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  1. Fiona

    That dress is Gorgeous on you hun 🙂

    ps drinks at uni house this afternoon?

  2. L-Izzle

    I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure you’re getting cuter by the day. I will keep you posted as my research continues.

    Adorable dress, adorable zebra, adorable girl. Pretty flowers, pretty jewellery, pretty…assorted slightly grumpy looking old people in the background of your coffee photo.

    Which, by the way, excited me a lot… sometimes I really feel like the taste of soy milk (see?! I’m not always an allergyphobe or whatever!!), but for coffee/tea purposes it usually leaves a bit to be desired. So good news all round! Hoorah!

    And, in conclusion, mother-daughter bonding is the best. And I love lamb korma. Fin.

  3. Lisa @ bakebikeblog

    haha yes – oh my – are you ok?! What a crazy finger-stealing accident to have been in!!!
    Ps – I am LOVING the new cafe soy milk 🙂 A lot of places are stocking it now!!!

  4. Kath Lockett

    Pretty girl in a pretty dress with pretty flowers…… and a TRIPOD for a hand…. RUN everybody, RUN…! 🙂

  5. whisperinggums

    Now you put it in writing I think your mother was a bit too generous – what, a soy latte, a necklace AND a handful of sugar coated nuts! – then again, how could she not when out with a happy smiling person who actually wanted to be at Floriade with her. Nice day.

  6. chanel11

    I didn’t even notice the hand til you mentioned it! And how cute your mum thought of your blog friends 🙂

  7. Anna Johnston

    Oh Yesssss! The Lake George Zebras were there & as much as I yearned to have a little pic of me hugging them & looking almost as stylish as you, a heap of youngun’ were making out with them, in fact they were being invaded by teams of the monsters, err, umm, kiddies …., (your fella is a cheatin’ on you girlfriend.., I know, I know.., but someone had to tell you, he’s got a thing for the tweenies) Tsk Tsk!!
    But, seriously you & your new dress & Floriade came up a treat – I went to Night Fest this year, it sort of helped my itchy feet issues, sort of.

  8. theresa

    Great dress! Andy is in Canberra at the moment and we were talking on the phone as he walked through Floriade. He said, “…it’s just a bunch of flowers”. I suspect it’s a far more enjoyable outing for a woman and her mother who are interested in posing with zebras, choosing jewellery and drinking coffee than it is for a 27 year old man on his own.

  9. gmasydney

    Lovely dress, lovely girl, lovely Mum (even though there’s no photo of her but I’ve got some if you want one). I’m not sure about the man though – I mean what sort of a tie and shirt would you buy to go with that suit.

  10. Iron Chef Shellie

    Lol, paint yourself blue and you are form Avatar 😛

  11. Johanna GGG

    my mum used to visit floriade regularly but never with me – I think tagging along with her and her hoards of school kids would have been truly mortifying! Maybe one day she will take me now I am more grown up – glad you had fun with your mum and were able to hold a cup of coffee with three fingers

  12. Camille

    Aw, days out with mom are awesome! So are color-coordinated zebra boyfriends. As for your fingers, well, I’m glad it didn’t hurt, and I hope they grow back soon. 🙂

  13. Nirmala

    Your new SO is super cute. I love the pictures of the flowers. What a nice way to spend the day with your mom.

  14. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Cuuute dress, and beauteous flowers!
    But your hand! That IS eerie! You didn’t even feel the digits detach?!

    And omg ur bf is liek sooooo HAWT! 😛

  15. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Mr Zebra looks pretty strong. Full of stamina too. Enough strength and stamina to bring you, say, thousands of kilometres, for the sake of argument. Pretty dress wearing side-saddle over thousands of kilometres may be a little taxing though. Hmm.. perhaps instead we could organise a speaking tour for him across the country, and he could deliver a presentation at Perth Zoo? And refuse to come wihtout his girlfriend? If that fell through I’m sure we could organise a speaking tour for you to talk to fellow finger amputees.

  16. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    hahahah love it! Major lols on this end too 🙂 great post, nice and sunny. I’m glad Mr Zebra loves you and your hand just the way it is.
    Heidi xo

  17. Agnes

    AWWW you are so cute, even with the missing fingers! 😀

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