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  1. theresa

    My favourite thing about Cote D’Or is that they come in 200g packs, instead of just 100g like most of them do. The sounds of this one is just wonderful, but I haven’t seen it over here either. Hopefully some chocolate power broker will read this and remedy that, stat.

    1. Hannah

      It’s rather interesting that you say that, because I’ve actually only ever seen the 100g blocks here! Which flavours do you get up there in the 200g range?

      1. theresa

        Plain. Or maybe I’ve only noticed plain, because I tend to overlook flavoured chocs here since they all have dairy.

        Of course, I may be thinking of another brand. Someone sells a plain, dark, vegan chocolate in 200g blocks, anyways, and I like them.

      2. Hannah

        And now I have to burst your bubble… I was just checking over my photos of the packaging, and after doing a quick mental translation of the French ingredients, I’ve realised that this has butter oil in it. DANGNABBIT!

  2. Lauren

    And I suppose it’s not available in America, either, given the “Proef Mij” and “Goutez-moi.” Helas! This is just the kind of chocolate I like.

    And so far, my trip to China hasn’t been cancelled, and I should leave October 5th! But the worst part about traveling to China instead of Italy or France? Chinese people don’t like chocolate. (I never trust my own observations, so a quick Google confirms that China accounts for 2 percent of world chocolate sales.) It’ll be red bean souvenirs for me. :'(

    1. Hannah

      But red bean desserts are so tasty! (At least, Japanese ones are.) Oh, why aren’t you going to Japan? They do chocolate there, with all kinds of crazy pocky and kit kats and bits and bobs. But perhaps you’ll eat lots of salted-egg mooncakes come October?

  3. Honey @ honeyandsoy

    I was wondering what seeds were included in the “roasted seeds:. That photo of the innards is amazing! I have a funny memory of cote d’or- involving eating an entire pint of cote d’or rum and raisin ice-cream and then getting a massive hangover-like headache! From ice-cream! Oh well…. 🙂 Now I need to go hunt for some chocolate 😉

    1. Hannah

      I’d take an ice-cream hangover over an alcohol hangover anyday 😉 Though I didn’t know cote d’or did ice cream! And yes, the block was definitely chockablock with seeds, leading to some good photo opportunities!

  4. Fiona

    That looks really quite interesting for the tongue!

    1. Hannah

      That’s an interesting way of looking at it… 😛

  5. Vaala ◪

    It’s got an elephant on it!! How cute is that!!!

    1. Hannah

      I know! And as a result, I had the Pink Elephants On Parade song from Dumbo in my head all day 😀

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh high praise indeed! OK I’ll keep my eyes and ears out for this. I agree, seeds are very addictive for the crunch and the ability to impersonate squirrels 😛

    1. Hannah

      I want a pet squirrel. So cute! I don’t care if the majority of them are infested with disease… Wait. Ew.

  7. thirtyandhealthy

    I want that chocolate now! I love seeds, and I love chocolate- what could be more right? I’m guessing it’s not available in the UK either? Why must you tease us Hannnah???

    1. Hannah

      I think you’d be far more likely to find this in the UK than we would in Australia… and if all else fails, you can just hop in the train to Europe and bob’s your uncle! Cote d’or galore, you lucky thing!

  8. L-Izzle

    I…. I.. I need this. I need this to climb into my mouth and down my throat. I need it to allow my digestive juices to ravage it. If it had a bodice, my stomach acids would need to rip it. I..I…….I…I just need this in my life D:

    1. Hannah

      You make my day.

  9. Simply Life

    wow, that is so creative with those seeds!

    1. Hannah

      And darn tasty, too!

  10. Johanna GGG

    mmm I love roasted seeds – the combo with chocolate sounds delicious – what a shame it is all gone so quickly and there is none left to pop in the post for me

    unlike you I loved going to the beach when I was young but now the idea of sand in my cosies just doesn’t interest me as much

    1. Hannah

      Oh, how selfish of me! 😉 Yep, the sand is one of the big deterrents for me… no matter how much you try to brush it off, you keep finding it in strange places for days afterwards. UGH.

  11. Jess

    I used to love the water until I got stung by a blue bottle

    It ruined the beach for me forever!

    1. Hannah

      Oooh, that’d do it!

  12. L-Izzle


    1. Hannah

      *laughs* However, the idea of birds eating lard is INCREDIBLY CREEPY. (Even though I used to feed kookaburras steak at my grandparents’ place in Sydney.)

  13. Tammy McLeod

    I love the seeds. It’s late at night here and I have no chocolate in the house so seriously wishing that I’d waited to read this! Love that your grandparents made it into the post. synchronicity? maybe.

    1. Hannah

      You’re right, that is a lovely piece of synchronicity! But I’m horrified to hear there’s no chocolate in your house. How could that be allowed to happen?!

  14. Kath Lockett

    THIS is the wondrous block that I remember finding, buying and LOVE LOVE LOVING back in Adelaide (at a SA-only Foodland, if I recall) way back in 2004 and have never seen it in Oz since.

    ….and it’s not been for a lack of trying. I even remember Coles stocking some of the other Cote D’Or flavours. What did they do to you Coles – mock your ‘You’ll Love Coles’ slogan as a tad Hitlerish?

    1. Hannah

      I don’t know what’s worse – thinking that this chocolate has never reached our fair shores, or that it has but no longer. What torture! Yes, Coles sometimes has the raspberry and other boring flavours. Where’s this one, or the caramelised sesame, or the caramelised pistachio? Bastards!

  15. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    This is genius. GENIOOOOOOOOOOOS! I want some! All I have that is chocolatey right now are some chocolate coated jam-filled gingerbread cookies, which are pretty awesome, but not exactly crack-ish. I’ll have another two just to make sure though…

    Also, trampoline-in-the-ground for the win.

    1. Hannah

      My one main regret in life is not having been able to convince my then-85 year old grandma to join me on the bouncey-bouncey.

      For some reason, the idea of chocolate coated jam filled gingerbread cookies gives me the heebie jeebies. I’ll take my cookies plain, I think. 😛

  16. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Mmm, I love seeds in all kinds of things…chocolate included, but especially jam. I made about 4356898 jars of homemade blackberry and raspberry UNSTRAINED jam a couple years ago, and had half a mind to make fancy labels that said “Amber’s Seedy Jam.” ANYWAY, this looks luscious. If I can’t get my fun from nuts, I’ve got no problem gettin’ seedy instead ;D

    1. Hannah

      Hahaha! “Amber’s seedy jam”, I love it! I agree with you on the seeds-in-jam awesomeness… actually, I agree with you that seeds are awesome in general. Hmm, I wonder when someone will make a chia seed chocolate? I’ve had flax in chocolate already…

  17. Louise

    Ah, evil temptress, you’ve done it again! This sounds really great and is completely unavailable to me. Arrrgh of anguish. I tried googling it, and it is available online but the postage from Belgium was 30 or 50 euros or something. What to do? What to do? And still my local Coles mocks me.

    1. Hannah

      Oh, it’s worth 30 euros, for sure 😉 Did you explore the chocolate aisles of Monoprix in France at all? That’s where I got this, so really, you shouldn’t be blaming me too much – you were right there with it yourself!

  18. croquecamille

    Yum! As far as I’m concerned, this is health food. All those Omega-whatevers from the seeds, plus antioxidant chocolate? Hello, breakfast!

    1. Hannah

      I know, right? I could practically hear my arteries sighing with relief at all the health headed their way.