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  1. BitterSweet

    Such is life… A lot of silliness (and awful food) happens. As long as you can laugh about it after wards, and maybe even learn from the experience, it’s all good! 😉

    1. Hannah

      You’re so right, laughter is the best response to past silliness and regrets 🙂

  2. theresa

    Ah, I used to eat french toast poptarts. They pretty much all taste just sweet anyways, but if I recall that flavour had a hint of cinnamon?

    And just how big are your feet? Size 6 – that candy bar is not so big; size 12 – holy mama that’s a good effort!

    My food regrets often have to do with quantity rather than junkiness — I grew up eating processed garbage so that doesn’t really make me feel icky, but when I find myself at the bottom of a potato chip bag I’ve just opened (not snack size either), then I feel a bit regretful. Though my favourite food regret story isn’t mine, but Andy’s. At his brother’s wedding in February, the vegan entrees came with a big jalapeno across the top as a garnish. Andy theorised that maybe they weren’t spicy — they’re just skinny capsicums, right? So he took a big bite. Regretted that pretty quickly.

    1. Hannah

      Maybe? I think I remember it as having a fake-maple flavour?

      I think my feet are about an 8, so don’t you dare disgarage my efforts – it was serious candy eating 😉

      And hey, most potato chips are made with sunflower or “better” oils these days, so an entire packet of chips is just like a tastier 2 of your 5-a-day, right? Also, I probably shouldn’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten whole chillies as a party trick…

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Crab spice = Ewww! French Toast Poptart = yes please. Reese’s = OH HELL YES. Stouffers = no thank you. Hershey’s smore = how can you not like marshmallows?! Reese’s = again, yes yes yes with all my heart.

    One Q though: What is with you and climbing scary trees, missy?! (Semi-relatedly, did you ever read ‘The View from the Cherry Tree’ when you were young?)

    1. Hannah

      Toasted marshmallows are good, and I’m sure proper quality marshmallows would be lovely, but I can’t get excited about stale marshmallows from the supermarket that taste of nothing but fakeness 🙁

      Also, I think I’m part monkey. Part, because I’m only good at going up 😉 Haven’t read that book, though – who wrote it?

      1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

        Ah yes, ok, I do agree with you on the stale marshmallows. If you ever have any mini ones that go stale, though, a good old Watergate salad is the perfect use (even though it’s full of fake stuff too)

      2. Hannah

        I can’t get that link to load with my current slow internet, but I have a feeling it’s going to make my soul cry when I do… 😛

      3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

        Heh, well, lest you get your hopes up that much, I’ll tell you the recipe here. It’s classic American simplicity + artificiality 😛

        1 can (20 oz.) crushed pineapple, in juice, undrained
        1 pkg. (3.4 oz.) JELL-O Pistachio Flavor Instant Pudding
        1 cup Miniature Marshmallows
        1/2 cup chopped pecans
        1-1/2 cups thawed COOL WHIP

        MIX first 4 ingredients in large bowl until well blended.
        STIR in COOL WHIP.
        REFRIGERATE 1 hour.

      4. Hannah

        Well, you know how much I love pistachio! Gosh, isn’t that just a brilliant recipe? 😀

        To be honest, though, it could be worse. I thought it was going to be one of those retch-inducing “savoury” jello salad with meat and vegies suspended in lime jello…

  4. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh, by the way…
    Silly: I just snapped my plastic knife in half digging into my jar of PB. Another plastic knife, that is.
    Sillier: After I had banana with PB for breakfast, I had a couple heaping spoonfuls of PB as a mid-morning snack. Thus, when lunch arrived, I wasn’t hungry for the leftover misir watt I brought. After my lunchless lunch hour was over and I returned to my desk, I found myself feeling hungry again. So what do I do? Eat another spoonful of PB. It is now 3pm, and several more bites have been eaten throughout the afternoon. SO, apparently all I have eaten so far today is PB…and a banana.
    Silliest, but also by far the most tragic: This PB I’ve been eating all day happens to be my hoarded-up-so-long-that-it-passed-expiration-and-now-I-have-no-choice-but-to-eat-it-up final jar of PB Loco Dark Chocolate Duo. It could, in fact, be the last remaining jar IN THE WORLD! In any case, it is the last jar I will ever get to eat. ::wail::

    That was pretty long for a silly PB diatribe, but I think you’ll understand.

