this some time this week:) Wonder if this will work with frozen cooked brown rice though. I’m so lazy, I actually precook all my rice ahead of time. Great job for making such a wonderful dish (and not having nut butter for dinner) :)!

  23. hungryandfrozen

    Seriously, what is with cookbooks and their wildly over-generous assertions of how many people a dish will feed??

    This looks delicious, and I hear ya – my blog has been and will continue to be so baking/pudding heavy.

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  27. ck

    I made this today and it is absolutely gorgeous. I love your recipes. You ought to have a cookbook. I have made more of your recipes than anybody else’s on the planet. I hope all is well with you.