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  1. GirlonRaw

    Haha Cadbury chocolate eh? I thought I missed it, then I ate some of it today and was like meh! Hey I haven’t forgotten you re the Vita mix. Can you send me an email to and I have a surprise for you!

  2. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    hehe the ‘toilet chocolate’ comment had me giggling!!! Things we do to get a good pic!!!

  3. L-Izzle

    I was disappointed by this chocolate too… It wasn’t bad by any means (in fact, for the price? Pretty darn good!), but I agree… something in the flavour was just off. I didn’t pick it as orange, exactly, but I did find it oddly fruity, rather than nutty at all. As if they’d meant to grind up hazelnuts, and accidentally used…pears. Or something. It was weird.
    Unless, of course, we’re the fruity, nutty ones… 😉

  4. Camille

    Funny, I think hazelnut and orange go smashingly together. 🙂

  5. Kath Lockett

    I’ve got a huge Moser Roth stash too and have only written one, yet unpublished review. I ws hugely disappointed, especially after being urged by so many friends and GoneChocco readers that MR is super good.

    It isn’t. *sob*

  6. Fiona

    I’m sure noone else would have picked up on the orange 😉

  7. Jess

    I can’t stop laughing right now. This is the stuff that the German PhD student in my lab has been going into raptures over for months, saying that I MUST get myself to an Aldi and I MUST buy this chocolate. Having tried the type of chocolate she likes before, I didn’t have high hopes for it. Eventually she got sick of me never going to Aldi (I just never got around to it!) so she bought a heap of it and brought it in to have with drinks when we were celebrating our Honours students handing in their theses. Oh… god… the horrible cloying sweetness… the weirdly textured “coffee” flavoured cream in the centre (I didn’t realise it was coffee flavoured until I looked at the name on the pack)… the complete absence of any enjoyability…

    Then she gave me the mint one to take home. Mint is my least favourite flavour in the world (I can only tolerate it in raita – anywhere else and I can’t stand it). So yeah… thoughtful but… hmm…

    I remember the guy that held that chocolate-tasting course I went to (the one with the Cadbury-obsessed middle-aged women) said that chocolate picks up flavours pretty easily (probably due to the fat content, I’m guessing), and it’s often shipped from particular locations with particular other produce, like bananas, so single-origin chocolate from a particular location will often have hints of whatever is grown in that location.

    I don’t think we need to worry about Moser-Roth being single origin though. But it still has the fat content to pick up other flavours, for better or for worse…

    1. Jess

      Ok I just realised that the single origin stuff that picks up the hint of banana or whatever it’s shipped with is probably only in the form of cocoa beans at that stage, not the final chocolate product. So it’s something about cocoa that makes it pick up odor/flavour molecules? I don’t know, but the fat content is probably going to help as well anyway…

  8. Ladybird

    Hi Hannah, sorry to leave a comment here but I couldn’t find your email address on your site.. Congrats – You’ve won a giveaway on my blog!

    Please email me at diaryofaladybird[at]gmail[dot]com for more details 🙂

    Anna x

  9. theresa

    You have a heat light in your bathroom? Awesome. That would make showers on cold days so much better.

    I’ve never been to an Aldi – there are none in Townsville, and though there was one nearby in New York, it was more than 30 minutes drive and there were better shops in the meantime so I have never experienced what Aldi has to offer. Am I missing out?

  10. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    ALDI?! ::shudder::
    I wonder if I’d taste the orange in that. I don’t have a sensitive palate, generally speaking, but with some things (orange included), I can often smell them from a mile away. =/
    That last part must be relevant to SOMETHING, even if not chocolate…hmm?

  11. Johanna GGG

    cunningly positioned photo to make it look orange behind the chocolate – who said you don’t have excellent photomography skills 🙂

  12. whisperinggums

    I tasted it too – or something not quite right. I. Did. Not. Like. It.

  13. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe your camera is like the first responder that you send in. If it takes the photo, it should be tasted 😉

  14. Simply Life

    oh great review! I definitely don’t want orange mixed in with my chocolate!

  15. Anna Johnston

    Oh dear, as soon as I read there was orange in it I knew it’d get the thumbs down from you. Mmm, what’s a girl to do to get a good bite of chocolate huh. Love the lighting problems/toilet sitting chocolate…. 😉

    1. Hannah

      Toilet chocolate! 😀 Luckily for me I’ve got plenty of non-orangey chocolate in my stash…

  16. Maria@TheGourmetChallenge

    you have a smurf toilet? Or is that code for a very small blue toilet??

    I’m very weary of chocolate that comes from Aldi, hence why I never buy it. Now I know EXACTLY why I dont buy it!

  17. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Aaaaand now I’m craving Jaffas. And need to go to the toilet. It’s all your fault.

  18. Agnes

    Looks like we can strike Aldi off the Melbourne itinerary then. :p

  19. Alisa

    I could probably taste the orange too. Why do they always ruin perfectly good dark chocolate with orange? Sometimes it can work, but who in the world decided that those two flavors were a match made in heaven?

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