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  1. K

    This looks great, and I’m sure those vegan substitutes would work.

    Great stories, I agree with Em about needing to be silly sometimes.

  2. Victoria (District Chocoholic)

    Oh, I bet if you replaced the 30g of butter with 60g of super-creamy (not natural) peanut butter, you’d have that peanut-buttery goodness in there that you’re looking for. Or you could mix chopped, salted peanuts into the caramel.

    Or both.

  3. Camille

    You could replace the coconut with peanut flour (a totally awesome product which I never knew existed until I saw it in a Chinese shop here in Paris one day), or you could sprinkle peanuts over the chocolate layer before it hardens. I’d like to see some chili in there too. Might just have to make this myself, now. 🙂

  4. Louise

    I lurve chocolate caramel slice. But who doesn’t? It is surprising that it’s not more widespread. I reckon the Canadian equivalent of a Nanaimo Bar comes closest though. There are many flavour varaitions of a Nanaimo bar (including peanut butter), whereas our Chocolate Caramel Slice is more often kept quite close to the original isn’t it?

  5. Simply Life

    Oh I love all those stories and this masterpiece!

  6. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Loved reading this, Hannah! Caramel slices were something I only ever got at my school tuck shop, when a random and v sweet craving took hold! They were SO good. I love the look of yours. Your friend was v lucky that you didn’t steal hers. seriously, it wouldn’t have been unexpected – how delicious is it!?
    Heidi xo

  7. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Seriously – you must have overhead Mr BBB and I at the shops the other day!! I was telling him that I have major caramel slice cravings!!!!

  8. Vaala ◪

    Oh my god I can actually make chocolate caramel slice now! I just realised this. You see, I haven’t been able to eat it in SO long (like, um, over 10 years when the doctor first told me that dairy was out which was a tragic day for my love of mint chocolate chip and goody goody gum drops ice creams so I binged and was so sick it wasn’t even funny…except that it is now I look back on it) but now I can buy soy condensed milk which is so cool if simply because I can made chocolate caramel slice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeepers, I think I might be excited or something…

  9. Leah

    the only reason i never used to eat too many caramel slice’s was cause i always thought they were too sweet! But I haven’t had one for years, it is making me feel very nostalgic…

  10. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    My mouth is watering! This looks absolutely delicious. And yes, it’s true that one can never have enough chocolate 😉

  11. chanel11

    Caramel slice is so underrated – it’s the one slice I will always end up buying if I find myself staring at it in a cafe. I agree about doubling the chocolate topping 🙂

  12. L-Engineer

    When confronted by a yummy looking caramel slice, I always think back to one occasion when an engineering manager of mine brought platefuls of caramel slices in to work. When asked how and why, he disclosed that making caramel slice was simply a passion of his. Any weirdness was instantly forgiven upon taste testing the said slice. We engineers do have strange habits do we not?

  13. Kath Lockett

    Your explanation behind the slice and your reason for making it as just as delicious as the slice itself.

  14. theresa

    I was inspired by your earlier post about caramel slice and tried to make some recently… I’ll be posting about it soon. It was a failure, but a delicious, delicious failure.

    And I completely agree about the peanut butter. Yum!

  15. Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar

    I love caramel slice! Its my favourite chocolate dessert!

  16. Jess

    Whoaaaaa, I just made chocolate caramel slice last week! You know why? Because I saw it posted on Foodgawker as “a traditional Australian classic” or something and I just thought, “Wait, what? Chocolate caramel slice is identified as specifically Australian?” – I never thought of it as such! And I’ve lived in Australia all my 25 years! So it’s always interesting to be taught by an American food blog that chocolate caramel slice is specifically Australian. I mean, I had it during my childhood, from cafes or bake stalls at school fetes or whatever, but that doesn’t mean it’s Australian. I could have gotten a danish or a croissant – that doesn’t make those Australian too.

    So it was only after a heap of researching that I found out that a heap of people (and some of them are Australian) consider chocolate caramel slice to be very Australian. I never knew. I think it’s because it’s the recipe on the side of the Nestle condensed milk tins, so it was a popular recipe.

    Anyway, I got pissed off at the American food blog (consisting of a conglomerate of multiple stay-at-home-mom food bloggers) for going on about this recipe’s Australian origin and then for changing like 1 ingredient and saying it was a sufficiently different recipe to warrant a renaming – caramel chocolate BARS, which they said they chose because it sounds nice and American.

