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  1. Camille

    I’m interested! Are there lots of sculptures, sand or otherwise, in Canberra? I do love public art.

    p.s. I think they might be violets.

  2. Camille

    p.p.s I adore the fact that you tagged this post “chastity.”

  3. Simply Life

    that is one impressive sand castle!

  4. TeresaK @ teresatastes

    Oh, I love the one of the reading guys. Reminds me of those people at the gym who seem more intersted in their magazines than in actually elipticalling (or whatever you call it).

  5. Vaala ◪

    Yep, tell us about Canberra. We might actually be somewhere near there at some point during next year’s mtb orienteering trip. Ooo, exciting (but a year away so not really that exciting yet)! But the roundabouts concern me as our drivers took a fancy to being maniacs on the ones we did encounter…

  6. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh great pics! I live in Canberra and have seen NONE of those!!!

  7. Leah

    I have lived in Canberra, actually just last year, for a year, and am always interested in what there is to do there! I found it a little boring at first, but once you started to uncover things to do, it became much more interesting.

    Your roundabouts comment made me lol. I have to say that Canberra drivers are nuts! 🙂

  8. Johanna GGG

    oh yes, more please! I am of the belief that there is much to find in your own city – and going out with a camera like a tourist in your home town is lots of fun. Though I do worry you might be morphing into margery sharp.

    And interestingly my first memory of canberra as a teenager was my dad going round and round the roundabouts with us trying to yell out the exits that he was missing ( who needs european vacation when you can have canberra vacation!)

  9. Kath Lockett

    I’d love to see more of Canberra, having only visited our nation’s capital the one time, and that was for a two day medical conference

    Fat blokes reading books on stairs – are they meant to represent the National Party candidates?

  10. Jess

    Sell Canberra to me. Sell it. Fill the vacuum that is my knowledge of the finer points of Canberran existence. I basically have no knowledge of Canberra as a place where people live. I’m guessing you’re not all politicians buying hardcore porn and fireworks, but people don’t exactly sell Canberra as a tourist destination and interesting city that isn’t all about government and politics, so I just don’t know much about it.

    I probably wouldn’t visit Brisbane if I didn’t live here and know about it. But – it’s worth visiting. IF ONLY I KNEW (if I hypothetically didn’t). I felt like telling that to a guy whose blog I was reading who said that a conference on suicide prevention research was being held in Brisbane this year, then proceeded to rant quite with very strong touches of insanity about how Brisbane will cause people to commit suicide and having a suicide prevention/research conference there is completely ironic and visitors to Brisbane will probably get assaulted by racists or homophobes. Then he linked to one article in some crappy newspaper about an Indian restaurant in Brisbane that had its windows kicked in as evidence that Brisbane and Brisbane alone is seething with violent racists.

    So yeah… education about places that people aren’t familiar with = important!

  11. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    WONDERFUL idea! So glad you’re doing this! Do share more soon. 🙂

  12. L-Izzle

    Are the flowers pansies?

    I wuff Canberra. I don’t care what anybody says.

    And please tell me about that granola. Please tell me alllllllll about it. As soon as possible.

  13. chanel11

    That fatmanbookstair sculpture is awesome – love it.

  14. Ash

    Hannah, Hannah… Hannah!

    You make me home sick.

    Please post many more “glimpses” of Canberra so that I may vicariously experience my beautiful second hometown 😉

    1. Ash

      Also, P.S., Canberra’s roundabouts ROCK. Even if you feel you love them to little bits when you live there, you don’t know just HOW much you love them until you move to a place in great need of more roundabouts. Roundabouts as a traffic management device FTW.

  15. Fiona

    I’m interested!

  16. penny aka jeroxie

    Good to see CAnberra through you. have not been there yet!

  17. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Yes I am interested! I love that sculpture! 😀

  18. Louise

    I love the Glimpses of Canberra concept. I lived there for 2 years (Garran), and enjoy the occasional visits, so feel I know/knew it reasonably well. Still fun to catch a few more Glimpses. I too, love the fatmanstair installation, though am rather mystified by it’s purpose and or significance. And I can’t believe that I’ve never seen it outside DJs there. My first memories of Canberra are from the multitude of school excursions we undertook to go and gaze in wonder at Phar Lap’s heart- bet you didn’t know that it’s currently off display (til sometime next year, when I am hoping to see it again, and show it to the next generation of Phar Laps heart viewers). I believe the flowers to be some form of viola rather than a pansy. And I am so planning on making the Magical Almond Maple Cake sometime soon. Sounds fab, and may even be low GI.

  19. Monique

    hahaha you should look and see if that book’s available for purchase online! So awesome.

    Also, your city looks beautiful! I don’t know why I’ve never visited Australia before but I need to sooooon! 🙂

  20. Anna johnston

    Yes…. More more more…. Canberra is a beautiful city with so many wonderful treasures. I love it! 🙂

  21. whisperinggums

    …and not Louise and I didn’t know each other then, but I was aware that she’d lived here.

  22. whisperinggums

    Ok, so that’s jet lag (or jet tiredness since 3 hours time difference doesn’t really mean “lag” I think) but I meant “and no” NOT “and not”.

  23. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Ugh. I would so get stuck behind that fat guy, too busy reading his book to hurry along, and too fat to manoeuvre around.

    Is he reading The Stone of Chastity?

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