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  1. Amy

    Love the dress 🙂

    1. Amy

      oh and I loved the nibbles you brought me, my sister and I were drooling over them

  2. Simply Life

    That looks great -I’ve never cooked with crab!

  3. Priyanka

    I think that spicy crab is the star of the show. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    You should post a picture of porridge with nutella and pb chips. Don’t just have all the fun alone, include us too. Just reading the nutella and pb chips on porridge makes me wanna eat it now, now, now!

  4. Elina (Healthy and Sane)

    Mmm, sounds delicious. In other news, I’m totally jealous of your weather. I hate being cold 🙁

  5. Johanna GGG

    love your dress and your necklace. I like the idea of the soup which could be served to vegans and then garnished with crab. Christmas food should be generous like that! And green!

    We used to get pillow cases too – all the better to stuff them with.

  6. Lauren

    We had an absurdly potent egg nog of our own. My dad is one of those more-is-more types — his pancakes are filled with bananas, chocolate chips, topped with syrup, butter, whipped cream. So, when you unscrewed the lid of the egg nog, it smelled exactly like nail polish remover. Bleeeccch.

    That’s a pretty sweet Christmas light necklace you got there, though. It complements my dad’s Santa-with-dreadlocks hat beautifully.

  7. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Love your pillowcases 🙂 and your dress is just gorgeous! Thanks for this recipe, it looks soooo tasty and refreshing. perfect summer food!
    Heidi xo

  8. whisperinggums

    Delicious should be pleased with all this promotion it’s getting. And we only half forgot the coriander in the crab topping (though didn’t forget it in the soup itself) in that we remembered it at the last minute but time was running out for stocking opening! Can’t keep people from their stockings/pillowcases after all.

  9. Lizzi

    This has made me very happy, because I have a pillowcase ‘stocking’ too! 🙂 I’ve had the same one since I was about 4, and it’s served me very well over the years.

    I’ve never eaten crab. As I was telling you about the turkey yesterday, it’s possible that I LOVE crab and just don’t know it. Hmm.. new years resolution: eat crab. And turkey. And lobster. And liver. And…pretty much everything in the entire world 😀

  10. penny aka jeroxie

    That is such a good sight of the kitchen!

  11. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Cute dress! Plus, the soup shots look and sound delicious!

  12. Lorraine Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe good to hear that you chose the sleep option. I would have opted for that too! 😛 what an elegant way to start your meal! Pillowcase stockings are such a clever idea, especially for the recipient as theyc an hold more! 🙂

  13. Iron Chef Shellie

    I had the same awesome necklace!! 😛

  14. Helen (grabyourfork)

    I never had a Christmas stocking as a kid, but a Christmas pillowcase? Now we’re talking! It sounds like you had a very busy day sleeping and stuffing and flashing (hey you started it! lol). ps. The dress is gorgeous 🙂

  15. Anna Johnston

    Note to Anna: Destroy piddly little stockings & replace with big Xmassy pillows by next Xmas, this way my already Super Shopper Mom will have more room to ‘stuff’ all those little itty bitty things seeing she picks stuff up all year & only stops when the stocking is full…., just thinking of her mind. 😉 😉

    Nice one Luv.., gotta love a gal who spends all day flashing everyone on Xmas day. Now that’s class…. 🙂 Don’t you just love Xmas day, I’m trying to figure out a way of bottling it & selling the ‘feeling’…, I know, I know… I’ve some work to do but they managed to sell scents & perfumes & TV was a bit of a stretch.., selling ‘feelings’ just might work I think. Your right… needs more thought!!!!

  16. Camille

    This is eerily similar to the cucumber-crab amuse I used to make when i started my first cooking job ever. Except that one lacked avocado, and the crab was herbed instead of spicy. I might just like the sound of yours better.

  17. Agnes

    New dress is lovely! And the necklace is perfect – it’s the type of stupid thing I would wear on Xmas. It’s not Xmas without antler headbands, santa hats or crazy necklaces!