    1. Hannah

      My love, I *completely* understand. As you know, I just opened my cookie dough PB Loco, knowing I’ll never be able to find it again. (Oh, Savannah Peanut Butter store, you shall always own a piece of my heart.) ‘Course, mine doesn’t expire until the end of October, so I’m not letting myself eat any more of it yet 😉

      But surely you shouldn’t be too perturbed about the dark choc cuo being gone – you’ve got constant access to PB & Co’s version, and all those Naturally Nutty nut butters, for which I yearn and yearn… 😛

      1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

        Yes, that is true…it’s just that the PB Loco choc…it has…mini chocolate chips inside! ::Sob::
        This means I’m down to Asian Curry Spice, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
        However, yes, I do realize how fortunate I am to have access to those others :] Wish I could throw some over the ocean to you!

      2. Hannah

        Okay, I *really* have no pity now. I thought that was your last PB Loco of all time… you still have three full jars, you silly lady! You’re swimmin’ in Loco love! 😉

        I’d so be ready to catch those jars if you ever did…

  5. Lauren

    Ah, crab spice seasoning chips. Around these parts, they’d call it Old Bay. Marylanders are OBSESSED with Old Bay. They put it on everything — popcorn, pizza, eggs, and naturally, seafood. A WashPost article, if you’re interested:

    Too many silly and humiliating things, but one reminded me of your grandparent story. When I was about 4 or 5, I told one of my grandmothers that I loved the other more. When she became upset, I did my best to reason it out with her. “Well, it’s because I see her every day, and I only see you twice a year! Just like how you love my cousins more!”

    1. Hannah

      Oh my, I love precocious/honest 4 or 5 year old Lauren! That is such an awesome anecdote… but did you feel guilty at the time, or only retrospectively? I still remember the mortification when I thanked the wrong grandma, and had to try and hit the same level of enthusiasm for her real gift!

      1. Lauren

        I didn’t think my statement was a big deal, so when I saw the horror on my mother and grandmother’s faces, I tried to reason it out with them. Of course, it only got worse. I think I felt awkward with that grandma until I was about 14 years old. (Though perhaps due more to the distance than this slight!)

      2. Hannah

        Oh gosh, this still makes me laugh every time I read it… Luckily, neither of my grandmas held it against me. And it definitely helps relationships when all one’s grandparents live in the same city 🙂

  6. jess

    I once ate a pizza from domino’s

    Biggest mistake of my life

    1. Hannah

      Eagle Boys is worse 😉

  7. Fiona

    *snorts* ahhh drunken 15 year olds. Those were the days!!

    1. Hannah

      I bet you have some interesting stories… 😛

  8. L-Izzle

    you have NO idea how happy this post makes me… partially for the silly foodstuffs (most of which i’m pleased – !? – to say i’ve also eaten), but mostly because i am STILL known to get stuck in trees and turn into a hysterical, wailing, hyperventilating wreck. when will i learn!??

    1. Hannah

      OMG. Tree date, asap? We can hold each other and cry from the treetops together!

  9. April @ My Food Trail

    The crab spice Lays chips reminded me of the buffalo wings flavoured Doritos I recently had in America. Oh so wrong in so many ways!

    Love all the pictures and thanks for sharing the stories!

    1. Hannah

      Would it be bad to admit that I think I tried those buffalo wing Doritos and actually thought they weren’t half bad? Don’t hate me – I like tangy spicy things! 😀

  10. Anna Johnston

    There seems to be a repeating issue with heights & trees around age 10 but no-matter – age 10 is all about not just figuring stuff out but in really making sure you’ve figured it out right. Hannah = stay away from trees OK.
    I never thought to photograph my sillyness factors while in the US, but I sure gobbled up a lot of artificial colours & flavourings that trip… I did a few months of Summer Camp, had an awesome time…. but was amazed at how cheese featured on almost every meal…, that weird bright orange cheese. What are your thought about the (US) orange cheese BTW?

    1. Hannah

      I think I stopped climbing trees about the time I started caring that they were crawling with bugs and spiders. Suddenly, the cost outweighed the benefits 😉

      Honestly, the only cheese I ate in America was the awesome kind – cheeses from places like Cowgirl Creamery. And I remember there was one called Humboldt Fog by Cypress Grove that was great. So the bright orange stuff? Do Not Want 😛

  11. Vaala ◪

    Jeepers…you’re like Tigger in a tree! I have to admit though, I couldn’t even climb a tree when I was a kid, let alone get down again!

    Hmmm, I have done a lot of things in my life that I’ve felt silly about afterwards…but it is entertaining to think about them from the safety of time!

    As for food, I don’t actually know…I do remember having a pavlova eating contest with one of my cousins a few years back. I won (we each had half of a big pavlova and it was contest to see who could eat it the fastest). But if you ever try to do this yourself…beware because it makes you cough a lot (I think it’s the crispy coating).

    1. Hannah

      The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things… 😀

      I think silliness that becomes entertaining is A-OK. Silliness that turns into mortification is the pits, though! I don’t think your pavlova eating competition fits into either category, though. I think that just sounds like awesome.

