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  1. Simply Life

    ha you must be good friends if they can be honest enough to tell you not to go into starbucks – i feel like that can really ruin some friendships if the trust isn’t there 🙂

  2. GirlonRaw

    Haha your posts always crack me up girl. And Costco? In Australia? DANGEROUS!!! You know Costco in the states sell Vitamix’s. Hmmm wonder if they do here. Probably not I’d say. Somehow I think you’d have plenty more BFF’s where that came from though, you’re just too likeable not too. You sounded like you had such a blasty!

  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I really want to go to the Costco when it opens. Is that strange? I know people must think I’m really odd. But even grocery shopping is exciting as you’ve shown with your purchases!

  4. Agnes

    Awww, you are so sweet! 😀 Have you tried the Poppycock yet?

    Also, there was definitely no crack in the potatoes. But I may have slipped something in your wine. That’s why you enjoyed yourself so much. Surprise!

    And I bet I could kick your arse in any Singstar – even musicals. :p

  5. Priyanka

    Such a nice BFF you have! I cannot begin to imagine how good the porridge will taste when the reese’s will melt over them…mmmm!

  6. Cindy

    Oh lordy, how’d you get that stuff home?! Whatever your methods, I’m sure it was worth it. 😉

  7. Fiona

    Those are huge!

  8. msihua

    Ahahahaha… That’s awesome!!! I need to borrow your BFF.. she keeps tantalising us with those Mangoes from Costco… *hint* *hint* AGNES! I WANT MANGOES PLEASE!


  9. theresa

    I’ve never been in a costco before, but it looks totally amazing!

  10. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    wow, this is amazing. She sounds too good to be true! omg at the reese’s melted over porridge. you’re a genius but a daring one – not too sure i could stomach that (i’ve changed, man…i used to be so much more tolerant with my sweets. what has happened to me?? for shame).
    Heidi xo

  11. Emma @CakeMistress

    Awesome. Poppycock is truly addictive. Have been craving it since my first taste 4 months ago! What a lovely friend you have. Anyone who brings me 1.5kg of Reeces Peanut Butter Cups would have lifetime membership in the BFF club.

  12. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    It all start with a little innocent crack potato, and next thing you know you’re all poppycocked up. It’s a slippery slope, Hannah.. a slippery slope.

  13. whisperinggums

    Sounds like the perfect BFF to me … but, silly silly question, is that really the colour of you iPod Nano? Wasn’t it purple?

  14. Camille

    Oh, Poppycock! It warms my heart to see all these beloved homeland treats sold at Costco around the world. Those smokehouse almonds, I believe I have mentioned before. We had a big thing of them at my old job in Dallas, and on days when I just couldn’t eat any more sweets, but needed to eat something, they were a lifesaver.

  15. Tammy

    Well, since she held you back from Starbucks, I’m counting on her to hold you back from Costco next time. 😉

  16. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Ok. That’s it.
    Next time I am in Melbourne I am going to costco!

  17. Anna Johnston

    I’m still on my knees bowing to your experience. You went to Coscos!!?? Its like your the first of us astronauts to go outa-space & we’re all milling around you to hear what its like although for now its nice to see all the cool specks of space dust & stuff you could collect for show n tell…. I guess. Tell us more about this coolest of places Oh Hannah 🙂

  18. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Aw, I want a BFF like her AND you! (I mean, not that Matt’s not already the bestest bestie I could ask for, but…he’s no Hannah!) So you two met online?

  19. Johanna GGG

    Your BFF list makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about blogging – you just meet such great people that way!

    costco looks wondrously scary in the alice down the rabbit hole kind of way – never been there but your goodies are very tempting!

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