    Hmm, I’m going to make Sacher torte then change the apricot jam for peach jam and say I’ve invented an entirely new recipe. It’s now called Fair Dinkum Cake, mate. Take that, Austria!

    I’m so petty.

  17. Boredom Abounds

    Caramel slice is something I associate with my childhood. I think it is definitely an Aussie thing though. My sister loooooves it, and made it frequently we were growing up, since it’s such an easy dish for a child to help with or make themselves. I find it a bit too sweet though, so it’s never been a favourite of mine, but I do like the idea of adding in a layer of peanut butter!

  18. Monique

    Oh my god. I want to eat that!!!

  19. whisperinggums

    And I’ll never forgive – if I ever see them again – Jo and Richard for selling out of that cafe. It was one of the reasons we bought in this suburb! Oh, and the baguettes were nice too weren’t they?

  20. Anna Johnston

    In our family we hardly ever talk about chocolate caramel slice anymore without hearing all over again the story, owing to a particularly ingenious theft racket my bro, cousins & one of the neighbour’s tag along kid had going on for years until we were finally busted – yep, you guessed it…. it was the ratty neighbours tag along kid who did us in – otherwise we’d still have a steady supply of chocolatey caramely goodness on tap.
    Good memories 😉

  21. Cate

    “or as frequently made, throughout the world as it is in Australia.”

    …. except possibly in NZ 😉 In EVERY. SINGLE. BAKERY. Some good… some great… some crappy. I like the great ones. My sister makes a good one. And I will be trying your recipe this weekend, and seeing if it’s one of the great ones 😉

  22. L-Izzle

    Caramel slice is a million times more delicious than it has any right to be. And friends are a million times more awesome than…non-friends.

    Yes, I am wise.

  23. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL can I just share that I was just thinking “Mmm I would love to spread that with peanut butter” and then I just read what you said! That sounds amazing Hannah 😀

  24. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    You sneaky thing. You told both stories!

    It was a long time between caramel slice indulgences for me, until I had some the other day at work. Working so many nights lately, most often Year 12 graduations, has some benefits in that they sometimes involve catered functions and often the organisers are lovely and thrust some of the catering upon us. If the catering is good, this is a god send on a long shift, and last week I got my year’s worth of caramel slice in my belly in one night.

    Given my recent caramel slice overload, I am loving the photos of yours and think you’ve done a lovely job, but I find myself really really craving fresh baguette with butter now..

  25. Johanna GGG

    looks delicious – I had to compare it to the recipe I made last year and it is the same but your cooking times are less. I thought everyone all over the world ate choc caramel slice till I discovered that the base of millionaire’s shortbread in Scotland (well the UK) is more shortbread and less coconut – I think our version is superior! More texture. And like you it was part of my childhood – I just wish it was more part of my adulthood.

    But I am interested in your memories of the pieces you loved having so much caramel. I think lots of cafes go overboard on such slices and it just becomes too sickly to have too much caramel. Whereas your slice looks suitably restrained.

  26. GirlonRaw

    Ok so I’m hanging out for the Vegan Version but also, what’s this? Soy Sweetened Condensed Milk? There is such a thing?? Girl where have I been living. Well ok, we both know the answer to this, but can you please tell me where I can find it????

  27. Hannah

    Wow, now that is one mouth-watering treat! I love all things caramel, so the photos alone have my sweet tooth going.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, however that may have played out for you- Even if it was just a normal day, I hope it was a good one! 🙂

  28. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    That looks so rich but so delicious!

  29. Priyanka

    Goodness this sounds and looks so amazing! I am in chocolate heaven even before eating it!

  30. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Yay, a use for my newly-acquired golden syrup!
    You hit the nail on the head, though, with the PB-addition idea…

    (PS – check out what I just stumbled across:

  31. Maria@TheGourmetChallenge

    droooooool….peanutbutter caramel slice!!! I’m noe officially in peanut butter day dreaming mode.

  32. Emily

    Hannah my love! I just read your last post, which reminded me to comment here!
    First off, you’re amazing and lovely!
    Second, PLEASE make this for me again! I’m having a massive craving.
    I can very much vouch for the deliciousness of this recipe!

  33. Agnes

    Yes to the peanut butter!

    Speaking of which, I’ve only eaten two of the mini Reese’s PB cups since I got that bag. TWO. How disciplined am I?

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