      1. Vaala ◪


        We did, however, eat some very silly food last night…Simba chips which we found in the international isle (I think they’re South African). Mrs H.S. Ball’s Chutney flavour…very weird and sweet which is quite strange-tasting for potato chips but disturbingly addictive.

      2. Hannah

        I can absolutely see that working. Every time I try something like mango chutney I think “I need more of this in my life”, and then I forget about it for another few years. I need me some Simba!

  12. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    haha oh my – you never cease to brighten up my day!!
    I do recall getting my head stuck between the bars of some play equipment when I was 5! I remember feeling so very very embarassed!!!

    1. Hannah

      Aw, thank you! 😀 😀 And oh my heavens, your anecdote made me laugh! I once got a finger jammed in the holes of a payphone booth but got it out after lubricating with lipgloss. But your head? Brilliant!

  13. Kath Lockett

    Every DAY I eat something so silly I daren’t admit it to myself let alone the blogosphere….

    One thing I did notice about your regrettable edibles (ooh I like that ‘regrettable edibles’ – copyrighted now) is that orange is the featured colour…..

    1. Hannah

      Yep, I noted that too towards the end of my post – apparently orange is the colour of shame 😉

      Oh, gosh, I’m so curious about your non-bloggable regrettable edibles (Kath-trademarked) now!

  14. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    The comment space isn’t long enough for my answer I suspect 😛 All that orange food and such wasted stomach space! 🙁

    1. Hannah

      I know, it’s a travesty! Luckily I’ve also found photos of a lot of not-quite-as-bad foodstuffs I partook in in the States that aren’t as orange 😉

  15. croquecamille

    1) Crab spice potato chips? Must be an East coast thing.

    2) Postprandial is one of my favorite words. Postprandial shunting = the sleepy feeling you get after a big meal.

    3) On an unrelated, and very sad note, I just had to throw away a jar of peanut butter. It turns out that when you buy preservative-free peanut butter, and then you leave it in the cupboard while you go off gallivanting around the USA, it goes bad. 🙁

    1. Hannah

      Oh Camille! Please tell me you at least brought back some gustatorial delights from the States to fill the peanut butter void in your pantry, which you can blog about before indulging in some postprandial shunting?

      1. croquecamille

        Oh, I brought some stuff back, alright – in the form of bigger thighs. 🙂 Stupid weight/luggage restrictions on American Airlines precluded much food necessity shopping (thing I am saddest about: my dangerously low supply of Trader Joe’s relish). I do have a baggie of PB-filled pretzels, though. Will have to savor them.

      2. Hannah

        As long as you have peanut butter filled pretzels, nothing else matters. I think I cried a little when I finished my bag here and knew I couldn’t get any more. And more thighs is AWESOME, because it means that any skinny jeans looks even skinnier, therefore transforming you into the pinnacle of fashion forwardness. See? Life is brilliant.

  16. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Come now, that chocolate bar is HARDLY the size of your shoe. And size 8? Pffft!

    I, on the other hand (or foot?) have polished off a large block of Cadbury’s rocky road chocolate and then a medium block of Green & Black’s 70% today. It doesn’t appear to have ruined my dinner, but I am feeling a little sheepish about it. Perhaps I should have lamb for dinner.

    1. Hannah

      Pshaw, that’s a normal day’s choc-eatin’ in Smurf Kitchen home. Except without the Cadbury’s, although I do believe I tried that one once years ago. How would you rate it?

      Also, MY FOOT IS ENORMOUS. Stop raining on my Miss Piggly Wink parade! 😀

  17. Simply Life

    ha, I love that you had multiple ones about getting stuck in a tree 🙂

    1. Hannah

      Yes, at times I am less than awesome…

  18. gmasydney

    As you only have two grandmothers I must have been involved in your Christmas doll story and I have absolutely no remembrance of it at all, so as far as I am concerned you can forget being embarrassed about that. How about a blog about all the things you can be proud of – there should be hundreds of them.

    1. Hannah

      Oh, Grandma. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that. I’ve been carrying that guilt for about 15 years now… Can I say one thing I’m proud of? Being your grand-daughter 🙂

  19. Helen (grabyourfork)

    Ha, at least you had the guts to climb trees! And I love that shoe shot – in my case, that chocolate bar would be gi-normous given my size 10 shoe. lol.

    1. Hannah

      If I could find a size 10 Reese’s chocolate bar, I’d be so in! 😀

  20. Agnes

    Ha, I don’t think I should describe some of the silly things I’ve done. It might come back to haunt me with the nature of the internets! 😉 Enjoy the busyness – I expect a full report if you get up to anything fun! Or naughty! Or silly!

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