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  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    “Ugly but good” – Isn’t this ALL nuts? 😉 I know, you’re thinking “Oh boy, here she goes…”

    But really, fascinating recipe. (Is it weird that I can be “fascinated” by recipes?) Very inventive! I <3 hazelnut meal, yet have never used it in a savory preparation.

    PS—I have some news I'm bursting at the seams with (no good way to embed the preposition there, I'm afraid, but it doesn't matter because the whole no-dangling-preposition preposterousness is just a holdover from 16th century grammarians with a prejudice against Shakespeare; I wrote my honors thesis in college on that by the way, but I digress), and I SO want to tell you before I announce it on the blog in a couple days…but I'm torn! Do you wanna know ahead of time? Or be surprised?

  2. Baking Serendipity

    Some of my favorite foods are the “ugliest.” I’ve never made a savory muffin before. Strange, but true. Yours makes me want to give it a shot!

  3. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh I am a HUGE fan of savoury muffins – and these look GREAT!

  4. Fiona


  5. Anna Johnston

    Transmogrified into Muffins you say….., Wish I was there to see that, as it is…, I’ve just gotta believe you. And they taste good too.

  6. K

    looks yummo, despite my mushroom dislike

  7. Johanna GGG

    Mushroom and thyme is a winning combination and I love the nutty texture too – the world needs more savoury muffins and I need one of these!

    But I must give you some advice in case you spend time with Brits – to them pants means underpants! Don’t find out the embarrassing way like I did!

  8. Simply Life

    wow, what a creative idea! nice work!

  9. whisperinggums

    Mushroom and thyme sounds great, pants or no pants. (BTW What was all that flour I found on the base of the mixmaster yesterday. Anyone?!!)

  10. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    You can dance, you can dance, everybody look at your pants!

    ….unless you’re not wearing any, in which case I can only hope you are in the comfort of your own house, possibly eating savoury muffin mix. Did you turn the reserved muffin mix into muffins as well, or did you add some sugar and keep eating? Ooooh or did you add some nasty chocolate???

  11. Camille

    I must be a weirdo, because I think I do like savory bread batters just as much as sweet ones. (I’m not afraid of EATING raw eggs, just serving them to others.)

  12. Vaala ◪

    I have made that mistake quite a few times too and it’s always so depressing! I also make the mistake of licking the spoon of my soup when I’m stirring it cold before heating it up and have a momentary panic that perhaps I do not like my soup after all. But all is well once it’s nicely cooked and heated.

  13. petitecarousel

    I’ve never been a fan of savory muffins (I have a really bad sweet tooth!) but I do love mushrooms, will give these a try! =)))

  14. Tammy

    Love the idea of savory muffins. They sound great with soup or salad. I like that you created them!

  15. Jess

    Well that’s a flavour combination I probably would have never come up with in my lifetime. Which makes me wonder… how much awesomeness am I missing out on because my brain is too lame to think outside the realm of, say, chocolate and fruit?

    I do have an on-off relationship with mushrooms, though. I hated them for ages, then I tried to force myself to like them, then I hated them more, then I weirdly decided to make haloumi-stuffed baked mushrooms and they were the greatest thing ever, so I made them over and over, and in one case I made them for Christmas lunch then got angry (on the inside of my skull, I didn’t actually express this anger of course) when people said “Oh no thanks, I’m not a fan of mushrooms”. Well… neither… am… I… *gritted teeth*… but…

    This may be one of those recipes in which I actually enjoy mushrooms. In other news… I am so having stuffed mushrooms for dinner, ohhh yeahhh.

  16. L-Izzle

    I don’t think I’ve ever cooked with hazelnut meal… do you generally use it as an ingredient in its own right (as you seem to have here), or as an alternative for the wheatards?
    Just wondering, as a wheat-lover…but also a hazelnut lover! And butter-lover. And milk-lover. And egg-lover. And….lover. Not fighter. No.

    Anyway, these look yum. I reckon they’d be awesome with cheese (are you surprised?! Especially given my above declarations of love? :p)…parmesan or feta would be my picks!

  17. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    haha I know you’re not Britney Spears and that’s why I never thought that you’d forget your underpants 😛 Although wouldn’t it be funny to do a post as a celebrity and blog what you think they eat? I think for Britney, it’s Cheetos and frappes 😛

  18. Libby

    For some reason, the pants thing reminded me of that Round the Twist episode where one of the characters could not stop saying “without my pants” at the end of each sentence.

    I love mushrooms like I love my boyfriend and always wanted to know how they’d taste in a muffin so you can imagine how excited I was when I read this entry. Good work!

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  20. Agnes

    Goodness, I thought that first photo was of a COOKIE. Sadness.